how to disassemble a recliner

how to disassemble a recliner

How to disassemble a recliner

How to disassemble a reclining chair is probably a question that you are asking yourself when you found out that you need to purchase a new chair for your home. It’s not that uncommon to have to buy a new reclining chair. Most of us own at least one reclining chair and a handful of chairs for other uses like a bedroom chair or a seating area at the dining room table. They come in a variety of styles and with many different options for the user. The good news is that it really isn’t all that hard to know how to disassemble them if you know what you’re doing.

To disassemble a recliner is very much like how to put it together. First off you must lift the backrest up off the legs by pulling it toward you. The lever on the side of the chair will lift it off of the ground and then you can pull it down and the leg rest will come right off and you will be ready to place it back in the normal position.

Next you must unscrew the locking lever that is normally on the bottom of the backrest. On most models there is only a one way lever, which allows you to lower the backrest in the normal position and unhook the locking lever to raise it. Again on most models there is only a one way leverss, so first off you must locate the one way lever and then remove it from its place on the seat base so that you can reach it. You will notice that on older model Recliner chairs the locking lever will detach itself from the seat base by slipping it past a small hole in the seat. Once you’ve gotten it out you can easily place it back into the normal position.

Now that you’ve got both the locking and the lifting levers out of the way it is time to remove the backrest from the reclining position. This can usually be achieved by just gently pulling on the backrest with your fingers until the piece comes off. You will need to be sure that you don’t pull it too hard or else you may break the parts. Once you have the backrest out you can easily assemble the parts back into the correct position.

Finally it is time to assemble the rear of the recliners seat. There are two screws that mount the seat to the backrest. Remove these screws and set the backrest aside. Now it is time to pull the rear frame out. Using a standard screwdriver, loosen the frame until it can be taken apart.

Now it’s time to install the backrest and lever, if needed. Assemble the chair, replacing the footrest lever with a new one, and attach the seat with the screws again. Reinstall the headrest and put everything back together. You should now be able to reinstall your recliner into the chair after it has been put together correctly.

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