How to make a doll bunk bed

how to make a doll bunk bed

How to make a doll bunk bed

Many people want to know how to make a doll bunk bed. It is a very simple concept and if you have the patience, it can be a very enjoyable craft project for all ages. You will need a sturdy mattress, a suitable box spring and a couple of sheets to start. Don’t forget a pillow and some pictures or decorations of your choice. It doesn’t even have to be a doll – just a simple bed with a mattress in it.

Make sure you use sturdy cardboard boxes to protect the mattress from bumps and surprises. Draw a rough outline on the box spring on the mattress with a pencil so that you know where you want to cut the corners. Use masking tape to hold everything together temporarily as you work on it. If you are not good at drawing, use paper and trace around the edges of the cardboard.

Now take out your woodworking skills and cut along the lines you have drawn. You may need to sand them down slightly. You will be cutting all kinds of angles and patterns to fit your doll and her box spring. You will also need to drill some holes for the wheels or steel rods so you can hang your doll onto the top of the bed. Use a doll house plan or a doll house kit to help you decide where to put everything and how to hold it all up in place.

As you learn how to make a doll bunk bed, you can make beds for other kids who want one but don’t have the same interest. You can even personalize the beds for girls who want theirs to look just like mommy. Girls can pretend to sleep when they are really resting away from home. Your daughter can even make a dream house for you so she can imagine being a princess.

Make sure that you are using a sturdy mattress when you make a doll bunk bed. Doll beds often use a foam base covered with sheets. A thin mattress is perfect for sleeping on. Be sure that the mattress is firm and comfortable. It should be able to support your child’s weight without feeling too much for the child who is sleeping on it.

When your child gets older and your child outgrows the bed, you can always sell it and use the money towards a new dollhouse for your other children. You can even use it to teach your child how to decorate dolls houses. They can use their imagination to make a doll house that looks real. You can purchase ready made bed linens at your local department store or online. Your child will love having a Barbie doll house when she grows up.

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