High weight capacity dining chairs buying guide

High weight capacity dining chairs buying guide

A dining room is a place of pride for those people who mostly love having guests for dinner. For you and your guest to enjoy your dinner, you have to sit comfortably in your seat.  A dining chair will make you feel comfortable and relaxed during dinner time. For those people who host friends for parties once and a while, a comfortable dining chair must be required.  Dining chairs are found in a variety of designs, shapes, styles and more. For you to get one of your choices, ensure that you consider the following buying guides.

Types of dining chairs

There different types of dining chairs they include:

Arm Chairs

Armchair, as the name is suggesting they come with arms. This type of chair lives at the foot and the head of your table. In case you have a formal dinner, an armchair setting is the best choice for you.

Side Chairs

A side chair is the most common chair in the dining room because it has a simple design. It sits just along with your dining table.  It does not have arms and you can find them in any material and color of your choice.

Parsons Chairs

Parsons chairs are straight, tall and armless type of chair. They are more versatile and fully upholstered. They look similar to side chairs though they are streamlined to avoid any fuss.

Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are mostly used as spare when additional seats are required.  They are folded when not in use and unfolded when needed to be used.  Mostly they are not used every day but they are mostly used when you need extra seats.

Features of a dining chair

Dining chairs have different features, which makes them comfortable. Such features include:

  • A good dining chair should be stylish and comfortable.

It should reflect your best style and be comfortable for the users.  Since you may gather there to have a meal and conversation with your family or friends for a long time, ensure that your chair is much comfortable for use.

  • A good dining chair should be sturdy.

It should be of high quality. Check whether you can move it around and shake it gently to ensure that it’s firm and sturdy.

  • It should also be a measure of the size.

A good dining chair should occupy your intended space. You don’t have to disorganize everything in your room for it to fit.

  • It should be durable.

It has to be made from a material that will last for a long time.  Dining chairs are made of wood, metals, or acrylic so ensure that you choose one that will last for a long time. It should not need to be repaired every time.

  • It should have a back that is doing well.

A dining chair should have a back that can accommodate everyone. Those chairs with a back of about 90 degrees look formal and much comfortable to be used by anybody.

  • A good dining chair should be easy to move.

It should be easily moved around your house. This will make it to be used elsewhere if extra seats are needed.


Factors to consider when buying a dining chair

Dining chairs are found in variety of designs, styles, and colors. For you to choose a good dining chair ensures you consider the following factors:

Height of your chair

One of the main factors to keep in consideration is height.  You need to know your table’s height for you to choose a chair with the appropriate height.  Most tables range from a height of 28 to 31 inches.  For this reason, you have to choose a chair that ranges from 17-20 inches. That difference will leave a distance between them of about 10-12 inches to make you feel comfortable. Ensure that you check on the measurement, especially if you will choose a chair with armrests.


Footprint means the depth and width of the chair.  The depth will help you know how far your chair will go underneath your table and the back far you will be when seated on your chair. If your chair has a bowed or splayed leg, you have to know the measurements of the furthest point those legs will reach.


Upholstered chairs should offer several ways in which the owner can express their styles.  Some dining chairs have an added cushion for comfort.  When choosing an upholstered chair, ensure that you choose one that will fit in your space.  Also, ensure that it’s durable and can retain its style for a long time and you will not strain much when cleaning.

Consider users weight

Dining chairs have maximum weights that they hold.  A chair made of plastic and one made of wood cannot hold the same weight. If the weight is more that of plastic may crack. To avoid such shame when enjoying your dinner, ensure you choose a chair that can accommodate any weight. If you are heavy, ensure that your chair’s leg is very sturdy and firm to hold your heavyweight.

Size and shape of your chair

For you to choose a dining chair that fits in your room, you have to think about your chair’s size and shape. For those chairs with arms, your table has to be long or rectangular for it to fit. If you go for an armless chair, a rounder table is suitable. Before you buy your dining chair, ensure that you check the size and shape you want your chair to have.

Chairs fabric and finish

Many people prefer max and match. Before you buy your chair, ensure you consider the finisher of your chair. Ensure that it compliments your chair and it looks precise. This will make your chair look more contrast and interesting.

Final thought

For those who thought that buying a dining chair is an anxious experience. Now you don’t have to worry. In this article, we have looked at some of those guidelines to help you choose a breeze dining chair. Before you buy one of your choices, ensure you follow them and be assured you won’t regret it. You will have picked out one of your best.


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