Mosquito net sleeping bag

Mosquito net sleeping bag

It seems like everyone has their own opinion about mosquito netting. Some people think it is absolutely necessary, others think it’s a waste of money and the rest think it’s just plain old fashion. The truth is, mosquito netting is not a one size fits all type of product. You will find that there is a wide array of mosquito netting on the market, designed for all different situations. This makes it possible to be protected from the dangers of insect bites while still being able to sleep soundly at night.

In order to determine which mosquito netting is right for you, consider where you plan on using it. Is it going to be in the yard or the bedroom of your home? If it is going in the yard, netting that is made of clear, light-colored plastic is ideal. If you are purchasing mosquito netting for use in the bedroom, a darker colored product is recommended. You will also want to determine whether you are going to be sleeping on a mosquito netting pad or on the ground. The difference can be quite pronounced, depending on where you decide to camp out.

When purchasing mosquito netting for use in a tent, it is important to have a few things in mind. First and foremost, make sure the netting you purchase is large enough to accommodate your body. Don’t go too big, or it won’t do you any good. Another important feature is to make sure that the netting you purchase is UV protected. It should be resistant to ultraviolet rays. You will want to keep it out of the sunlight as much as possible, which will prolong its life.

When it comes to sleeping bags, netting that is light colored is recommended. This will allow you to see beneath it, which will prevent you from waking up to a nasty bite. A dark color will hide all kinds of bugs, but the UV protected feature will make it more difficult to see. Netting that is medium colored is usually going to be better. This is going to provide you with the most protection, while still being lightweight and easy to carry.

As far as exactly where to put your mosquito netting? It is highly recommended that you position it in such a way that it can be viewed from both sides. In many cases, people find this uncomfortable, but the truth is that mosquitoes are often found by their bites. So, if you can see them, you are much less likely to get bit. You will need to place the netting high in the tree branches, above your sleeping bag.

To position the netting, lay the sleeping bag on top of the netting. Fold the ends of the netting underneath the bag. Then, fold the top half of the netting over the middle of the bag. Secure the folded portion under the other end of the bag. This should leave you with a secure and snug fit.

Now that you have your mosquito netting, you must determine where to position it. The best place would be where the mosquito netting meets the ground. This is close enough to your body so that you can easily move around to check for bites. However, the area that is farthest away from your body should not be netted at all. The farthest point should just be inside of your sleeping bag. This is important because you do not want to be removing the mosquito netting from one place to place in your bag.

The next step is to hang your mosquito netting from the tree branches. To do this, use two trekking poles, at least six feet apart. Use a harness to attach the netting to the poles. Make sure that the straps are secured on the tree. This will allow you to easily carry the bag while hiking. Before you know it, you will have a mosquito netting sleeping bag that you can sleep in without being bothered by bugs.

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