Best Sleeping Bags for Big Guys In 2023

Best Sleeping Bags for Big Guys In 2023


Finding the best sleeping bag for big guys can be a hassle. You may get hold of a cozy bag only to discover that it has insufficient legroom for your stature. Besides, your happiness is short-lived upon the realization that your broad shoulders won’t maneuver through the mummy-style sleeping bag.

Well, we’ve eased your struggle by reviewing the best-selling sleeping bags for overweight campers. Let’s find out;

1.   TETON Sports Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag


This rectangular plus-size sleeping bag features a semi-circular mummy-style hood. It has a double-layer construction for keeping you warm during cold nights. The soft flannel lining helps retain your body heat for maximum insulation.

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Although Teton Sports Deer Hunter offers excellent insulation in chilly weather, it doubles as an all-season sleeping bag. Thanks to the convenient zipper closure, you can either open it from the top or bottom for ventilation. Thus, you won’t be suffocating yourself in hot campouts.

The plus of Teton Sports Deer Hunter is that it is notably spacious. The sleeping bag is so roomy that you can use it with a camping pad.

Features at Glance

  • Water-resistant canvas outer shell
  • Rectangular sleeping bag with a half-circle mummy-like hood
  • Double-layer construction
  • Fiberfill for comfort and heat insulation at freezing temperatures
  • Measures at 90” x 39” x 4”
  • Zipper closure at the top and bottom
  • Sewn-in interior pocket
  • Three built-in roll straps for efficient storage
  • Packing weight of 8.5 pounds

What We Liked

  • The canvas shell is water-resistant, hence, can withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • A zipper closure, which unzips at either top or bottom for maximum ventilation in warm climates
  • The soft liner and double-layer construction guarantee comfort and warmth in cold weather.
  • It is quite spacious.
  • You can pair Teton with a second sleeping bag and camping pads.
  • A convenient interior pocket for securing your valuables, including keys, phone, or wallet
  • It is a versatile sleeping bag for all seasons, any climate, and various outdoor activities.

What We Didn’t Like

Teton Deer Hunter is only hand-washable as machine-washing will likely void the warranty. However, these sleeping bags are stain-resistant, and so, frequent cleaning may be unnecessary.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Teton Sports Deer Hunter is favorable to all three seasons. However, it is the ultimate choice for freezing temperatures as it efficiently retains your body heat. If you’re a regular camper, this sleeping bag for big guys should be in your cart already.

The product is roomy such that you can add a camping pad to it but still have extra space for yourself. In case you have tagged your spouse along, Teton offers you the option of zipping another sleeping bag.

2.   Coleman Big Basin 15 Big and Tall Adult Sleeping Bag


Coleman’s Big Basin will accommodate anyone as tall as 6’6”. Its dimensions are 92” by 39”.

This extra-large sleeping bag, big and tall, is made of polyester, including the outer covering and the inner fill. Its design can warm you up even when temperatures go down to 15°F. There is a Thermolock draft tube for minimizing heat loss through the zipper. Besides, the hollow polyester offers excellent heat retention.

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Coleman Big Basin is an all-weather sleeping bag. When the temperature is high, you may open the zipper for optimal ventilation. However, when it gets chilly, ensure to zip up to trap in your body heat.

Features at Glance

  • A Thermolock draft tube for preventing heat loss
  • It is 92” x 39”
  • Long-lasting polyester cover, which is resistant to tears
  • An adjustable hood
  • Hollow polyester insulation
  • Zipper closure
  • A ZipPlow system at the zipper for preventing snags
  • Fleece-lined footbox
  • Quilting construction

What We Liked

  • The hollow polyester insulation and the Thermolock draft tube ensure heat retention for keeping you warm at low temperatures.
  • It is machine-washable
  • An extended five-year warranty
  • The two-way zipper allows you to unzip from the top or lower end for maximum ventilation.
  • The footbox is lined with fleece fabric for extra warmth on the feet and elimination of cold spots.
  • It is roomy to accommodate all sizes.
  • A snag-free zipper that opens and closes effortlessly, thanks to the ZipPlow technology

What We Didn’t Like

You cannot zip Coleman Big Basin with another sleeping bag. However, it is worth the price.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Coleman Big Basin is the best sleeping bag for big guys and tall campers. It has a mummy-style design at the top but with a spacious advantage of a rectangular bag.

Big Basin is suitable for all seasons. You will enjoy the warmth of the semi-sculpted hood, fleece-lined footbox, Coletherm insulation, and the Thermolock draft tube. Once it gets warmer, you can ventilate by adjusting the hood or opening the zipper.

If you’re on a tight budget but still want an impressive sleeping bag for your rugged campouts, you should give Big Basin ago.

3.   Hyke & Byke Quandary Sleeping Bag


Hyke & Byke Quandary is among the lightest sleeping bags in the market. It is lightweight for backpacking as it weighs less than 3lbs. This space-saving bag will compress to 10” by 7.5” during packing.


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About the design, Quandary features a high-quality nylon cover. According to a research article available in The Indian Medical Gazette, nylon textile is waterproof and resistant to wear.

This big and tall sleeping bag assumes a mummy-style, hence, ideal for big people. It fits individuals as tall as 6’6″. What’s more, the bedding has wide shoulders and a large footbox to befit overweight campers.

The plus of Quandary is that it will trap heat without causing a buildup of moisture. The sleeping bag utilizes Hydrophobic Duck Down, which offers maximum insulation by trapping heat within its air clusters. You will not feel any difference even when the temperatures drop to 23°F.

Features at Glance

  • Hydrophobic down fill
  • Hook and loop closure with large YKK zippers
  • Water-resistant nylon covering
  • Lightweight at 2.9 pounds
  • Mummy shape
  • Hydrophobic Duck Down, which traps and retains heat
  • Compression sack for storage
  • A survival rating of 14°F, as per the EN Standard Testing Protocol

What We Liked

  • A mummy style with wide shoulders and a large footbox, which accommodate big people
  • Lightweight design that allows for stress-free backpacking
  • A fluffy bag with Hydrophobic Down, which offers exceptional insulation for keeping you warm when the temperature falls
  • A lifetime warranty
  • It is highly compressible for efficient storage.
  • The ripstop nylon guarantees toughness and water-resistance
  • It is a 3-season sleeping bag.

What We Didn’t Like

It has a characteristic pungent odor when it is new. However, the smell fades away quickly upon aeration.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Hyke & Byke Quandary is the choicest sleeping bag for big guys who won’t mind forking out some extra bucks for a cushy adventure.

Thanks to the hydrophobic duck down, Quandary is warm and comfy. The outer nylon covering makes it water-resistant to guarantee a temperate and dry sleep. This big and tall sleeping bag depends on air pockets to trap heat. Therefore, you may have to allow at least 10mins for the material to loft up for you to experience the optimal warmth.

4.   Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag


Sleepingo is a queen-size sleeping bag that befits two people. It has impressive dimensions of 87” by 59” with a bonus of two travel pillows. However, if you prefer some alone time, you can unzip one of the twin pieces and sleep in it.

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Sleepingo guarantees a warm and dry campout regardless of the climatic conditions. In case it rains, the tough waterproof polyester cover will step in for you. The inner lining consists of cotton filling and tetron material, which keep you warm in chilly surroundings.

Despite being extra-large, Sleepingo is featherweight. Compressing the sleeping bag will truncate its size to 15” x 12” ready for stuffing into the included carrying case.

Features at Glance

  • It is 87” x 59”
  • Two portable pillows
  • High-quality polyester cover
  • Tetron and cotton fill material
  • A zipper closure
  • Folding dimensions of 15” x 12” with a carrying case
  • Survival temperatures of 32°F
  • Barely 6lbs

What We Liked

  • A tough outer shell that is made from waterproof polyester fabric
  • It is separable into individual twin sleeping bags.
  • Quite roomy for two heavy adults
  • Robust design with waterproof polyester cover to keep of rain and dew
  • The inner lining is a combination of tetron and cotton material for unmatched coziness and warmth.
  • Compact design that compresses into 15” x 12” with the stuffing bag
  • The bonus of two travel pillows
  • A lifetime warranty

What We Didn’t Like

It may not be suitable for extreme freezing temperatures. However, if you’re using it with lows of 32°F, consider tagging along with some additional blankets.

What’s the Bottom Line?

If you are hunting for lightweight but extra-wide sleeping bags, Sleepingo is all you need. It is great for couples and claustrophobic campers who can’t be hemmed in average-sized bedding.

Sleepingo is great for temperatures above 50°F. Every inch of its inner lining comprises 210 thread counts, which hold and retain your body heat for efficient insulation. However, the sleeping bag’s survival rate is 32°F, and so you’ll need to pack some extra blankets and warm clothing.

5.   Teton Sports Mammoth Queen-Size Double Sleeping Bag

This double-wide rectangular sleeping bag is quite roomy for two adults. It has an impressive size of 94” x 62”. Therefore, it is broad enough for couples and quite long for tall guys who go up to 7-feet.

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Teton Sports Mammoth is a 20°F bedding. However, for extreme freezing temperatures, the model offers a different style, with a 0°F survival rating.

Mammoth boasts several thermal-enhancing features, including a double-layer construction. For this reason, you will not experience any cold spots. The sleeping bag also comprises of SuperLoft Elite Hollow Fibers, which trap air for efficient warmth. Besides, its inner lining is a brushed poly-flannel for maximum coziness.

Features at Glance

  • Measures at 94″ by 62.”
  • A double-wide rectangular shape
  • High-quality taffeta outer shell
  • Available in assorted colors, including teal, blue, orange, grey, green, and brown
  • Two-way snag-free zippers
  • Temperature rating of 20°F
  • Weighs at 14 pounds
  • Double-layer construction
  • Poly-flannel inner lining for unbeatable coziness
  • Half-circle mummy-shaped hood
  • Draft tubes along the zipper and around the shoulder
  • A stuffing sack with straps

What We Liked

  • The mummy hood keeps your head warm and off the ground while protecting your pillows against dirt.
  • The sleeping bag unzips from both sides at the bottom to allow for ventilation in the case of too much heat.
  • High-quality two-way zippers which open and close with no snags
  • Extra-wide for two people with sufficient legroom for accommodating tall guys
  • It is quite cozy, soft, and warm, thanks to the Hollow Fiber Fill, double-layer construction, and the 100% brushed poly flannel.
  • Several straps on the stuffing sack make backpacking possible.
  • A lifetime warranty

What We Didn’t Like

Teton Mammoth sleeping bag is bulky. However, it is worth every penny considering its coziness and the heavy-duty construction.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Teton Mammoth is ideal for car camping. Due to its bulky nature, you may find it tedious to backpack or hike with the plus-size sleeping bag. However, the included stuffing back comes in handy for efficient packing and compression.

When shopping for this bedding, you can either go for the 0°F or 20°F style. The inner lining is comfy, and you might not need to layer up too much for you to achieve the ultimate warmth. If it gets too hot, you can unzip the sides and the bottom.

Sleeping bags buying guide

A sleeping bag should be included as a key item if you are camping, hiking or having a sleep over. Choosing a quality sleeping bag will give you a break during the night. These sleeping bags are found in several designs, styles, colors and sizes. It may be tricky when choosing a sleeping bag from many varieties. In this section, we will go through some guidelines to help you choose the best one.

6.   Types of sleeping bags

Sleeping bags are found in three categories. These categories include:

Summer sleeping bags

Summer bags suit a temperature of 30°F or higher.  These bags are light in weight. Their zipper is full length.  They are also simple due to fewer whistles and bells.

Three-Season sleeping bag

Their ideal temperature is about 20°F or more.  They are mostly suited for use in fall trips and springs. They can also be used in summer when the temperature is below the freezing level. They have unique feature such that they can combat a cold temperature.  They also have zipper tubes.

Winter sleeping bags

Winter sleeping bags are suited to a temperature of abou20°F or below. They are similar to three-season bags though they are more insulated. It may be bulky if you want to pack it. Always ensure that you buy one that is comprehensive to use.

7.   Features of the best sleeping bag

Sleeping bags have various features that help to increase your sleeping capacity. These features include:

  • It has shoulder Baffles.

This baffle helps your bag to be closed thus regulating warm air around your body. It also prevents warm air from escaping.

  • It has a zip

Zips are of various lengths. A full length will give you optimal ventilation when it’s too hot. A halfway zip reduces areas where heat can escape.

  • It should have a compression bag.

A compression bag is a sack with straps. These straps squeeze your sleeping bag such that it fits in your car or rucksack.

  • It must have a hood

A hood works when tightened. It leaves only space where the face is out. This makes you breathe well and trap a lot of heat.

  • Should have Inside pockets

These pockets act as storage. You will keep the camera and phones for warm saving. They are mostly found along your feet or chest.

  • Should have Velcro tabs

These Velcro are found near your zip. They prevent your sleeping bag from working freely during the night.

  • Should have an Inner lining

Materials commonly used in making the inner lining are polyester and nylon. These inner lining helps in preventing much heat from escaping. Ensure that your sleeping bag has an inner lining.

8.   Factors to consider when selecting the best sleeping bag

After you have decided to buy a sleeping bag of your choice, ensure you check on the following factors.

Temperature rating

A good sleeping bag should have a temperature rating. It should show the minimum temperature that it can handle. Ensure the level you choose can tell you how cool it is even when the temperature is extreme.  Always ensure that you check on the temperature rating of your sleeping bag.

Sleeping bag fit

Some sleeping bags have specific fits either woman’s fit or men’s fit. Let’s take an example, women’s fit may be wide around the hips and narrow along the shoulder. Therefore, checking the fit of your sleeping bag before buying will help you get the one that fits you.

Weight of your sleeping bag

Ensure that your sleeping bag has a sack where your luggage can fit. Check the maximum weight that can be held by your sleeping bag. An ideal sleeping bag has to combine high warmth and low weight.

The zip of your bag

Another thing you need to consider is the zip. Whether full length or half-length, ensure it’s a two-way zip.

Bag insulation

It’s good to check the type of insulation that is used in your sleeping bag. It may be down or synthetic. Insulation should be well distributed in your sleeping bag both inside and outside.

Extra Features

It’s also good to look at those extra features that will help your sleeping bag work best. Such features include: stash pocket, pad compatibility and type of adjustment.

9.   Final thought

Now I know the many questions that were going round your minds are fully answered. You need not to worry any more. Make sure that you follow those considerations that we have discussed. You will be able to make an informed decision and come up with the best sleeping bag that suits your needs best.



How to wash sleeping bags?

You can either machine-wash or hand-wash your sleeping bag.

Ensure to use the largest front loader of the commercial washing machine. Classic powder soap will work but using a liquid detergent is better as it rinses off easily.

You should set the lowest speed when spin-drying. Once you’re done, air the sleeping bag by laying it flat to avoid interfering with the inner fibers’ make-up.

For hand-washing, you can launder it in a bathtub using some water and mild detergent. Agitate the bag with your hand, rinse it thoroughly, and dry it in an open area.

Always cross-check the manufacturer’s requirements to confirm the laundering procedure. For some brands like Teton, you might void the warranty if you machine-wash the sleeping bag.

How to compress and pack sleeping bags?

  • Spread it out flat and press your hand firmly across the sleeping bag to remove excess air
  • Stuff it in the included sack starting at the footbox section towards the topmost part

How to zip together sleeping bags?

Most sleeping bags can be zipped together for as long the zippers are compatible. For instance, you can only connect a right-hand zip to a left-handed one.

How to insulate the sleeping bag?

Shake your sleeping bag and leave it to fluff naturally for several minutes. You may as well put it in a dryer for some warm-up. When the temperatures are low, wear dry clothes and have some extra blankets.

How to care for your sleeping bag?

  • Always consider a commercial-grade automatic washing machine when laundering your sleeping bag.
  • Never hang-dry but rather lay the bedding horizontally
  • Normalize using a liner or a camping pad as it may positively impact the lifespan of your sleeping bag. The liner eliminates the need for frequent washing.
  • Consider spot-cleaning the bag using a damp cloth and some warm water unless it is extremely dirty.
  • Air your bag after every use
  • You should avoid stocking in the stuffing case for long-term storage since the compression will clump the inner fibers.

Final Verdict

The best sleeping bag for big guys revolves around its dimensions. If you are too tall, you have to consider the length. Yet still, you must put take into account the breadth of the bedding with regard to your shoulders.

Well, finding a sizable sleeping bag is not the end of the hassle. Outdoor camping calls for coziness, comfort, and warmth, especially when the temperatures drop at night. If it’s humid, you should still have a plan B of unzipping one side of the bedding for ventilation. For this reason, you have to fork out on a product that will serve you all year-round regardless of the season.

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