How to turn a bunk bed into a loft bed

how to turn a bunk bed into a loft bed

How to turn a bunk bed into a loft bed

Many people may think that bunk beds are just for children. This may be partially true but they can also be converted into trundle beds or sofa beds. There is a simple method to convert a two twin size beds into a sofa bed and it doesn’t involve buying a new bed. You will need a ladder, a level surface and a set of lockable bedroom door keys. Here’s how to turn a bunk bed into a sofa sleeper.

First you need to remove the bottom bunk. The pieces that make up the bottom bunk can be easily removed without too much difficulty. It is important to remove them in order to avoid any structural changes to the bottom part of the bed frame. Once the bottom bunk is off, you will need to get access to the metal frame that supports the upper bunk. At this point you will need to unscrew the two lugs on the side at the bottom of the frame, which will loosen the two mounting screws that keep the upper bed in place.

Once the screws are loosened, detach the ladder or extendable ladder that hangs from the ceiling. These pieces can usually be taken out with a screwdriver. Next remove the three safety rail screws that hold the bottom bunk in place. After these are removed you can remove the two bottom posts on the top bunk. Remove the top bunk posts and set aside the broken ones, which should be soldered together to form a safety rail.

Connect the bottom posts of the new loft bed frame to each other using the two screws that you removed from the frame and secure them with the various nuts and bolts that are provided by your loft bed manufacturer. Then attach the two vertical support poles to the four corners of the new frame at their base, and bolt them together from the bottom and top. Secure the other vertical support pole to the ceiling above, making sure that the diagonal brace connects firmly to the ceiling joists. The diagonal brace will ensure that the vertical support is held in place when the bed is in use.

Attach the mattress to the bottom frame using the nuts and bolts again. If the mattress does not have the appropriate nails, use the screws provided with the manufacturer’s instructions to attach it securely. Otherwise, use the flat washers between the studs and the mattress for a snug fit. The diagonal brace will hold the mattress in place as you turn the mattress on its side so be sure to place the bed frame in a stable position first. Secure the side edges of the bed with the screws or strips of wood that were provided with the bed frame.

Pull the two ladders down from their high sides and attach them to the side edges of the attic room on either side of the mattress. This will give you a ready-made space for your kid to sleep in a peaceful environment and also lets you climb up and down the ladder easily when they get tired. As a safety precaution, make sure that the ladder is at least 4 feet from the ground or higher. Hooks can also be attached to the ladder at different points so that books, clothes or toys can be hung safely on them while climbing up and down. Be sure to keep plenty of ladders and hooks around the house, and once your child starts to climb the ladder, they will want to go down, so be ready with a few safety tips to follow.

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