How to refinish a wooden rocking chair

How to refinish a wooden rocking chair

If you own a wooden rocking horse, it is very likely that at some time you will want to know how to refinish it. A wooden rocking horse looks great right when you put it in your living room, dining room or your bedroom. Unfortunately, over time, it may start to look worn. You will find that by applying a small amount of paint to it, you can give it the classic appeal it once had. In addition, by refinishing the wood, you can give it the appearance of a new piece of furniture.

To learn how to refinish a wooden rocking chair, start by removing any loose paint or varnish. You can use a stripper to strip away paint but be careful to wear safety glasses and gloves while using this tool. You will also need a soft cloth and a small amount of paint stripper that you can buy from most hardware stores.

If you haven’t been using the wooden rocking chair lately, you might want to carefully clean it using a mild detergent. Use a soft cloth and some mild soap, as well as a brush. Let the chair to dry thoroughly before refinishing. While you are cleaning it, be sure to pay close attention to any dents or scratches it might have. This will help you when you start to paint it.

After cleaning the chair thoroughly, apply a thin coat of primer onto the wooden frame. You will need about two or three layers of paint, depending on the size of the frame. Once you’ve applied the primer, sand the frame until it is completely smooth. After sanding, brush on the final finish of your choice.

When your wooden rocking chair has been sanded to its bare wood, use a spray bottle to cover the entire surface. Next, choose a paint stripper and add two or three generous coats of paint to your chair. Work quickly with a spray gun to even out the brush strokes. Refinish your chair by adding a single layer of the finishing touch. If you wish, sand the surface of your chair until it is as smooth as glass.

Once you’re happy with your new finish, let it dry for a few days. Once it has dried, polish your old finish use sandpaper to bring out the grain. You can keep your new finish looking just like it did when it was brand new. It is recommended that you protect your wooden rocking chair with a protective coat of oil. You can do this by spraying a light coat of protection over it or applying one to each paint brush.

How to refinish an antique rocking chair is not as difficult as you may think. It’s best to start by sanding the surface and then use a coarse sandpaper to sand the remaining finish. You can then decide if you want to use either an oil or a paint finish. If you choose to use an oil finish, start by dipping a thin brush into mineral spirits. Let the brush dry for about five minutes before using it. If you decide to use a paint finish, begin by dipping the brush into the mixture, letting it dry completely.

As you learn how to refinish a wooden rocking chair, it will become clear how easy the process can be. However, there are a few things that can make refinishing your own chair much easier than it might be. For instance, if your original finish was linseed oil, your chair may need to be re-finished with another grade of oil. Linseed oil wears down quickly, leaving an oily residue behind that is very difficult to remove. Also, the wood may have become worn down from use and may no longer be as smooth as it was when it was first constructed.

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