beach chair carry strap.

beach chair carry strap

Beach chair carry strap.

Beach chair straps are easy to use and come in a variety of different designs, colors, and types. In fact you may think you’re getting a bargain at first since many have discounts and free shipping. But then there are the cons. Learn what to watch out for when buying these straps.

DESCRIPTION. You’re buying one set of folding chair carry straps. Product description. Universal Beach Chair Carry Strap adjustable.

Folds and unfolds. Good so far. But it gets worse. When you try to take it apart, you find that the straps are attached on one piece, and this one piece is not a sturdy, universal polypropylene construction, like the rest of the chair. After much searching, you discover that the one-piece design makes the chair quite unstable, causing it to easily collapse and break into two pieces when you sit on it even if both straps are properly attached.

If you are using the carry an umbrella, beach chair, folding chair, beach mat or other similar product, the lack of universal construction may make it difficult to take apart and put together again by yourself. You may find that your local sporting goods store does not have these straps, or that you have to take your beach chair or any other similar item to a store that specializes in them. If you don’t have this item in stock, or you don’t like going through the hassle of finding one in a store that handles such products, you may have to settle for purchasing a second-hand model, or improvising, or making some other arrangement which doesn’t rely on a universal design.

It is possible to buy straps with universal fit adjustments, so that the straps will adjust themselves to your exact height and weight. The benefit to this solution is that you would have to carry the umbrella, beach chair, folding chair or any other similar item to your desired location, and adjust the strap to your height yourself, without needing to carry it where it may not be safe, or having to risk the risk of hurting yourself doing so. Another issue with this type of arrangement is that if you have trouble with your arms or back or are injured in any way, the straps can become a safety hazard. You may also find that they will become so loose that you can easily fall off your chair or wind up bruising or hurting yourself, even if you have done nothing wrong.

If you want a chair that can be easily transported, you may want to consider one that has an umbrella holder built into the bottom of it. These can be easily strapped onto the carrying handle of the beach chair and allow you to easily carry an umbrella, or other items you wish to transport with you. Many of these items are waterproof as well, so you can enjoy them even when the beach chair itself is not being used. With the straps are adjustable, and the carrying handle being durable, you can make the most out of each beach chair you own. Just make sure that you take the time to keep them clean, and you will find that you are much happier with them than you thought you would be.

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