Heavy-duty camping cot buying guide

Heavy-duty camping cot buying guide

People who spend much time camping or outdoors need to feel comfortable and relaxed.  If you have a camping cot, it will make you fully relaxed. A camping cot elevates you off the ground. It has a variety of advantages i.e. gives you proper support and allows better air circulation.  The best camping cot varies in terms of size, portability, and comfort. Below is some key information that will help you make a wise decision easier.

Types of camping cots

There are several types of camping cots today. Below are some of the popular types:

  1. Lightweight Cots

For frequent travelers, a lightweight cot is the greatest choice. Some lightweight options require a little space and are easy to assemble after use.

  1. Double Camping Cots

As its name suggests, this type of cot is designed such that it has two cots. It can be the best choice for couples who may want to have a double bed. Many of these cots are featured such that they have padded head sections.

  1. Bunk Bed Cots

A bunk bed cot takes up very little space.  It can as well fit two people. They range from kid’s sizes to adult sizes. They are also found in various materials and colors. When it comes to picking a bunk cot, pick one that will fit any tent used for camping.

  1. Cots with Mattresses

These types of cots come with an inflatable mattress on top. Some have a self-inflating mattress while others must depend on an air pump for them to be inflated.

  1. Heavy Duty Camping Cots

A heavy-duty camping cot is designed such that it has a heavy sleeper. Some models can hold 600 pounds. This type of cot is very good for those people looking for extra stability. Today, they are the most enduring cots on the market.

  1. Basic Foldable Camping Cots

These cots are mainly used in military compounds, shelters, and by long-distance hikers. They are ultra-weight for easy portability.

  1. Camping Cots for Kids

They are designed for use by kids. They can have a bunk or single style. They come with some accessories like pockets and storage cubbies. These accessories enable the kids to be organized.

What to look for in a camping cot

  • A good camping cot should have a carrying case that has shoulder straps for easy portability.
  • It should also occupy less space when packed in your car.
  • A good camping cot should be easily folded and stored.
  • It should have a sturdy and comfortable frame.
  • A good camping cot should have a weight limit capacity.

Factors to Consider when selecting a camping cot

Camping cots are found in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. To choose a camping cot that is suitable for you, ensure that you consider the following factors.


Durability depends on the material used. Materials that are commonly used are metal frames, cover, and mattress pad. Ensure that you choose a camping cot that is durable and well made


Camping cots may have a single or a bunk design.  Campers highly use a single cot. On the other hand, bunk is used when your tent is small and you would like to save space. When you check the design, also check the length to ensure that it can fit the user.

Easy to assemble

As usual, some camping cots may be easier to assemble than others. Some have to be unfolded while others are assembled using a threading pole. Always ensure that your camping cot is easier to assemble at any time.


Before you buy a camping cot, ensure that you check the room where you intend to store it. Ensure that you buy one that can be folded and compacted to a size that can fit in your room. Camping cot with more paddling takes more space than that with less paddling. You can measure the length of your room for you to choose one that will fit comfortably.


Many people prefer a cot that is lightweight. Camping cots that are made of aluminum frames weigh less than those made of steel frames. Always ensure that you buy a camping cot that has the appropriate weight for you.


You need to carry your camping cot from your car to the area of the target. Some can be folded into a good size and be stored in a bag. This ensures that they are easily carried. Ensure that you choose a camping cot whose portability is easier.

Final thought

When planning for your outdoor adventure next time, ensure that you buy a camping cot. If you follow the above information, be assured that you will get the best choice.  Don’t worry any longer, follow these considerations and you will easily pick one that suits you best.



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