How to put a bunk bed together

How to put a bunk bed together

Learning how to put a bunk bed together can seem like a very daunting task. It’s certainly one that requires a fair amount of thought and consideration. With patience and some guidance, you too can have the task done in no time at all. Before start, it’s important to realize what exactly you’re getting yourself into. While surprises, in general, aren’t particularly helpful when putting together something like a bunk bed on your own, they’re not completely useless here. Knowing what lies ahead makes a lot of sense.

how to put a bunk bed together

The first order of business is to determine which style and design you want. There are several different options that are available, including a close roof, wall unit and the kind of mattress that lie on top of the frame. Depending upon your tastes, there are also many choices in material, including metal or wood. Once you’ve decided how much room you have to work with, you’ll then need to choose the side rails. These can either be integral to the bunk bed and its construction, or optional. If they’re included, then they are usually fairly simple to install, as they just run along the bottom edge of the frame.

Installing the side rails is one of the more difficult parts of how to put a bunk bed together, but is actually the least complicated of all the pieces. They are attached to a piece of the frame called the bottom bunk, which is then screwed into the sides of the frame. Choosing where you’ll locate your bottom bunk is essential because it needs to fit into a hole cut into the frame. Once you’ve located it, this allows you to determine how much space you’ll need inside the room.

Next, you’ll need to set up the slats. The slats will be your side rails, and they run along the bottom edge of the frame. You can usually find pre-drilled holes for the slats in the fabric; however, if not, simply drill them into the underside of the bottom rail. You’ll then use the screws you have to screw the slats into place. Once they’re in place, the last thing you need to do is screw the side rails into place, following the same steps you followed with the slats.

Putting the bottom bunk on is the easiest part of learning how to put a bunk bed together, since there’s really only three basic steps to follow. First, locate the bottom of the frame, which should be accessible through the bottom holes you drilled. You can then set both the bottom rails and side rails into their respective holes. Once you have these in place, you can then put the top bunk on, following the same steps as you did with the other slats.

Finally, assemble the sides, bottom and top together, making sure that all of the slats are properly aligned. Then you can put the slats back into their pre-drilled holes, and you’ll be done! This process should take around an hour or two – depending on how fast you can work. When you’re done, be sure to check that the slats aren’t moving when you lift your child up in bed – you don’t want to be waking up to a big stackup on the floor!

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