The Best King Size Recliner for Tall Guys In 2023

The Best King Size Recliner for Tall Guys In 2023

Did you know that at least 80% of adults will experience low back pain at some point in their life? Surprisingly, most of these cases are mechanical or non-organic; meaning that they aren’t caused by serious underlying health problems such as inflammatory arthritis, fractures, or other infections. As such, lower back pain cases are mainly caused by poor sitting posture.

Investing in a recliner is a sure way of improving your sitting posture thereby preventing lower back pain. The seat offers lumbar support which relaxes your lower back muscles while sitting saving you the agony of lower back pain. That said, as a tall person, you want a recliner that suits your height for comfort and full back support.  So, below is a comprehensive review of the best king size recliners designed with your height in mind:

1. Signature Design Power Lift Oversized Recliner Saddle

With a size 20 inches seat height and 69 inches fully reclined length, Signature Design indeed offers more legroom and adequate back support for tall men. Besides its generous sizing, what I really liked about this recliner is that it’s motor-powered. This means that with a simple touch of a button, you can adjust how far the recliner stretches depending on your height.

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Additionally, Signature Design Power is made of a cozy saddle brown upholstery with thick cushions designed to enhance comfort.

Features at glance

  • It has metal reinforcements at the base for sturdiness.
  • The recliner swivel base is powered by a dual-motor that’s controlled by an attached remote for adjusting the reclining length.
  • Has a long recliner length and high back support for maximum comfort.
  • Can rotate smoothly when reclined without compromising on your comfort.

What we liked

  • Extra-large reclining length and height for tall guys.
  • Stuffed with thick poly fiber for comfort.   
  • Rustic leather-like upholstery that complements interior décor.
  • Comes with easy to follow instructions on how to assemble.

What we didn’t like

  • The chair is a bit pricey but given its comfort level and sturdy framework, it’s worth the price tag.
  • Given its extra-large dimensions, the recliner may be a bit heavy to move the house.

Bottom line

Signature Design Powerlift is an ideal tall person recliner owing its spacious sitting area and tall backrest. Additionally, its sturdy framework is designed to support tall persons without wobbling as it reclines. Signature Design Powerlift also scores well in offering premium comfort thanks to its thick cushions that also support lower back muscles.

2. Mcombo electric power lift recliner

 If you’re looking for a modern recliner then Mcombo electric power lift is your ideal choice. The recliner comes with dual USB ports for charging phones or tablets in addition to two side pockets where you can store your devices. The recliner also has toe cup holders at both sides of the arm to hold your favorite drink as you relax on the seat.

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As for comfort, the Mcombo recliner has a cozy backrest that comes with 8 vibrating points for massaging your back muscles. It also has a lumbar heating point that can be turned off in a fixed interval of 10 to 30 minutes. What makes the Mcombo recliner stand out is its counter-back lift mechanism that assists the user to stand up easily from a reclining position.

Features at a glance

  • Has two USB ports for charging low power devices such as phones and tablets.
  • Power lift assistance to help you stand up without stressing your back.
  • Comes with full-body vibration and a lumbar heating point.
  • The recliner has two buttons conveniently located below the armrest, for controlling the degree of reclining and lift assistance.

What we liked

  • Made of durable faux leather that is also easy to clean.
  • It has a touch of modern style as evident from its 2 USB ports.
  • Offers value for money.
  • Easy to assemble without tools.
  • Made of an easy to clean faux leather.

What we didn’t like

  • The recliner is only ideal for those under 5’9’’ tall.
  • The faux leather material may deteriorate if it’s cleaned regularly.

Bottom line

Mcombo electric power stands out as one of the best king size recliners with a touch of modernity in its design. This is evident from its dual USB ports and 2 cup holders on either side of the arm. Also, the recliner features a tall backrest that also offers neck support for improved comfort. What’s even better is that this recliner has an easy to clean faux leather finishing which also aesthetically appealing.

3. Lane Home Furnishings extra-large recliner 4501-190

Lane’s extra-large 4501-190 is a durable recliner made with hardwood frames and tenon joints to provide sturdiness. Its heavy-duty steel frame enhances its structural integrity that can support up to 500 pounds in addition to its extra-tall seat back and neck support for tall people.

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The best thing about Lane’s 4501-190 recliner is that it incorporates innovative mechanisms to enhance functionality. These include an easy Glide Mechanism that offers unlimited reclining positions and a Perfect Pitch mechanism that allows you to customize your level of comfort. You can also get lane recliner handle and other replacement parts easily. If you’d like to learn more on choosing the best replacement parts for this brand, please read our post here. 

Features at a glance

  • Has a power recline and lift for effortless reclining and standing up.
  • The seat is contoured to improve comfort and offer lumbar support.
  • Made of 7 gauge steel and 2.2hr foam for stability and comfort.
  • Covered in leather looking suede.
  • Has a 21 inches seat depth providing a spacious sitting room.

What we liked

  • Sturdy Scandinavian design reinforced with alloy steel.
  • Available in 9 different colors allowing you to choose one that suits your décor.
  • Features innovative designs at a friendly price.

What we didn’t like

  • Its leather-like suede material can easily collect dust and hence regular vacuuming is recommended.
  • If not well assembled the back of the chair may become loose and lose sturdiness.

Bottom Line

Lane Home Furnishings is a renowned upholstery designer with close to 100 years of experience. True to their long years of experience, they didn’t disappoint in designing the Lane extra-large 4501 -190 recliner. This recliner is a blend of sturdiness and comfort owing to its hardwood framework with steel reinforcement, thick foam and bolted arms for extra stability. It also has a generous seat depth of 21 inches making it one of the best recliners for tall guys.

4.Lane Home furnishings rocker recliner 4501-19

Covered in a leather-looking suede, Lane rocker is a king-size recliner made of hardwood framework that is reinforced with steel for sturdiness and durability. Its extra-tall back is contoured and stuffed with thick foam for maximum lumbar and neck support. The seat also features cozy leg support that helps you maintain a good posture when in a reclined position.

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Features at a glance

  • Has thick and tall back support for enhanced comfort.
  • Made of hardwood frame that is reinforced with steel for superior support.
  • It comes with a mechanical lever for adjusting recline and lifts positions.
  • Made of leather finishing making it durable.

What we like

  • Sturdy enough to support a maximum weight of up 500 pounds.
  • It can withstand wear and tear from regular usage due to its leather finishing.
  • Offers excellent comfort and back support.
  • The recliner is relatively affordable.

What we don’t like

  • The mechanical lever for reclining and lifting may be cumbersome for some users.
  • It’s not a rocking chair despite its name suggesting so.

Bottom line

The Lane rocker recliner 4501-19 is the ultimate man recliner with a wide sitting area and sturdy framework that can support a maximum weight of 500 pounds. Its leg rest is also padded with 2.2 HR foam just as the back rest for to improve comfort and minimize muscle strain. Given its superior craftsmanship and comfort, this recliner offers the best bang for your bucks.

  1. CANMOV power lift recliner

CANMOV is a heavy-duty recliner that blends functionality and modern style. The recliner is powered by a single motor that allows one to lay back, or lift to stand up easily without much effort. Its thick stuffed cushion and back seat offer superior comfort with the armrest enhancing the lounging experience. The best thing about CANMOV is that its cushioning integrates antiskid properties making it safe and comfortable enough for seniors. Although the recliner can support only a maximum of 300 pounds, it has a pretty long backrest ideal for tall people.

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Features at a glance

  • Made of antiskid upholstery for enhanced safety.
  • Overstuffed cushioning and backrest for superior comfort.
  • Has side pockets for storage of devices or other small items.
  • Powered by a single motor that allows for a customized position.
  • Has extra-wide armrest to improve comfort.

What we liked

  • Offers superior comfort thanks to its thick cushioning.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Safe for use by senior citizens.
  • offers the best value for your money

What we don’t like

  • it doesn’t support much weight compared to other recliners hence be sure to check if your weight exceeds the limit
  • The chair’s motor has no battery back up

Bottom line

What makes CANMOV recliner unique is its lightweight but stable structural design that sets it as one of the best recliner chair for a tall man. It has powerful motor that controls the lifting and reclining positions for improved lounging experience. Also, the recliner is best suited for the elderly due to its antiskid upholstery that enhances safety.

Recliner chair

For the last 100 years, the Recliner has progressively become its owner’s favorite piece of furniture, and for a good reason. These reasons include:

  • A recliner delivers relieving exquisite comfort 
  • Offers several stylish, functional features
  • Promotes relaxation

With the growth of technology, the reclining chair has greatly transformed many households into space-saving capabilities; this piece has been the best choice in many households. This guide will help you understand the best types of recliners you can have and know more about their features, and now you have to shed light and know how to go about when shopping for this piece of furniture. Remember, your comfort is the main part of your process. In the end, you must be able to sink and relax into your newly recliner, and you will wish not to get up at any time.

Recliner Location

Before you decide to shop for this kind of chair, think about a place where you’ll keep it in your house. That, you will have to determine what material would be best and how big it should be. Is there enough space for your recliner where you’ll put it in your room? If so, get a standard recliner or else even a tall & ‘big recliner with no worry about it bumping to the wall when you lie in it back.

Recliner Designs:

Two-Position Recliner

As you have thought about it, this type of recliner has two positions: reclining fully and upright. In the two-position recliner, you have to release your foot to rest to recline completely. Their cost is lower than the other styles though they are also adequate in styles, fabrics, and colors. This type of recliner is suit placed where there is enough space in your room where it will recline without any interference from obstacles or knocking things down.

Rocker Recliner

The wall-saver recliner is also referred to as the rocker recliner. This type of recliner is prevalent. Here you will sit at an angle where you recline in a wide range. You can also place these chairs a bit closer to your walls than the two-position recliners; this makes them be perfectly placed in smaller spaces.

Fabric Options

There are various choices when covering your recliner becomes an issue. You can have it in natural fabrics, such as synthetic or cotton, like a microfiber though there are other options. Also, the best thing is to have a personal preference and talk with your salesperson. This is a great decision to start with. To learn more, visit the information on fabric options, and check other guides to follow when buying and choose the best option that will fit your lifestyle.

Factors to consider when buying a recliner chair

1. Cost

When trying to draw out a picture of exactly how you will buy a recliner, probably, price becomes the main driver.

Remember, a recliner chair it’s not just like an ordinary chair. This type of seat is designed to be very supportive, durable, and comfortable. Therefore, more thoughts and technology go to decide your recliner’s design than an ordinary chair that you purchase for your living room. Recliners may be costly than average fabric chairs or leather. You can easily spend like $250 to $5,000 when you buy a fancy recliner, so it’s essential to have a strict budget when you begin to shop for your chair.

2. Types of Recliners

Regardless of the type of a recliner you had initially envisioned, when you heard the word recliner, there are varieties of various styles that have different benefits. Before you get committed to having any chair, go through the popular types so that you can get one that suits you.

3. Size

Before buying a recliner chair, consider your room’s size, where you will accommodate your newly bought furniture. We have a small recliner that will occupy a little space and big ones to occupy a larger space in your room. Additionally, consider the size that will suit your body. It’s advisable before buying you can take your room’s actual measurements, which will help you save even the time.

4. Material Used

The materials that are used play a major role when it comes to buying a recliner chair. Recliners not only come in different styles and colors but also are made with several fabrics. Leather recliners are generally very luxurious. Also, there those people who prefer fabric because they are very comfortable.

However, these fabric recliners get stained easily, so they need more maintenance rather than leather recliners. In case something is spilled, get the spot remover quickly because your chair could be ruined. So before buying your chair, decides on the material you want first.

5. Features or Functions

There are those recliners that serve different functions like:

  • Cup or Glass Holder

This type of chair has been set aside in a place where you will keep your favorite drink.

  • Tray Table

If you spend most of your time browsing the internet, this type of recliner chair comes with a laptop table, and you will carry your work very comfortable.

  • Phone or Tablet Holder

As the words sound, this type of recliner comes with a tablet or a phone holder. It also allows you to have several viewing positions.

  • LED Flex Light

For those who forget to turn the lights on when you want to do something. These have a light source that changes the channels.

Lumber, Head and Neck Pillow

This recliner takes away your neck and head pains. It gives those parts extra support.

Having known that, before you buy your favorite recliner chair, know the function and the features you want.

Bottom line

For now, you have known more about the recliner chairs. You will have to make an informed decision when buying one. To get the one that suits you and the role you play in your daily life, consider all those good reasons when investing one and you will never regret it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the best recliner for a big man?

Finding the best extra-large recliner boils down to your individual needs which include your height, weight, budget, and amount of space in your room. Therefore be sure to use criteria when buying a recliner.

  • How do I assemble a recliner?

When purchasing a recliner you’re provided with an instructional manual on how to assemble the chair. In most cases, you won’t need any tools to assemble the parts. If stuck you may consult the customer support desk to help you out or check out YouTube videos on the same.

  • How far can a recliner extend backward?

Well, it depends on the manufacture but most chairs extend to a maximum of 180 degrees while others can only extend to 100 degrees.


If ignored, lower back pain may result in expensive medical bills during treatment. For this reason, you should invest in a recliner that offers lumbar support to prevent lower back pain. As such, if you’re looking for the best extra-large recliner be sure to use the list above to help you choose one that suits you.

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