Office Chairs Rated Over 300 Lbs Review In 2023

Office Chairs Rated Over 300 Lbs Review In 2023

Just broke your office chair, again? Consider acquiring one of the best office chairs rated over 300 lbs that guarantees safety!

Plopping behind the computer all day probably doesn’t feel kind on your back. The last stretch attempt ended in a devastating chair back breakage or the butts sunk to the floor!

Finding a comfortable and durable 300 lb capacity office chair is quite a task, especially on a busy schedule. Here’s a list of the best big and tall office chairs with 300+lb weight limit.

1. Big and Tall adjustable massage office chair 500lbs

Doubtlessly, big and tall office chair Wide seat from BestOffice stands in position one of this review. This seat is designed uniquely for tall and huge guys. The greatest concerns of tall and huge guys while selecting office chairs are stability and safety. Best Office has catered for that!


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The seat can comfortably hold up to 500lbs. Its cushion is double padded and long to enhance comfort and accommodate big thighs. A massage feature is fixed on its back, with two points around the spine and lumbar.

Big and tall office chair Wide seat has a strong five-legged base fitted with long-lasting caster wheels for easy mobility. It’s also a swivel chair, rotating up to 3600.

Features at glance

  • Wide and tall. With a dimension of 23” high (from the ground to the seat) and a seat depth of 21.5”, it can comfortably accommodate hug guys.
  • Strong and sturdy. Built on an alloy steel frame, it can hold up to 500lbs.
  • Easy installation.
  • Padded armrest and headrest.
  • Has a charging port.
  • Ergonomic
  • BIFMA certified


What we liked

  • Adjustable heights. It is possible to adjust the seat height, back height, armrest height to your best-fit sitting position.
  • Adjustable recline. The back can be slanted backward to allow for relaxing, reading, or gaming.
  • Massage option with remote control. In case you feel pretty tired and out of stretching time, you remotely switch lumbar massage on. The seat has a small bag underneath for storing cables when not in use.
  • Its frame is strong, and the all cushions are spring sponges covered in quality faux leather. Available in multiple colors to suit your office.
  • Relatively cheap. Office chairs can be expensive for nothing, but this seat has a good value for the money.
  • Free returns, in case of any damage or dissatisfaction.

What we didn’t like

The massage mortal feels like a bit higher than vibrating mobile phone, at times hard. It’s, however, not worth keeping you off the aforementioned comforts.

What’s the bottom line?

Big and tall office chair Wide seat from BestOffice is our recommended top choice, and not for nothing! It offers exceptional satisfaction for those of larger stature, tall and short altogether.

Make your order and get it delivered to your doorstep swiftly. Unpack the box, and then follow the manual to assemble it easily. Be sure not to tighten the screws at first till all parts fit in.

You can sit on this tall adjustable office chair for long hours, and have your tail borne safely. Swing around, and even recline for relaxation! It will hold your weight easily without any breakage.

Best of it all, if you doubt its functionality at first sight or on assembly; send it back to the manufacturer free! You don’t want to miss such a deal.

2.  Big and Tall 400lbs office desk chair

Are you huge and mostly sweaty? Need for strong lumbar support? Search no further! We have spent days on research just for you.

Big and Tall office desk computer chair is a strong trusted must-have office furniture. It has a strong breathable mesh back. Crafted to suit natural body shape, it perfectly offers support to the lumbar.


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The armrests have an adjustability level of up to six positions and are PU padded for an easy time on your arms. Fashioned with a high-density sponge, the cushion’s upholstery is soothing to your thighs. It rests on a steel frame and is one of the best office chairs with 300+lb weight limit.

Stability is guaranteed, thanks to the five sturdy legs, fitted with a mobility enhancing casters.

Features at glance

  • High-level seating luxury. You can adjust the height (from the ground) up to 22”. The seat is wide at 23”+ from the armrest.
  • Fully adjustable. Each part of Big and Tall office desk computer chair can be customized to suit you.
  • Padded armrests
  • Thigh friendly cushions
  • 3600 rotational swivel, with up to 100000 rolling ability
  • Sturdy and durable, holding up to 400lbs.
  • BIFMA and class-4 SGS approved

What we liked

  • Easily customizable. This seat is fit for use by any big-sized person.
  • Classic old-fashioned back. The Big and Tall office desk computer chair has the1980’s mesh keeping your back cool in a unique style. In case you struggle to keep your back dry in the office, this suits you best. Attractively, the back stand is designed to take the natural shape of your body, keeping the lumbar strong.
  • Super thick, deep, and wide pad. Nothing hurts more than uncomfortable hanging thighs and painful tailbone! This high-quality sitting base has it all covered.
  • Reasonably priced. Has features charged more by other manufacturers.
  • Payable on installments. You can test drive this best office chair for big guys by ordering and making partial payments for six months. Be sure, though, that you need not doubt any functionality.
  • Easy and quick installation. Get it all set in just 15 minutes about.

What we didn’t like

The warrant runs for only 30 days and might scare you aware. Do not be alarmed, you might not need the warrant at all. This office chair for 300lbs and above will reward you for every penny spent on it.

What’s the bottom line?

On delivery, the package may surprise you, or even scare you! It’s packed in almost half-size your expectation. Go ahead and unpack it. Strictly follow the carefully stipulated installation procedure and in less than half an hour, your office will get a new look.

Be ready to explore its wide and deep support under board that ensures you won’t overflow, no matter your size. You may have tried a variety of office chairs rated over 300lbs, but with this, your butts have found rest.

You can give your ceiling a great stare, thanks to the recline lever beneath, as you take a deep breath off your long task session. You probably won’t notice the time fly, as comfort was all you needed, and has finally got it.

3.    Big And Tall office chair 400lbs

This heavy-duty office chair by BestOffice is among the best rated office chairs with 300+lb weight limit. It is an ergonomic brand that allows you to work round the clock, deriving the initial comfort throughout. The Big and tall office chair has super soft luxurious faux leather that is easy on your back.


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The lumbar support is knob adjustable, sending your back to a relaxation mode on a long busy day. It allows you to set the preferred sitting height, as you roll about swiftly on plastic casters.

You also have a plus as you lower back is massaged on random alternate patterns.

Features at glance

  • Strong frame. Crafted on heavy steel alloy material for sustaining huge weights without breaking.
  • USB enabled lumbar massage for releasing waist fatigue.
  • Stable heavy-duty metal base with 3600 rotational swivels.
  • Padded adjustable armrest for comfort and easy individualization.
  • Tough foam and springs that give a neutral feel between softness and hardness.
  • Adjustable seat heights and recline.

What we liked

  • Easy installation. The setup procedures are clear and implementable, allowing only a few minutes to put all parts together. In case you misplace a screw, the regular ones also do well.
  • Massage feature. It’s enough to soothe you asleep on the first attempt. Though not as perfect as a Shiatsu massage, the experience is exceptional, more so on a tough day.
  • Quick delivery. You hit the order slot, and BestOffice is on it, like the panic button. Within a few business days, you’re in a new comfort zone.
  • Big and Tall office chair is hard to deform or break.
  • Strong and stable enough to hold 400lbs round the clock.

What we didn’t like

This ergonomic computer desk office chair may feel slightly short to the extremely tall lot, as it is 22.2” only.

What’s the bottom line?

The Big and tall office chair is an executive heavy-duty swivel rolling seat for huge persons, well priced for the quality. We rate it on position three as an office chair 350 lbs plus capability and has a great reclining feature. The tilt function works well in the range of 90-120 degrees. If you need a seat that has a better recline, you can always go for our #4 below. Its rubber casters roll quietly keeping the office calm.  At only 42 lbs, it’s comparably lightweight.

4.   Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair

The Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair is uniquely crafted for huge and masculine people with larger frames. It has an internal width of 22” and a back height of 28”. The contoured lumbar cushion offers special lower-back luxury. Smooth and soft bonded leather ensures durable upholstery for a corporate look.


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Full body comfort is guaranteed as you work all day thanks to the padded armrests, elevated headrest, and deep layers body pillow. This office chair 350 lbs recommended has a pneumatic gas lift for adjusting heights to your preference. Pulling the lever out unlocks the recline feature, permitting you to lean further for maximum comfort.

You also get a bonus of comfortable footpads for your feet’ relaxation.

Features at glance

  • Profiled lumbar zone to give lower back healthy support.
  • Has a generously wide seating area.
  • Customized positioning options.
  • Contoured cushioning and soft leather finish for superior comfort.
  • Strong and wide base for better stability.
  • A sturdy frame offers support for up to 350 pounds.
  • Heavy-duty wheels of 60mm plus scuff-resistant footpads.

What we liked

  • Great adjustable dimension for big and tall guys. Serta office chair is 30.5″ deep, has a maximum seat height of 23″ and is 23” wide. Its maximum adjusted height is 49.5″.
  • Exceptionally classic base. Fitted with the swivel feature, the base is extra wide at 23” to securely hold great weights without falling into pieces.
  • Ultra-modern design. This ergonomic seat is of contemporary style giving it an attractive look, fit for use at an executive office or a home office.
  • Serene sitting adventure. Intense layers of lavish body pillow give the body a soothing experience. The soft leather upholstery and hand-sculpted deeply padded armrests are a big plus.
  • Exclusive neck and head support. Serta office chair features an alleviated headrest that well supports tall guys’ necks.
  • Swift rolling about. Crafted on multi-surface dual-wheel sturdy casters, the Serta chair is easy to move you around the office.

What we didn’t like

  • Slightly expensive. You’ll need to cough some more coins to acquire a Serta office chair. When you receive it, be sure to enjoy more than the listed features above. It’s worth it, and even more.

What’s the bottom line?

Serta Big and tall office chair is overall the best office chair for big guys seeking long time comfort. Though its price is a bit higher than the other listed office chairs, it doesn’t break your bank. This office chair is durable! You can always condition it using a leather conditioner for the original appearance.

The recliner feature is splendid! You can lean back till your feet are off the ground, and even periodically catch some sleep. It is strong enough not to break on you, and the swivel allows a 3600 turn from any direction.

Its installation manual is informative enhancing fast assembly. Every part is made of strong expensive material. Some chairs may not have the Serta logo but be assured it’s the original Serta Big and Tall office chair. Make your order now and get a 1-year warranty!

5.      Neo Chair office chair

The Neo Chair is an American standard office chair for big and tall guys on a low budget. It features a strong and wide seat with classic plywood under. On top is a molded sponge covered by soft fabric, giving it an exceptional glance.


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Its breathable mesh takes the credit for allowing your back a cool fresh air all day. Neo chair is a wide office chair for 300 lbs with a nylon base and PU noise-free wheels.

You will have ample rest on Neo Chair as it can tilt beyond 1300. The chair height is adjustable. It weighs only 22 lbs.

Features at glance

  • Dual fabric technology.
  • Great thicker padded cushion for enhanced comfort
  • A spacious wide seat that accommodates huge guys
  • Breathable mesh back to avoid sweaty office moments
  • Scratch-free and wider PU wheels that easily roll on most floors.
  • 360 degrees wheels
  • Customizable heights to fit tall guys

What we liked

  • Best in the market for the price. Neo Chair office chair is the cheapest office chair for 300 lbs in our review but of great quality. The manufacturer sells this office chair directly to the final users, explaining their low price.
  • Enjoyable sitting experience. The skin-friendly ventilated office seat cushion allows you to sit for long without sweating. The 3D mesh is strain resistant for a comfortable lean.
  • Adjustable options. Neo Chair provides two optional modes, one fixed and the other adjustable. Use the switching lever fixed underneath to set a workable height that suits your body size.

What we didn’t like

The chair only reclines up to 1300. You may not lean back as far as you could, but the angle is wide enough to relax the lumbar.

What’s the bottom line?

Neo Chair has one of the low-priced office chairs with 300 lb weight limit. It’s a tall adjustable office chair, with a maximum height of 41”. The quality is satisfactory and has passed the BIFMA and SGS checks.

It has a perfect curve at the waistline level that feels like support hands on the waist. Neo Chair also has an enhanced lumbar support design and can be used for long hours. The maximum allowed weight for this chair is 300 lbs. It’s an ideal comfortable office essential, and can also be used as a student’s chair, sewing chair, or kid’s desk chair.


Who makes Serta office chairs?

Serta Company is based in Hoffman Estate, Illinois.

Are Serta office chairs any good?

They have a great reputation for building strong and luxurious chairs. The Serta chairs are of creative style, great quality, and comfort worth attention.

Why are office chairs so expensive?

Most expensive chair manufacturers largely value durability. The materials used are of high quality to add on the design quality. Investing in such saves you a frequent replacement while keeping the body healthy.

Moreover, they have multiple customization options and adjustments for better luxury.

Are expensive office chairs worth it?

Yes! Some office chairs just cost you a few coins but lack the desired service. According to The Sun, an average person spends more than 18 years of their adult-time sitting. To evade extreme health conditions, it’s worth buying a great chair.

How much do office chairs cost?

Office chairs have a wide range of prices, some far below $100 and others beyond $2000. While acquiring a cheap office chair is possible, most ergonomic office chairs with customized adjustments range between $150 and $800.

How to protect wood floors from rolling office chairs

Having a rolling office chair is not only great for easy mobility but also stressful in the case of wooden floors. Relieve the pressure! Here are some ways of enjoying the casters while protecting the floor;

  1. Place a rug or mat underneath the office chair. There are many office-sized rugs and furniture roll-on pads which allow smooth-rolling casters on them. We recommend woven mats instead.
  2. Place caster stoppers for controlled rolling.
  3. Replace the casters. Most office chairs are delivered with hard plastic or nylon wheels that could easily damage a wooden floor. Replacing the castors is quite a good option. Available replacements include lockable casters, soft rubber casters, and wooden casters.

The other available option is to forget the casters altogether and remove them. It’s the cheapest and fastest option.

How to remove casters from office chairs

You may want to remove the casters from your chair one day, either for replacement or ultimate discard. It’s simple. Invert the chair and gently pull the casters out. Swing them clockwise as you make the pull. If they for any reason feel hard, use a metal plate or flat screwdriver. Place its tip between the furniture leg and the caster plate. Pry up the edges gently from all sides of the screw plate till you expose a good grip, and then pull it out.

Why do office chairs sink?

Many office chairs sink, often after a few years of usage; but why? Every swivel office chair has a valve connected to the outer visible lever. The valve on the other hand controls a piston that holds air, pushing it in and out.

When this valve has malfunctioned, the chair keeps sinking. Some chairs can be easily fixed, but for most a replacement is the ideal option. If you’d like to get more information regarding this question, you can check out our post on why do office chairs sink

How to clean fabric office chairs

You’ll need to remove any excess spills using a damp cloth. Apply hydrogen peroxide on heavily soiled parts and let it rest for at least ten minutes. Run a steam cleaner over fabric office chairs, scrubbing gently till it’s clean.  Leave it to dry.

If you don’t have a steam cleaner, prepare a cleaning mixture of water and mild liquid soap. Soak a soft cloth or brush with the mixture, and then clean the chair gently. Use clean water to rinse, and let it dry.

What is the best back support for office chairs?

Office chairs have different back support designed per the manufacturer’s preference. Whether it has a mesh, leather, or faux leather back, the chair is perfect if it supports the lumbar. Moreover, you should be able to sit at a 900 angle.

Office chairs with a deep back, adjustable armrests, and a projected headrest are more ergonomic and luxurious.

Where to find cheap office chairs

Amazon features a variety of best office chairs ranging from low priced to high priced.

What are the most comfortable office chairs?

The best office chairs rated over 300 lbs are;

Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair

Big and Tall adjustable massage office chair 500lbs

Big and Tall 400lbs office desk chair

Big And Tall office chair 400lbs

Neo Chair office chair

How to Adjust Office Chairs? 

If you’d like to learn how to adjust office chairs perfectly, please check out our post on this topic here. 

Buying Guide

An office chair will make you feel comfortable and stay focused on your task. These chairs will also help you to solve some posture problems. Choosing the right chair will boost your office style. Many people spend more than eight hours sitting down in an office. If your chair is not comfortable, you may have health problems. A perfect chair is designed such that it fits various body sizes and different working styles.  Below are more details on office chairs.

Types of office chairs

Office chairs are found in a variety of styles. When it comes to choosing an office chair, take one that fits your needs. Below are some different types of office chairs.

Executive Chairs

Generally, Executive chairs are padded, upholstered and occupy much space. These chairs have high backs and comfortable arms that roll around. Mostly they are found in offices of high levels. These chairs cannot be carried from one room to another due to their large sizes.

Task Chairs

Task chairs are often comfortable and cushioned. They have rolling designs with various armrest and back options. These chairs are very compact to go around different locations.

Stationary Chairs

A stationary chair is also known as a guest’s chair. These types of chairs do not roll. They are designed such that they don’t have rolling casters. Their weight is less than that of a rolling chair. They are also not easily pulled or pushed back.

Features of the best office chair

  • Back Height

A good office chair should have a back height that is worth it. A higher back height may affect your posture since you will be forced to lean backward. An office chair should have a back height that is appropriate to the user.

  • Arm Type

An office chair should have arms that are well positioned. Arm type determines the comfort that you will get from your chair. The armrest should be adjustable for it to minimize any health problems.

  • Seat material

The back and the seat of the best office chair should be made from a comfortable material. This means that it should be paddling and extended for a long time. Breathable fabric cloth is highly preferred for harder surfaces.

  • Seat width and depth

An office chair should have enough depth and width to support the user comfortably.

  • Lumbar Support

An office chair should have back adjustable support. For those of you who spend most of their time sitting, lumber is very helpful in supporting your back.

Factors to consider when selecting the best office chair

When it comes to buying an office chair, ensure that it’s comfortable and stylish. There some factors you need to consider for you to make an informed decision.


Ensure that an office chair is adjustable before buying. Always ensure that the seat can be tilted backwards and forward. In some offices they have a pneumatic adjusting level. If you don’t have one in your office, ensure that you pick a chair that can be adjusted at any level or angle.


An office seat should have wheelbase made from cover. These wheels help your chair to rotate in any direction with ease.  It makes the user reach different areas without straining. Additionally, it offers advanced comfort that makes the user feel convenient at the workplace. When buying an office chair ensure the wheelbase is rotating.


Ensure that the fabric used in making your office chair can give you maximum comfort. It should also be long-lasting and able to withstand tear and wear problems. The texture used should be breathable in order to prevent the seat from plainly being hot.


Normally, office chairs are used for a long time. The durability of anything will depend on the material used to make it. Some may last for a long time and others for a short while. When selecting your office chair check the durability of the material used in making it. If you’d like to know how long do office chairs last, please follow the highlighted link for detailed information. 

Final thought

You have now known more about an office chair. Don’t let yourself develop posture problems anymore. You have the best choice of chair that you should use in your office. Ensure that you follow the given guidelines when buying your office chair. You will therefore choose a breeze one that suits your needs.


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