How to clean a recliner

How to clean a recliner

One thing that many homeowners fail to realize when shopping for reclining seats is how to clean a recliner, especially if it is one made out of leather. Leather is difficult to clean and needs special treatment in order to avoid staining or breaking. You need to know how to clean a recliner in order to avoid damaging the seat. Most recliners nowadays are constructed from various fabrics, leather being one of them.

how to clean a recliner

Cleaning a recliner does not require you to purchase special equipment or products. All you need to do is follow a few guidelines and you will be able to successfully clean your recliner in no time at all. The first thing that you need to do is make sure that the chair is not left in a standing position for a long period of time. If you leave your recliner in a standing position, it will accumulate sweat and other substances that will eventually damage the upholstery on the chair. It is also a good idea to store your recliner away from direct heat sources. Sunlight and heat are the biggest offenders when it comes to causing damage to upholstery furniture.

The best way to clean a recliner is to use soap and water and a mild yet effective detergent. For leather recliners, you can use either baby oil or mineral oil as an alternative to mineral oil. Mix a small amount of the recommended cleaner with warm water. Use a soft brush to massage the solution into the leather. Let the mixture sit for about ten minutes to soften the dirt and debris embedded in the fabric.

Once the soap has completely loosened the dirt, place it on a sponge or soft brush and scrub the surface of the leather recliner gently. Be sure to pay special attention to any wrinkles in the material. You can use a clean white cloth to blot the surface of the furniture. Dry the furniture thoroughly with another clean white cloth before placing it back in its place.

Many recliners come with microfiber covers that can be removed and washed. Purchase a soft microfiber cloth and take it with you when you shop for your furniture. Microfiber cloths are available at most office supply stores as well as department stores. Simply wet the cloth and wipe down the entire area of the recliner, especially the areas where the fabric meets the upholstery.

Cleaning recliners does not have to be a chore. Using the right cleaner and a little bit of elbow grease, you can keep your expensive furniture in top shape. If you do decide to buy microfiber covers, make sure you purchase one that is water-resistant. You should also consider purchasing a cleaner that is specifically designed to be used on upholstered furniture.

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