6 Great Benefits to Exercise

At the Power Center, we are always stressing the importance of exercise and the amazing effects it has on a person’s well-being. Though you might find it a bit challenging to get off the couch to hit the gym, the rewards for doing so are too many to count. Here are six reasons why you should hit the gym more often.

1.    You get a sleek physique. Everyone loves a toned, slender, healthy-looking body. That’s the main reason many people work out. You only can get toned through exercise, so if you’ve been skipping out in hopes that diet pills and body wraps would get you that beautiful toned look, it’s time to wise up. Only a good workout routine will allow you to get that six pack – regardless of what internet ads may say!

2.    People who frequently exercise also have steadier sleep schedules. Long periods of physical inactivity often lead to hormone imbalances that cause insomnia, sleep imbalances, and other sleep problems. Studies have shown that people who work out, even for as little as 20 minutes, are more likely to sleep restfully at night.

3.    Exercise may help fight depression and boost your mood. It’s true! Working out forces your body to increase the amount of endorphins that your body releases. Endorphins are what make you feel happy. It’s little wonder, then, that so many people who regularly exercise have sunny dispositions! It’s also good to know that working out also is a major stress reliever.

4.    Studies have shown that exercise can also boost your ability to think. If you need to unleash your inner Einstein, then it may be time to hit the gym. Getting your blood pumping means that you will get blood pumping to your brain,  which in turn gives you a cognitive boost. Studies have also linked regular exercise to better grades in school, a higher level of creativity, and faster reaction times.

5.    Regular workouts also can help combat major diseases. Some of the most common health problems in America can be reduced or eliminated completely with exercise. Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease all can be fought by an increase in cardiovascular exercise. Even certain types of cancer can be prevented if you work out on a regular basis.

6.    Good workouts also can improve your flexibility and joint health. If you’ve been feeling a little stiff, it may be time to get your flex back by starting out a new exercise program. Exercise has been shown to improve flexibility, prevent arthritis, and also improve a person’s posture.

The bottom line here is that exercise is great for you, and that it will allow you to live a healthier, happier and overall longer life. Getting the right workout for your specific goals is easier than ever before. At the Power Center, we make sure that you will be able to get the professional advice, coaching and encouragement you need in order to get the most of your exercise time.