how to paint a beach chair.

how to paint a beach chair

How to paint a beach chair.

A few days ago I was asked to help with the cleaning of a picnic table and when we arrived the wife had spilled her sunscreen on the table. The kids were in tears as they were running around telling everyone that Santa had come to their school and would send them out on the field for the day. So needless to say my task was to help her get her sunscreen ready. But before I get into how to paint a beach chair, let me tell you a little bit about this particular seat and why it needs to have a coat of sunscreen applied to it.

A seat like this needs to be protected from the elements and that’s why I prefer to use a can of spray paint for the job. You don’t want to scrape the seat and have paint splatter all over your picnic spread or worse yet run into someone while you’re painting. Make sure that you apply the paint with a brush and that you go slow. There are some features on the can that will let you know if you’re being too aggressive or not. For example does the can indicate if you should only use a small amount of paint?

To determine how much paint you need, apply three or four thick coats of paint. Then go over the chair one more time to make sure you get all the areas that you painted. After you are finished checking for drips or areas that need more coats of paint, spray the chair down with the Sunbrella. This will keep the color for a longer period of time. It will also ensure that your chair is protected from the UV rays of the sun.

Now when people ask me how to paint a beach chair, I now realize that I should probably explain to them about the different types of chairs. There are those that are called folding chairs and those that are known as patio folding chairs. For the purposes of this article, I’m just going to assume that you are referring to the folding type. Depending on the shade of the seat, it may not be necessary to protect the seat.

Once you have the chair covered, you need to clean up any spot that you may have missed. You will need to use a can of acrylic paint and a spray bottle filled with the clear type of paint. Follow the directions on the can on how to paint a beach chair properly.

Once you are done, let your hair dry. For the best results, allow it to dry for a day. While it’s drying, take a few minutes and wipe away any extra water. If you are painting a chair that has a fabric seat covers, you will need to make sure that the sun isn’t shining through the fabric. If this happens, you’ll need to take the chair outside.

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