Best High Weight Capacity Air Mattress Review

Having a good sleep is one of the things that most people aspire to have. However, getting quality sleep may be impossible if you do not have a high weight capacity air mattress.  A study by Chen, Yuxi, & Liu, Sheng-Quan, shows that a mattress’s capacity is vital. It has a direct impact on the quality of your sleep.

Below is a compilation of high weight capacity air mattresses that you will enjoy using. Have a look.

1. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress – Queen Size

Enjoy high-quality sleep from the exclusive design from SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress. The mattress’s design is geared by the comfort coil technology that also comes with a SureGrid bottom. It is, therefore, firm and stable with 40 internal air coils that enforce the strength.

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 The heavy-duty air mattress has an internal pump that enhances quick inflation and deflation. After inflation, the mattress takes four days, while the process of inflation takes 4 minutes. Moreover, the air mattress is extra thick and waterproof hence a guarantee of long term service.

Features at a glance

  • Has dimensions of 78x58x19 inches, therefore large enough for more than one person
  • Comes in various sizes, making it ideal for use by various people
  • Extra thick hence ensuring you have a comfortable sleep throughout
  • Waterproof, puncture resistant and eco-friendly hence a long term service
  • Ease of inflation and the ability to stay inflated for four days
  • 40 internal air coils adding up to the durability
  • Comfort coil technology for stability and firmness
  • One-year warranty

What we liked

  • Has a lovely design
  • It takes a shorter time to inflate and a longer time before deflating
  • Ideal for two or more people
  • SuperGrip bottom and comfortCoil technology
  • You will not have slid or slip
  • 40-internal air coils

What we didn’t like

  • If rigidity is not well balanced, you may experience some difficulties while sleeping

Bottom line

This model makes the best air mattress for a sober person. Its size and thickness allow more than one person to use the mattress. You will enjoy the simplicity involved in having the mattress inflated and the duration it takes before deflating.

Moreover, the technology used to make the mattress is of high standards and ensures durability. It is waterproof and has Eco-friendly PVC that adds to its durability. Your bed gets excellent support, ensuring it also stays longer.

2. KingKoil Queen Air Mattress-Queen Size 

Do you experience spinal cord challenges? All you need is a heavy-duty air mattress. You will be amazed by the coil-beam construction that ensures the mattress serves for a more extended period.

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It has patch kits that help in easy repairs if you accidentally tear the mattress. You will use 2 minutes with an internal pump to inflate the mattress. The process of deflation is also straightforward.

The heavy-duty air mattress-queen size has a built-in pillow. It also has a soft-flocking layer that ensures you are comfortable while sleeping. Deflation and inflation knobs are separated by a pump hence a straightforward process.

Features at a glance

  • An extra thick and durable mattress
  • Has a waterproof coat that keeps the mattress for a more extended period
  • Offers a comfortable sleeping posture
  • Dimensions of 80x60x20 inches when inflated hence ideal for more than one person
  • Designed for use at home, guests, relatives and camping trips
  • It takes 2 minutes to get inflated and deflated within a press of the knob
  • Friendly customer service and a year guarantee
  • Has pillows that promote better sleeping

What we liked

  • The large size ideal for use by more than one person
  • Support to proper sleeping posture and protection of the spine
  • Patch kits for repairs when torn
  • Ease of use during inflation and deflation
  • Built-in pump features with knobs separation
  • Coil-beam construction

What we didn’t like

  • The design is exposed to tear but has patch kits for repairs

Bottom line

This model has a multi-use design that makes it ideal for use both at home and for outdoor activities. It can also be used outdoors as a heavy-duty camping air mattress. You will specifically love it because of its ability to protect your spine and allow you to use your desired sleeping posture.

Moreover, the heavy-duty air bed offers you simplicity while in use when either deflating or inflating. The design encourages a long term service with the patch kits that make it easy to do the repairs. It is also fully flocked. Extra heavy-duty air mattresses are an excellent choice because they offer a long-term service.

3. EnerPlex Never-Leak Queen Air Mattress

Say bye to cheap and unreliable mattresses with the EnerPlex model. It comes in a lovely design though at a higher cost. The heavy-duty air bed has a design that is simple to use. Quick inflation and deflation make it easier to have it pumped. You will inflate within two minutes and use it for a longer time.

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The air mattress for overweight people is flexible and very comfortable to sleep on. You will be amazed by the use of custom coil-beam technology to make the mattress. It adds more comfort when sleeping. You can also use both indoor and outdoor activities.

Moreover, the mattress also leaks free technology. It ensures you can use it for a more extended period before pumping again. The stability is maintained by the top flocking and water-resistant PVC hence durable and more comfortable.

Features at a glance

  • Top flocking and a 2-minute cutting edge for better user experiences
  • Perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Built-in pump for easy refilling and a leak-free technology
  • Has dimensions of 80x60x16 inches hence a perfect size for two people
  • Raised design and Colbean technology hence feeling of a real bed and more comfortability
  • Ease of use with 2-minutes’ inflation and deflation process
  • Good customer service with a direct link with the customer service
  • 30-day money-back guarantee with a 2-year warranty and lifetime support

What we liked

  • Ease of use with 2-minutes’ inflation and a built-in pump technology
  • Portable hence suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • High-quality material and Colbean technology hence durable and comfortable to sleep on
  • Waterproof puncture with PVC that will ensure durability, stability and real-bed sleeping
  • Firm and soft design hence ideal for many users

What we didn’t like

  • Comes at the higher end though it is worth the price

Bottom line

If you are looking for a heavy-duty camping air mattress, this model is for you. It will serve you better because of its design for indoor and outdoor activities. The heavy-duty air bed makes the right choice for use by more than one person.

The technology used in making the mattress makes it durable and very comfortable to use. When it comes to pumping and deflating the mattress, you will enjoy an easy time. Achieving your desired comfort level when inflating is possible.

4. Englander First-Ever Microfiber Queen Air Mattress

Enjoy using a world-class bed quality with a long term service without losing shape. You will love the welded seams that ensure the bed is more potent and durable. It has a lighter weight though rigid and comfortable.

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The air mattress weight capacity makes it ideal for use by more than one person. Portability is one of the things you will love. You will sleep on a soft surface without bedsheets and sinking hence more comfortable. It features a reinforced coil beam that makes it durable and suitable for daily use.

Features at a glance

  • Has dimensions of 80x60x20 inches, making it ideal for use by heavy persons
  • A feel of a regular mattress because of the softcover make
  • Coil beam construction and quality materials hence a long time service
  • Waterproof microfiber provides durability and ease of maintenance
  • Portable design makes it easy to carry from one point to another
  • No more sinking because of the ability of the bed to hold air for a long time
  • Welded seams for stability and exceptional strength
  • Unique design with super-soft polyester
  • Built-in pump for air refilling
  • 5-year travel warranty

What we liked

  • Perfect for outdoor activities due to its lightweight
  • Ability to maintain shape and daily use
  • Strength and durability because of the high-quality material make
  • Soft materials hence a comfortable sleep all night with no sinking bed
  • Coil beam construction maintains a long-term service
  • Waterproof design provides simple care and maintenance

What we didn’t like

  • The materials used are exposed to wear; however, maintenance is simple

Bottom line

Enjoy the use of this model that will offer you a very comfortable sleep. The air mattress holds 600 lbs. If you have guests, you will have an easy time moving the mattress from one place to another.

The mattress is durable and facilitates daily usage because of the comfortable materials used. It has a waterproof nature that makes it easy to maintain and clean. You will enjoy a deep sleep with no more sinking bed.


5. EZ INFLATE Luxury Double High Queen Air Mattress

You probably may have been looking for a mattress that will serve many purposes. The extra heavy-duty air mattress is perfect for home use and outdoor activities. It makes an ideal choice because of the quality materials used and the comfortability it offers.

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Enjoy your desired sleeping position using the flattable mattress. It allows you to reduce and add air depending on your comfort level. The air mattress holds 600 lbs, hence ideal for use by two or more people. You will enjoy a more extended period of service because of the puncture resistance and PVC material use.

Features at a glance

  • High-quality material that makes it durable and punctures resistance
  • Dimensions of 80×60 inches hence large for more than one person
  • Coil beam technology makes it stable hence a more comfortable sleep
  • Easy to add and remove air hence perfect adjustment of comfort level within 90 seconds
  • Simple to care for and maintain
  • Incredible customer service with 24-hours support
  • 2-years warranty with 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Waterproof material hence perfect for use both indoors and outdoor

What we liked

  • Quality materials hence comfortable sleep
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Stable and tear-resistant hence long-term service
  • Waterproof and portable hence ideal for outdoor use
  • Adaptability to different sleeping styles
  • Soft material ideal for use without bedsheets

What we didn’t like

  • The density of the mattress makes it bulky to carry, but it is a strength to durability

Bottom line

You will enjoy using the heavy-duty mattress queen size because of the quality. Comfortability that the heavy-duty air bed offers when sleeping will leave you demanding. The simplicity of use and compatibility with sleeping styles makes it the ideal choice.

It is also the best air mattress for a heavy person. You can easily adjust the air capacity to meet your desire. The affordability of the air mattress makes it ideal for people looking for one at the lower end.

Air mattress buying guide

When you think of sleeping in a luxurious bed, probably the picture drawn in your mind doesn’t include an air mattress. An air mattress is very convenient and very comfortable. Once you acquire one, you won’t have an awful sleep. Before you acquire one, there some features and factors that you should keep in consideration so that you can choose the best airbed for you. We are going to look at those factors in this article.

Features of the best air mattress

There are several features that an air mattress must have for it to be the best in the market. Below are some features to look for when buying the best air mattress.


    This is an essential feature to consider when buying a mattress. A warranty should have a minimum of one year. In case the air mattress you are acquiring does not have a warranty, you can avoid it.

It should provide enough support.

Surest ways to help you know an air bed designed properly is by looking at the air distribution contained in a mattress. It has to be free from lumpy spots and bubbles, which make it uncomfortable to use.

It should be inflatable.

This means that it should have built-in air pumps. They are mostly preferred since they work quicker than those with separated pumps. These air pumps should also make user friendly, and the valve used must be well sealed to avoid any leak.

It should have a lightweight when deflated and easy to carry

 The main reason for air beds is mainly for temporary moments like travels or camping. When you are not using it, you have to deflate it in a lightweight, pack, and store it.

Good air-retention capacity.

 Since temperature changes from time to time, a breeze air mattresses regardless of the degree level. It should lose very little or even none air in.

Factors to consider when selecting the best air mattress

All mattresses are not created alike. They differ in the design used and also the material used. For you to buy the best brand, you have to consider the following factors.

Pump Style

  These pumps are found in the air mattress. They are much convenient and common. They play the main role when it comes to deflating and inflating. These built-in pumps have electricity which detects a problem. So look at the batteries that operate in your pump before you buy it.

Height of the mattress

Having a thick mattress makes you feel more comfortable. It’s advisable; unless your space is limited, a mattress with a raised height of 15 or more is the best.


An air mattress with exterior walls is mostly likely to be exposed to punctures, making it unusable. In recent years the durability of this mattress has increased.  So it’s a breeze to look for an air mattress with more views from customers who have used and can talk more about its durability.

Air Retention

  Normal air mattresses tend to lose a little air at night. Although in a good air mattress, this should not be noticed, and it should not affect your sleep.  So before buying an air mattress, chooses the best that does not leak more air over one or more nights.


Some airbeds are made of vinyl or latex, which are causing problems like allergies to some users.  For those with a strong preference for a particular material, check the specification of the airbed material used.


When air mattress is deflated, they become heavy, hard to fold, and carried. When buying, ensures that a storage bag has been included and also you are given instructions on how to fold it. When the airbed is not in use, ensure that it’s properly stored.

Bottom line

In case you have guests, in-laws, or even friends, you don’t have to be always ashamed. Wondering each and every time where they will sleep when they come. By now, you have known more about an airbed. All kinds of questions you had are all answered. Now you have to consider all those factors to make an informed decision so that you can buy an air bed that suits you or even your family members.


What is a heavy-duty air mattress?

According to Wikipedia, an air mattress is also known as an air bed. It is an inflatable mattress with a textile reinforcement, PVC or rubber. You can carry it from one place to another; use it for camping and home use.

A heavy-duty air mattress is one that has a design for accommodating overweight people comfortably. It also makes an ideal choice when you have guests and for family use.

How to use included heavy-duty patch on the air mattress

If your mattress comes with an included heavy-duty patch, then it is quickly repairable. A heavy-duty patch is meant for use when doing repairs on holes in the air mattress. It is only used after you have confirmed there is a hole and it ought to be repaired.

How to patch an air mattress

When an air mattress starts leaking, it becomes very disgusting. You will hence need to patch it up. Identifying the leaking part is very simple, and at times you will get it while sleeping. Below is a strep to step guide on using the included heavy patch on the air mattress.

  1. Find the required space

Ensure there is enough space for your air mattress and place it there. It is very wise to ensure that the place you use is safe. It should not be exposed to further damage by sharp objects and other tools. Your air mattress will therefore be safe from any other damage.

  • Inflate the air mattress

Before doing the inflation, ensure that you have removed the covers. Inflate it until it is full as you identify the specific point that leaks. You will also have an opportunity to identify other places contributing to air loss and the speed of air loss.

You can use several methods that will allow you to identify the leak effectively.

  • Assess the valve

Is it possible that the valve is the one that has a challenge? If the valve is the one posing the challenge, the chances are that the air mattress won’t retain stability. Make a proper assessment by holding your hand over the valve. You should feel the escaping air if it is faulty.

If your valve is faulty, it is wise not to attempt fixing it. Instead, make use of the warranty or the support from your purchase source. It is one of the significant reasons you need to get a reputable company to supply you with the air mattress.

  • Test the leak

There are so many proven to be effective in testing leaks. Shelley Frost came up with several ways in which you can experiment on the leak. While testing, ensure you know the degree of the leak with regards to air discharge.

  • Leave the mattress inflated

Leaving the mattress inflated at full capacity will help you know the duration it may take to get deflated. If the rate of air discharge or deflation is high, you should proceed with fixing it.

  • Fix the mattress using the heavy-duty patch

The process of fixing the hole is straightforward. First, ensure you clean the area around the hole using sandpaper. You will then use the heavy-duty patch and a sealant to have the home fixed.

  • Test the results

Test to ensure that the results after the fix are positive. Your mattress should continue serving you as before. In case you can’t do it by yourself, it is wise to ask for help.

 How to find a hole in an air mattress

There are several ways to find a hole in an air mattress. According to wikiHow, there are several methods to identify its position. Usually, there is a hissing sound that makes you know there is a hole.

To identify the specific point, apply the following methods.

Dish soap method– Make a solution of water and soap with an adequate amount of soap. Spray or wipe within the area that there is a sign of a hole. You will see bubbles on the specific point with the hole.

Spray and wipe round the valve– When you spray the valve, bubbles appear. After wiping, air release becomes dominant hence an easy time for inspection.

Systematically spray the mattress– Use soap to spray various points of the mattress. When spraying, leaks will keep revealing themselves. You can wipe the soap later.

Once you identify each leak, mark it using a permanent marker.  Using a permanent marker makes it easy to locate it when repairing.

How to fix an air mattress

Fixing an air mattress is dependent on the specific thing you want to solve. Various methods are available depending on the specific area to fix. Holes have their methods of fixing, and valves too. The basic principle is to ensure that each challenge gets fixed with the right method.

How to blow up an air mattress

Blowing up the air mattress requires either an inflator or a pump depending on the mattress’s size. Using your mouth to blow up the pump is not practical. It will leave the air mattress with moisture.

Therefore, it is recommended that you use a foot pump for pumping a heavy-duty air bed. Hand pump, inbuilt air mattress inflator, or inflators with a cigarette lighter are other methods. All these ensure the mattress gets pumped up quality.

What is the best air mattress?

According to our research today, the following air mattresses are the best.

  • SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress
  • King Koil Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Pump
  • EnerPlex Never-Leak Queen Air Mattress
  • Englander First-Ever Microfiber Queen Air Mattress
  • EZ INFLATE Luxury Double High Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Pump, Queen Size

How to keep air mattress from deflating

According to Sally, you should do some things to ensure your air mattress does not get deflated.

Ensure you;

  • Don’t over-inflate the mattress to ensure you don’t strain it or cause a seam
  • Please avoid using the mattress immediately after inflation. Allow it to take a natural position
  • Control the temperatures when inflating the mattress
  • Apply less pressure on the mattress by avoiding sitting on it or children jumping on it
  • Inflate it when in use and deflate it while in storage
  • Assess the well-being of the valve

How much does an air mattress cost?

The prices of high weight capacity air mattresses vary depending on the seller and the qualities. You will get those that are at the lower end and those at the higher end. With your set budget, you will get one that will serve you perfectly.

Where do I buy an air mattress?

There are several sources for buying air mattresses. You can buy from the company itself or other stores. We strongly recommend that you buy from amazon.

How big is a queen size air mattress?

The dimensions of a queen size air mattress are 60×80 inches while the height is 25 inches. However, the height can vary from 6 inches to 25 inches.

How to clean an air mattress

According to wikiHow, there are two effective ways to clean an air mattress.

  1. Routine cleaning- Ensure that you clean the air mattress every time after use. Using liquid soap, ensure you scrab every part, especially where there is a stain. Such practices are effective in maintaining the service of the air bed.
  2. Removing mildew and mold– If there are mold and mildew, you will need vinegar mixed with water. Ensure you wipe and remove all the stains. You will then use a disinfectant to protect the growth of the mold again.

How to make the air mattress comfortable

The amount of air in the air mattress determines how comfortable you will be. When inflating, ensure that the air mattress is not full to the capacity. Ensure there is some allowance and, if possible, test it to get the most comfortable capacity.

How much weight can an air mattress hold?

Air mattresses come with different capacities and qualities. The strongest can accommodate a weight of up to 600 lbs while others accommodate lower than that.

How to fold an air mattress

According to Alex Savy, folding an air mattress is not like folding your beddings. Following the procedures of folding the air mattress will result in a long term service of the mattress. You should, therefore, do the following.

  • Remove all the beddings, then place the mattress on a flat surface, ensuring no sharp tools to damage it.
  • Spread and deflate the mattress, ensuring that it is clean
  • Fold it by ensuring the edges meet and then roll it to ensure that it gets fixed in its position. You can then pack it for storage.

Final verdict

There is more fun in using a high weight capacity air mattress. It is because of its nature and its comfortability when used by even overweight people. You will love the various designs that come along, making each mattress fulfill a specific need.

Choosing the best mattress can be confusing; that is why we have made the selection for you. Picking one will make your life easier. You can always fall back to us for further guidance.

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