Best Bike Beach Chair Carrier 2021 Review

Best Bike Beach Chair Carrier 2021 Review

Love to cycle to and surf on the beach this summer? Bike beach chair carrier is here just for you! You can now carry a beach chair on your bike comfortably. This gadget fits almost all bikes. As long as yours has a bolt on the rear wheel.

A bike beach chair carrier is a simple, inexpensive, and effective way to carry your beach gear while you relax on the sand. Most surfers like to sit on a beach chair to rest their legs and if they are not protected by a beach chair carrier then they will fall off every time they jump in the water. A Camco clamp is an essential accessory for all surfers to carry their chairs safely. They do not just stop when you want them to and they offer great ankle support and stability.

1. Beach Cruiser Bike Caddy

Tired of carrying a beach chair around on your back? Going to the beach has never been so easy, thanks to bike beach chair carrier! You can now enjoy cycling all the way to the beach with your chair attached.

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Beach cruiser bike caddy from beach bum is one of the must-have beach bike accessories that are worth fixing. It allows you to carry the beach chair on the bike in a very classic way.

This beach bike add on is mounted on the bike’s axle, opposite the gear level side.

Spending on the beach is no time lost; neither is spending a coin on this unique beach chair bike carrier.

Features at glance

  • Simple installation with clear and easy to follow mounting instructions.
  • Compatible with most bikes. Could fit in almost all beach bikes as well as other bikes.
  • Fairly priced.
  • Light in weight. The caddy weighs approximately 1.55 pounds.
  • Customizable to accommodate most foldable beach chairs
  • Made of strong metal
  • Durable

What we liked

  • Easy to mount. You just need a ratchet set, identify the best side to fix it, and then follow instructions on the manual. The ideal position is the rear axle, on the opposite side of bike mechanisms, that is, gear.
  • The holder has an adjustable screw that holds beach chairs firmly. It can hold the chairs for miles without you having to retighten. It’s efficient with beach chairs that have a diameter of at least 1”. Moreover, it conveniently holds chairs that have a canopy.
  • Beach chair carrier for the bike has a slim design that adds style riding to the beach. It’s a great substitute for a bike rack for beach cruiser and occupies less space.
  • Long-lasting. Beach cruiser bike caddy could serve you for as many years as you’d wish. It’s made of strong materials and is mechanically engineered to endure for long.

What we didn’t like

It doesn’t have a tightening strap and you got to screw it up to fasten the chair. Don’t you worry about it though; it still holds tight enough and is not flimsy at all. It’s worth every penny.

What’s the bottom line?

Beach cruiser bike caddy outlays an amazing invention from Beach Bum. The bike beach chair carrier has a great advantage over other same purpose ad-on. You just need to part with a few dollars and all is set.

If you find pleasure spending leisure time on a cruiser and also love sitting in the beach, you need this! Moreover, you don’t have to keep dismantling it as you would a bike trailer for beach chairs.

In case you need to attend a sports event, a beach cruiser bike caddy will cater for your game equipment too. That’s a great plus!

How to carry a folding chair on a bike

Cycling all the way to the beach is a great feeling if you don’t have to struggle with your belongings.  Having to relax on a beach chair has various health benefits. Due to the hefty work of carrying a beach chair, most bike lovers opt to leave their bikes on parking.

Others chose to use bike trailers for beach chairs. To some, it’s a good choice but most people find it bulk and tiring to ride a cart through to the beach. You’ll also have to cough more money to acquire one.

A great alternative is the beach cruiser bike caddy which will cost you less and serve the purpose more efficiently.

How to carry a beach umbrella on bike

Sometimes you wish to ride to the beach but it’s so hot! You feel like melting out! The only option, if not postponing the beach visit, is to take an umbrella with you.

Carrying an umbrella on a bike rack for a beach cruiser is a great idea. You’ll just have to place on it and tighten using the available straps. On reaching the beach, you have to untie and mount it on the preferred site.

Bike Beach Chair Carrier Buying Guide


bike beach chair carrier

Camping chairs come in all shapes and sizes and with the clamp, they are much sturdier and more secure than ever. You can carry more weight with the cam clamp and it is so much easier to navigate through the sand with one. You can also put up your beach items that you may not have been able to get to with other means. For example, you can take your surfboard, lifejacket, or other fragile items in with you instead of using a backpack. The bike beach chair carrier is especially useful for longboarding enthusiasts.

Consider the different styles

When you buy a bike beach cruiser bike caddy you can choose from many different styles. They are usually either a backpack-style or a strap, depending on the model you purchase. Backpack style beach carriers are good for short trips on the water and they are quite sturdy. If you are going to be carrying heavier items such as surfboards or other heavy items, consider getting a backpack carrier. Strap style carriers are perfect for longboarding and windsurfing because they are much more secure. Make sure the straps are strong enough to hold everything you will want to transport with you.

Look for a secure bike beach chair carrier

The main thing to keep in mind when purchasing a bike beach chair carrier is how secure you want it to be. Some camper style carriers are equipped with a built-in strap. This makes for a fast and easy pickup/drop off and secures the items as they are being transported. Others are not as equipped and have to be attached to your car manually. Both types are secure but depending on the items you are carrying it may not matter much.

Advantages of beach chair carrier for bike

Provides added space in your trunk

One of the benefits of owning a bike beach chair carrier is the added space in your trunk. It gives you extra room to stow anything you would like to include your surfboard or a picnic lunch. It is also a great space saver for trips to the beach. When you don’t need to be driving all over town to pick up and drop off your Surfboard, you can simply walk the bike over to the beach and set it up. It’s a lot easier and more convenient than the alternative!

Easy to use

A bike camper can be an ideal addition to any boat or recreational vehicle. They are easy to fit on most cars and trucks and they make transporting your surfboard or other items much easier. They are a lightweight alternative to other forms of beach transportation that are bulkier. There are even some that double as a beach chair carrier. A camper allows you to easily transport your surfboard from the beach to your car or vice versa.


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