Best Bed Frame for Overweight Person review

Most bed frames are built for average-sized people. It’s as though we are glossing over the fact that a third of the world population is overweight or obese.

Finding the best bed frame for overweight person is never a walk in the park. You won’t be the most comfortable sleeper with the annoying squeaks and sagging slats. However, we’ve eased the hassle for you by listing the choicest frames for heavy people.

1.    Olee Sleep T-3000 18-Inch Tall Heavy-Duty Metal Bed Frame

This bed frame has a capacity of up to 2000 pounds. You can throw yourself on it or even stomp violently without the fuss of squeaking. The slats are made from heavy-duty steel to endure maximum weight with the assurance of longevity.

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About the design, Olee T-3000 platform bed for heavy person is about 18 inches high. Therefore, you get enough storage room underneath. You can store anything as tall as 15.5”.

This frame supports all beds, including typical innerspring mattresses, latex, and memory foams. The slats are close together; hence, you might not even need a solid board for additional support.

Features at Glance

  • Steel slats
  • An 18-inch high-profile bed with plenteous under-bed space
  • The maximum load capacity of 2000 pounds
  • Moderately spaced slats at 8-inches apart
  • Central leg support
  • Flexible plastic tips at the ends of each slat
  • Plastic caps on the metal stands for preventing scratches on the floor.

What We Liked

  • The frame is easy to set up as it is inclusive of all the necessary tools.
  • Sturdy frame, which is crafted from durable steel
  • There’s enough under-bed clearance for storing your stuff.
  • An extended five-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • The flexible plastic tips ensure a snug fit from one slat to another.
  • It is compatible with headboards as it comes with mounting slots on its front legs.
  • The bed is suitable for chubby couples as it accommodates up to 2000 pounds.

What We Didn’t Like

Olee T-3000 is quite heavy. However, this heavy-duty construction is a blessing in disguise as it increases the weight-bearing capacity of the bed frame.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Olee T-3000 quiet bed frame is compatible with every mattress. Its slats are close together at barely 8-inches. Therefore, you don’t have to be vexed by a sagging bed. However, some people opt for pieces of plywood before spreading their memory foam mattress.

Olee T-3000 is available in five different sizes. It stands to be the best bed frame for heavy person and couples, thanks to its weight-bearing capacity.

2.    Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty Metal Bed Frame

When you shell out on Hercules, you will not need an additional foundation or box spring. The model befits innerspring, hybrid, memory foam, Tempurpedic, and latex mattresses.

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Assembling this metal bed frame is a breeze. You don’t require any tools. You will need to unfold the platform, raise the legs, and hook the support arms onto the mainframe. The instructions are straightforward, and the set up will barely last ten minutes.

Hercules tall queen platform bed offers a double advantage to anyone opting for the queen size frame. In case you need a single twin-sized bed, you will have to unscrew and disconnect one of the platforms.

Features at Glance

  • Leg caps for protecting the floor against scratches
  • Heavy-duty steel frames
  • Foldable platform
  • 14” high profile frame with 13” under-bed clearance
  • Maximum capacity of 2400 pounds
  • Six pairs of legs
  • The frame is 44 pounds

What We Liked

  • A rigid surface that efficiently supports all types of mattresses without the need for a box spring or a traditional frame
  • Compatibility with headboards and footboards
  • Foldable design for easy packing and haulage across narrow hallways
  • Up to 13” of storage space underneath the bed frame for your bags, boxes, and other stuff
  • A high weight-bearing capacity of up to 2400 pounds is accommodating to overweight couples and weighty mattresses.
  • Solid construction with high-quality steel
  • Six pairs of legs with central support for stability
  • Easy to assemble

What We Didn’t Like

The frame does not include headboard slots or brackets. However, it is compatible with a headboard, and you can make a separate purchase for the same.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Hercules is ideal for huge guys who are hunting for the best metal bed frame at a reasonable price. It is an economical option as you wouldn’t be paying more dollars for a box spring or a supporting board. Besides, you can detach one of the platforms and use it as a single metal bed frame.

Hercules has a solid steel construction that guarantees durability. Besides, the model has a three-year warrant back up to cover repairs and replacement of the frame.

3.    Zinus Gene 16-Inch SmartBase Deluxe Metal Bed Frame

Just as the name suggests, SmartBase Deluxe features a smart base, which eliminates the need to pay for a box spring. Its platform has maximum reinforcement from support wires at 3-inch intervals. Therefore, your mattress won’t be sagging.

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The folding design of Zinus SmartBase allows for easy assembly. The set-up process is a cinch, and it might take you 10 minutes or less, even without the instruction manual. Its compactness eases maneuverability through tight hallways and narrow doorways. For haulage, you may opt for a queen bed frame with wheels.

SmartBase supports all types of mattresses, thanks to the closely spaced wires and the reinforced edges. Besides, it includes two non-slip pads for holding your beddings in place.

Features at Glance

  • Sturdy steel foundation
  • 16-inch leg height
  • Two non-slip pads for stability
  • Up to 15” under-bed clearance
  • Folding design for easy packaging, storage, and assembly
  • T-shape locking system
  • Plastic caps for protecting the floor from metallic scratches
  • Recessed legs for support
  • Lightweight design at 34 pounds

What We Liked

  • Enough clearance under the bed frame for your storage bins, bags, boxes, among others
  • It is compatible with headboards
  • The reinforcement wires are close together to offer support and prevent sagging of mattresses
  • Anti-slip pads for spreading above and below the bed skirt to ensure stability to the mattress
  • T-shape locking system for steadiness and canceling out squeaks
  • The recessed legs prevent you from banging your toes on the metal stands
  • A five-year guarantee

What We Didn’t Like

SmartBase Deluxe does not come with headboard brackets, and so, you will have to make a separate buy. However, this con is not a concern as the frame is still worth the money.

What’s the Bottom Line?

SmartBase Deluxe supports memory foam, latex, Tempurpedic, and innerspring mattresses. Since the platform wires are close together, you won’t need additional support. After all, this frame is 16” high, and using a box spring will only elevate the height further.

SmartBase Deluxe is the best bed frame for overweight person as it does not squeak. This plus is attributed to the T-locking system and the central leg support.

4.    45MinST 16-Inch Platform Bed Frame



IdealBase is made of steel for longevity and endurance of overweight sleepers. Its wires are evenly spaced to support any mattress efficiently.

Features at Glance

  • 14” leg height with 13” of under-bed storage
  • Folding design
  • Rounded corners with recessed legs
  • Leg caps for shielding the floor against metal scuffs
  • Solid construction with steel
  • Six pairs of legs
  • Weighs at 35 pounds

What We Liked

  • Foldable design with maximum compactness for easy storage and maneuverability through tight and narrow spaces
  • The recessed legs guarantee safety on your toes as you won’t be stubbing against the metal stands
  • Enough storage room under the bed frame
  • Easy to assemble the bed frame
  • Compatibility with headboards
  • Budget-friendly

What We Didn’t Like

It has neither headboard nor footboard brackets. However, you can still attach these accessories on your own.

What’s the Bottom Line?

If you’re looking for a lightweight bed frame in place of a box spring, idealBase should be your go-to option. The product is incredibly affordable, but long-lasting. You can get it at any size of your choice and for whichever mattress you have.

idealBase tall king size bed frame is excellent for heavy people, preferably lone sleepers. For instance, its maximum load-bearing capacity is about 600 pounds. Therefore, heavyweight couples may not fit in without causing squeaks.

6.    AmazonBasics Foldable 18” Metal Platform Bed Frame

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AmazonBasics is built with sturdy steel. The platform includes overlapping slats and bars, which are almost close together to offer support to any mattress. This solid design guarantees steadiness.

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AmazonBasics metal bed frame is foldable. Therefore, it offers convenience when moving it around, packaging, or storing it. To set it up, you’ll need to unfold and tighten the nuts. Always make sure that the screws are in place; otherwise, you may trigger the annoying squeaks.

Another great feature of AmazonBasics is the roomy under-bed storage. There is some generous amount of clearance for your drawers, storage bins, bags, and boxes. This feature is advantageous over low profile steel bed frames, which offer minimal storage, especially in small homes.

Features at Glance

  • Folding mechanism
  • Weighs at 47 pounds
  • 18” frame height
  • Crafted from durable steel
  • Recessed metal stands
  • Bears up to 2000 pounds
  • Plastic caps for protecting the floor

What We Liked

  • A sleek finish that blends perfectly with any bedroom décor
  • It is built from heavy-duty steel with sturdy slats and bars for guaranteed longevity
  • The recessed legs protect your toes from hitting on the metal stands
  • 17” vertical clearance for under-bed storage, hence, saving up more space
  • Ease of installation with straightforward instruction manual and tool-free assembly
  • The folding mechanism gives the convenience of storage and movement in tight spaces
  • You can couple it with a headboard as it already has predrilled holes

What We Didn’t Like

The middle legs of the frame do not lie flat as they barely touch the ground. However, the platform is still steady and noise-free for as long the nuts and screws are tight.

What’s the Bottom Line?

AmazonBasics platform is not only great for your master bedroom, but it’s also an option for small spaces and guest rooms. You can also detach one of the frames and take it with you during campouts.

If you live in a small house and you want to save some space, AmazonBasics is the way to go. You get enough room underneath to store your storage bins, boxes, and other things.

Bed frame buying guide

Bed frames serve an important function in supporting your mattress and making it to have longevity. For many people, when it comes to choosing bed frames, it’s their last thought. Since we spend around 33% of our time sleeping, it’s good to have a breeze place where we will be comfortable sleeping.  To have a great underneath, which is easy to clean, ensure that you put a bed frame to your bed.

7.    Types of bed frames

A sleigh bed frame

A sleigh bed frame, it’s a unique and classic type of bed frames. They are made from sturdy wood, and they last for a long time.

A poster bed frames

They are stunning and widely available. They are found in both contemporary and classic forms.

A bunk bed frames

For children’s bedroom and colleges that are clamped, a bunk bed frame is very applicable. They offer additional storage space.

Aloft bed frames

In case you are running out of space, a loft bed frame is very applicable. However, a loft bed frame with big legs will enable you to store things like wardrobes, sofas, or even desks beneath it.

A murphy bed frames

A Murphy bed frame is also known as folding bed frames. It is used mostly when one is running out of space.

8.    Features of the best bed frame

  • It should have sturdy and thick construction.

A bed frame with a sturdy and thick frame supports the people using it and the mattress used.

  • It should have a standard bed frame with a box.

This box is storage where you can store your pillows, bed sheets, or any other bedding material.

  • The beds’ frames should be adjustable.

A bed frame should be easily adjusted to different positions with ease.

  • It should have a platform foundation.

A platform can either be metal or wood frames.

For heavy persons, we have specialized platform beds that they should use for their overall health.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

When purchasing a bed frame, consider the different features that they have.

9.    Factors to consider when selecting a bed frame

When buying a bed frame, ensure you consider the following factors:

 Mattress Size

Your mattress should guide you when choosing your bed frame. For your bed frame to fit well, check on the size of your mattress. Since some mattresses have a slight variation, be sure of exactly the size you want.

Look at Your Bedroom Size

In case you buy a new bed, including your mattress, you have to choose the size you want. Knowing the size of your room size will help you choose the best frame that fits exactly. It’s always good to measure your space so that you can compare bed dimensions with the frames.

 Choose the type of Support

 In case your mattress lacks support beneath, it can wear out or sag. There two main support options that are: platform beds and box springs. A platform bed is built such that it gives your mattress support. So it’s good to choose the type of support you need. Those persons who are heavy should choose a bed with an innerspring mattress for them to feel comfortable.

  Pick the Height

Another factor to keep in consideration is the height. Always decide the height you are comfortable with for your bed. For those people with mobility issues, a mattress with a higher height is easier for you. Also, for those who want to sit on the ground, a better bed frame is a platform.

 Consider the base of your floor

For the sake of the floor, it’s good to consider the base of your bed frame. Choose a frame that touches your floor. It will protect your covers.

Easy Storage

Some of the bed frames can be easily folded. In case you want a temporary bed when choosing your flame, ensure that it can be easily folded. This makes it to be easily stored. So, shop for bed frames that are easily stored.

Bottom line

A bed frame is not a place to call home. A stylish bed frame will make your sleep best. In case you have not yet concluded acquiring one. Now you have to make an informed and wise decision to buy one. If you follow some of these guides, you will not be ashamed to get a bed frame that suits you.


What is the best bed frame for overweight person?

  • Olee Sleep T-3000 heavy-duty metal bed frame
  • Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty Metal Bed Frame
  • Zinus Gene 16-Inch SmartBase Deluxe Metal Bed Frame
  • 45MinST 16-Inch Platform Bed Frame
  • Naomi Home idealBase 14” Foldable Metal Bed Frame
  • AmazonBasics Foldable 18” Bed Frame

How much weight can a bed frame hold?

The weight capacity of a frame depends on a few factors. Take, for example; a small bed can hold up to 250 pounds. However, the heavy-duty version can withstand a maximum of 4000 pounds.

If you are overweight, you’ll also need to consider the craftsmanship of the bed frame. For instance, steel platforms are more sturdy and the ultimate choice for big couples. Besides, the slats and the metal bars ought to be extra-firm and thick.

How to assemble a queen size metal bed frame?

Most bed frames have a folding design. Therefore, putting them together is a cinch. The set-up procedure varies between manufacturers, and so, you might need to confirm with the instruction manual.

In typical cases, you’ll start by unfolding the metal frame, raising the legs, and securing the nuts.

What are the dimensions of a queen-size metal bed frame?

A standard queen-size metal bed frame is 80” long and 60” wide. The height varies by manufacturers and personal preference. However, most of them range from 14″ to 18″ high.

How much weight does a metal bed frame queen-size hold?

A queen-size metal bed frame holds between 2000 and 3000 pounds.

How much does a queen-size metal bed frame cost?

The price tag of a queen-size metal bed frame hinges on the manufacturer, design, and the additional features of the product. The average cost is around 150 bucks.

Where can I buy a queen size metal bed frame?

Amazon is a household name for it has been around since the mid-90s. This online retailer is the ideal shopping spot for metal bed frames. You get to see product ratings and real-time feedback from avid customers.

You can find king size bed frames Amazon at an affordable price than at home depots or other online stores.

How do I stop squeaking in metal bed frames?

You need to make sure that all the nuts and screws are tightly held on the frame. Some models may require greasing the joints.

Although rare, squeaking may result from broken slats or bars. In this case, you will have to replace the wrecked pieces.

Final Verdict

The best bed frame for overweight person should support both the weight of the sleeper and that of the mattress. Before you fork out on the product, you might need to combine your mass with that of your spouse, and the beddings.

In case you note some sagging, bending, twisting, or squeaks, you have probably exceeded the weight limit. However, squeaks may be as a result of loose nuts and friction between two metals.

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