Toilets for Big and Tall In 2023

Toilets For Big And Tall In 2023

According to research, you spend at least 1 hour and 42 minutes of your week sitting on a toilet. The challenge comes in finding comfortable toilets for big and tall. Though you are in an exercise program, I bet you don’t want to strain time in the bathroom.

We spent 10s of hours researching and compiling a list of the best toilets for fat people. We searched for toilets that provide ultimate comfort and value for money. Here are our best picks that fitted the bill.

1. KOHLER K-6669-47 Memoirs

These Kohler toilet models offer great alternative toilets for tall person. Its architectural design includes a comfortable height that allows smooth, effortless sitting, and standing. Kohler K-6669-47 Memoirs features a big and tall toilet seat and elongated bowl design.


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It is a great water saver, only requiring slightly above a gallon of water for a single flush. In the case of liquid waste, this toilet works efficiently in its half flush mode.

The shipment includes all screws and cover caps that match your desired color. It’s available in multiple finishing that fits your bathroom decor.

Features at glance

  • Elongated bowl. Allows more seat space for obese people.
  • Comfort height. The bowl height is 16.5” tall, plus an additional 2.5” seat height.
  • Aqua piston canister. Allows 3600 water inflow.
  • Concealed trap ways, with easy cleaning.
  • Meets APA requirements. Only uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush.
  • Gravity powered flush. It has a powerful siphoning pressure to ensure a single flush is enough.
  • Polished chrome trip lever

What we liked

  • Great performance. This model of Kohler toilets for obese flushes powerfully and quickly without splashing. The flush is incredibly silent, making only a reasonable sound. The aqua piston allows water to fill in very quickly. Although the refill is not entirely silent, it’s incomparable to other toilets.
  • Easy cleaning. KOHLER K-6669-47 Memoirs has a styling design of flat straight lines all around. It’s faster and easier to clean since it doesn’t have many places for grime or dust to build up. The concealed traps give it a solid and firm appearance.
  • Fast installation. The toilet’s installation is relatively straight-forward for plumbers and even anyone keenly following the manual. It comes with all the needed screws, mounting bolts, and additional bolt caps that match your toilet color.
  • Big and tall toilet. This toilet is big and is delivered in two boxes. One contains the bowl and the other a tank. The tank is 17” wide (same as the bowl) with a tripper on the left. The overall toilet seat height is approximately 20”, very appropriate for tall people.

What we didn’t like

The toilet doesn’t come with a seat or a wax ring. This is a non-issue, as the majority of wax rings delivered with toilets are of low quality. You can purchase a high-quality wax ring and a good toilet seat, separately available on Amazon.

What’s the bottom line?

KOHLER K-6669-47 is among the excellently performing wide base toilets that suit big and tall people. Its functionality thrives among the best, with a magically quick flush.

The seat lid closes perfectly to fit the bowl and is very silent. The lever requires less than 2lbs of effort to complete a flush.

The dual-flush technology is a plus. Moreover, you get a full year warranty from the manufacturer.

In case of mishandled delivery, you’ll get a replacement at no additional shipping cost.

2.      Woodbridge T-0001

Are you out in search of a beautiful, unique, and modern designed big and tall toilet? This is exactly what you need! This model from Woodbridge has a fabulous sleek look and a block appearance. Its cleaning is effortless. All the trap ways are fully covered and have no grooves or corners for dirt to stick on.


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Its ceramic finish gives it a smooth and glittering appearance, a plus for an appealing decoration.

Woodbridge T-0001 is fitted with a rectangular double flush button on the top cover. The half flush uses a single gallon only.

Its tank is combined with the bowl for a hygienic bathroom.

Features at glance

  • One-piece toilet design. This model is delivered as a single unit, with a combined tank and bowl.
  • Watersense certified. Uses an average of 1.28 gallons of water on both flushes.
  • Elongated seat. It’s a great toilet for fat person.
  • Comfort height. The toilet bowl stands at 16.5” plus a seat of 1.5” height.
  • Concealed trap ways. Has a block appearance with no visible traps.
  • Modern design and sleek look.
  • Standard rough-in of 12″.

What we liked

  • Easy to clean. It has a skirted design and a smooth exterior that enables quick and effective cleaning. You don’t have to put your face close up to the toilet to clean it. It has no unusual corners or unreachable grooves.
  • Dual flush function. The flush work very well, with a single full flush powerful enough to clear the bowl. Its half option flushes so strong for liquid waste and doesn’t leave any traces. None of it makes a significantly loud noise.
  • Nice look. Woodbridge T-0001 model has a great modern look that gives bathrooms a new classic look. It is modernly designed and has a high-end fashion.
  • Quick installation. This product comes with an easy-to-follow manual that makes basic installation easy, even without a professional. Hiring a plumber’s hand for the work makes it incredibly more uncomplicated and quicker. The delivered package includes a high-quality wax ring plus the necessary installation tools.

What we didn’t like

The reinforcement bolts could give you a hard time tightening, especially if you don’t like going through the manual first. Otherwise, they’ll be effortless on you.

What’s the bottom line?

Woodbridge T-0001 is an excellent toilet for fat people that is worth purchasing. It offers you incredible comfort while on it, plus a new beautiful look for your bathroom.

You won’t spend extra cash on the wax ring or tool kit as they come along with the toilet.

If you’re keen on keeping the washroom clean and have limited time, this toilet is for you. The time required to dust or clean it is very little.

To top it all up, the manufacturer offers you a 5-year warranty in addition to excellent and efficient customer service.

3.      20-inch Extra Tall Toilet

Are you searching for an extra big and tall toilet? This toilet from Convenient Height Co. will suit you best if you’re tall and large.  It’s among the top-rated oversized toilets for obese people that could meet the health and fitness standards. Standing 21 inches high, it is very easy to sit on and stand up without extra effort.

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It also features a 3.5″ long, strong metallic trip lever with a dual flush option. The tall elevation plus gravity enhanced speed enhance the flush power along the S-shaped strap.

20 Inch Extra Tall Toilet has a ceramic easy-to-clean finishing that allows a fast dusting process. It could fit in any bathroom style thanks to the lean tank that blends in the bowl perfectly.

Features at glance

  • Economic dual flush model. It has an option of partial and full flush that could average to less than a gallon of water per flush.
  • Its convenience height is way above other toilets.
  • Tranquil operations. The flush and the slow closing seat are relatively quiet.
  • Ergonomic flush handle. Made of stainless metal material and has a classic design.
  • Highly elevated gravity enabled flush.

What we liked

  • Great flush handle. The dual-mode flush handle fits securely on its designated square opening on the tank. A partial flush activated by lifting the handle is very effective, the same as the down pull full flush.
  • Convenient height. This toilet seat is just fantastic in terms of height. It is a good game changer for big and tall people and those with back or knee pains. Getting on and off is very enjoyable and without strain.
  • Easy installation. With a qualified plumber, installing 20 Inch Extra Tall Toilet is very fast and easy. All the required accessories are delivered together with the toilet, save for the wax ring and the tools.
  • Good packaging. 20 Inch Extra Tall Toilet is a two-piece design that is delivered in two cartoons for easy mobility. The toilet is also protected with non-shock material and mostly ships safely.

What we didn’t like

The toilet seat could be a bit flimsy; not easy to remove or tighten on your own. Be sure to use a qualified plumber. Otherwise, it’s worth your wallet.

What’s the bottom line?

20 Inch Extra Tall Toilet from Convenient Height Company is among efficient toilets for big people thanks to its height. Its slim design makes it a perfect room saver in case you have a small bathroom.

The toilet is water-efficient, with the partial flush using only 0.8 gallons and the full flush 1.28 gallons. More to it is a non-problematic and durable flush actuator.

It’s engineered to perform well with the highly elevated gravity flush. Clogging is not an option for this toilet.

You won’t regret spending on it!

5.      Cadet 3 FloWise American Standard 2989101.020

This is one of the American Standard’s best-rated toilets for big people. The toilet is a two-piece model that offers you round and elongated seat options. It has excellent siphoning power with minimal clogs. A single flush could handle a solid waste of up to 1 kilo without additional water requirement.  The tripper lever is of ergonomic design, engineered to hold tightly on the left tank side.


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Cadet 3 FloWise has a ceramic finishing that conceals all the trap ways without unusual corners. Its cleaning is thus made easy. Moreover, you won’t need regular cleaning as simple dusting is enough.

Features at glance

  • Two-piece toilet. It has a separate bowl and tank, joined using screws.
  • Elongated and round bowl option. The elongated version offers an excellent fat-person toilet seat.
  • One flush performance. Operates on full flush water economic mode.
  • Extra-wide flush valve with quick water uptake.
  • Large concealed trap ways and quick cleaning.
  • Watersense certified. Uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush.
  • One-minute tank refill

What we liked

  • Great design. This American Standard toilet model has an excellent stylish look that appears modern and cozy. Its trap ways are covered by smooth concealment that is easy to clean.
  • Calm operations. The flush is more silent than a regular toilet, yet powerful. Its tank refill is very quiet, almost unnoticeable. Besides, the seat and lid close have fancy hinges that ensure they are silent while closing.
  • Easy to install. Though the trap ways are concealing, their installation is still easy and relatively fast. It could take a little more time than others, but it’s worth it.
  • Toilet for a fat person. It has a high floating toilet weight limit thanks to its sturdiness and soft seat. Further, it has an elongated design option, which is 15.75 inches wide to accommodate obese people.
  • Efficient performance. Anything you throw in this toilet will be handled in aplomb! It flushes greatly like a powerful vacuum cleaner leaving nothing to clog in. Moreover, it could cut your water bills by half, thanks to the water-saving feature.

What we didn’t like

Cadet 3 FloWise uses single flush technology and doesn’t support half flush. It’s, however, worth purchasing since the full flush uses very little water.

What’s the bottom line?

This toilet is a good value for money. It’s among the efficient toilets for obese people that have firm seats. Besides, it could cut your toilet water expenses by over a third.

A pressurized rim designed for power-wash is the mechanism behind its one flush effectiveness. No mold or mildew can stick on the ever-clean surface.

Its fully glazed 2 1/8” trap-ways are wider than a standard toilet, featuring no choke points and a 2” ball pass. Clogging is out of the question!

To sum it up, American Standard manufacturers give you a five-year warranty for Cadet 3 FloWise 2989101.020.

6.      KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron

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Product description

K-3609-0 is a super-luxurious toilet for big and tall that is crafted to give you pleasure. It has a tremendous fat person toilet seat with incredible height and width combinations. The manufacturer offers you two bowl options, elongated and round, to your preference.

KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron is fixed with modern, powerful flush gadgets that ensure a sparkling one-time use. It’s also a great water saver.

The toilet is available in variable rough in measurements, a great plus while making your selection. Installation is easy with or without a plumber’s hand in it.

This big and tall toilet is delivered in two boxes; one contains the bowl and a tank.

Features at glance

  • Big and tall toilet seat. The comfort height is 2” higher than the standard toilet seat.
  • Elongated bowl. It keeps a fat person on toilet comfortable, even for long.
  • Watersense certified. Uses only 1.28 gallons of water per full flush.
  • Noise-free usage. The flush is efficiently strong but barely heard next door.
  • Soft closing toilet seat and lid
  • Customized rough in measurements
  • Dry lock feature that prevents leakages on standard installations.
  • Gravity powered siphoning

What we liked

  • Two-piece toilet. The delivery of this fat person toilet is tremendous, thanks to the double packaging. Moving it up on the stairs is very easy to whatever floor you want it installed.
  • The elongated bowl gives you additional room while on it. Moreover, the height of 17” ensures a good posture for tall persons. You won’t strain while sitting on it or rising.
  • Single-flush gravity enabled siphoning. One flush is enough to make the toilet sparkling clean. This could save an average of 16,500 gallons of your water annually.
  • Relatively quiet flush. Though the flush is powerful enough to eradicate all the waste once, the silence experienced is encouraging. No one will notice you’re in the toilet, as long as the door is shut!
  • Perfect installation. The tank sits perfectly tight well on the stool. The screws penetrate the tank, leaving no chance of leakages.

What we didn’t like

The aqua piston canister flush valve technology may fail for some toilets. That should not scare you anyway; there’s enough return period and warranty if you experience any difficulty.

What’s the bottom line?

KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron is among the overall best toilets for tall people thanks to its comfortable height design.  The flush lever is fixed on the far left and is not covered by the open lid.

Its durable canister design has a 90% less exposed seal material to ensure usage that is free from leakage.

The elongated design occupies the same space as the round one. It is, however, a better toilet for fat people since it allows more sitting space.

While making the order, make sure to include the seat as it’s not delivered on an unspecified order.


Toilets for big and tall buying guide

A toilet plays a major role in any building, be it commercial or residential. A good toilet should be reliable and last for a long time without more maintenance. Toilets are found in different designs, colors, functionality, and price. Before you buy a toilet of your choice, there are some considerations you should pay attention to. This buying guide will help you to pick a higher model for you.

Types of toilets

There are several types of toilets. These types include:

 2-Piece Toilet

It’s the most common type of toilet found in many stores. Its tank and seat are separated. It’s beneficial to have these types of toilets in your house because they are less expensive and can be carried separately once you want to move upstairs.

  1-Piece Toilet

The one-piece toilet is a classic and modern type of toilet. It’s the most highly recommended type of toilet. It’s a bit expensive and heavy to carry. It’s also easy to clean and store. These toilets are found in several models i.e. some have low-profile tanks and others have higher tanks.

High-Tank Toilet

The high tank toilet looks similar to the two-piece toilet. The difference is that its tank is placed higher on the wall, revealing the plumbing between the tank and the seat. Its design makes it to be less expensive and not widely spread.

  In-wall toilets

It’s a tank less type of toilet. In case you have a narrow space in your room, In-wall toilets will save your space. Before you acquire this type of toilet, you need to know how the plumbing will look like when inside the wall. They are more expensive than other types. Always ensure that the plumbing is appropriate for you.

Integrated Base Toilet

Integrated bases toilets have both one and two-piece toilets combined. This toilet type is smooth, easy to clean and has rounded styles that make it look nice.

Features of the best toilet

When buying a toilet, it’s good to consider the following features:

  • It should be of water-saving

Some toilets have a sense of water certification. Some have high flushing of 1.28 gallons. A conventional toilet should have a flushing level of 1.6 gallons. The best toilet should save water.

  • It should have a dual flush

The best toilet should be able to flash both liquid and solid waste. Ensure that you choose one that can perform both tasks.

  • Toilet bowl height should be appropriate

A comfortable toilet should have a bowl that is located 15 inches above your floor. It’s good to check on your bowl’s standard height before buying and ensure that it can fit all the users.

  • It should have a fit bowl shape

An elongated shape is more preferred since it provides a seating space that is enough and allows fewer odors to escape. An elongated shape is more preferred than a standard shape. Ensure you choose a toilet with an elongated shape.

  • It should have good flush systems


There were rubber flappers in the past, but due to technology we now have flush towers.  These flushers are more reliable and more water-efficient than old flappers.

  • It should have a valve

A good toilet should have a valve that has at least three-inch. So when buying, ensure that you go for a valve that is about 3 inches.

Factors to consider when selecting a toilet

Below are some factors to consider before you buy a toilet:


Design is an important factor to keep in mind when buying your toilet.  Always observe the look of your toilet before you buy. Choose a toilet with a design that suits your bathroom décor.


Also, it’s good to consider the size of your toilet bowl.  Toilets are found in several sizes. Always ensure that you choose a toilet that will fit the size of your bathroom. You can take the room measurements before you buy to avoid any inconvenience that may arise.


When buying a toilet, ensure you choose a color that will suit the color of your wall. Choose one with a decorative color that will be attractive to you.

Flushing mechanism

Before you buy your toilet, check on the flushing mechanism applied. There are two types of flushing mechanisms that are dual flush and a single flush. A dual-flush saves water than a single one, so a dual flash is better to choose.


Also, check on the model functionality of your toilet. There are semi-automatic and automatic functions. It’s good to choose a model functionality that is suitable for you. Ensure that it has a plastic tank, water closet, and a seat cover.


As usual, price is a major factor to consider. Estimate the budget that you want to spend on your toilet.  We have toilets at higher and lower prices. Planning will help you choose a toilet that comes in rhyme with your budget.

Final thoughts

By now, you should have made up your mind to have a toilet. In this article, we have looked at some important tips to help you choose a good toilet. Once you have made your mind to have one ensure that you follow these guidelines. You will come up with one of your best choices.


How to paint behind a toilet tank?

Painting your bathroom is quite an easy task. However, painting the wall behind the tank could be difficult. This should, however, not make one leave the space unattended.

It can be as easy as decorating any other wall. All you need to know is the distance between the toilet tank and the wall. Then choose from a variety of painting materials such as sponge brush, mini-rollers, and sponge stix.

The sponge brush is perfect for a 2-inch space, while the mini-roller and sponge stix will work for a 1-inch margin.

The steps will involve;

•          Cleaning the whole bathroom

•          Removing the toilet tank lid

•          Covering the tank and surrounding area with trash bags

•          Applying the paint with appropriate tools

•          Then fixing back the top.

As a last resort, if the tank is too close to the wall. You will need to remove the tank before applying the décor.

Why does my toilet flush twice?

There could be many issues as to why the toilet flushes twice. But, two reasons are the most common.

•          The flapper is malfunctioning.

The flapper is a small rubber that allows water stored in the tank to flow into the toilet bowl. If the flapper stays up for too long, more water continues to flow into the bowl after pressing once. This hence makes the toilet flush a second time.

•          Toilet fill valve improperly set.

This valve regulates the amount of water stored in the tank. When it is not well fitted, it allows too much water into the tank. This leads to an overflow into the bowl, which leads to subsequent auto flush after the first flush.

Luckily, you can quickly fix the issues among others by yourself.

Why did the toilet paper cross the road?

You just didn’t keep it busy enough!

Why is my toilet water yellow?

Yellow water in the toilet is not a significant issue and should not worry you. After all, it doesn’t pose any health threat. A few sequential flushes could solve the problem.

Now, many factors could lead to toilet water being yellow. Firstly, check your tank to ensure it’s clean. If you use well water, it could be mineral deposits on the toilet. If on city water, the pipes or lines could be the issue.

To get rid of yellow toilet water, pour about a quarter cup of borax in the bowl. Swiss it with a brush, then add a cup of vinegar. Let the mixture settle for approx. 20 minutes. Scrub the bowl with a brush and flush to rinse.

What dissolves toilet paper?

The toilet paper is designed to break up and dissolve easily in water. If, in any case, it doesn’t dissolve as expected, use a toilet plunger to break it down. Move it up and down, and in a moment, a single flush will clean everything away.

How dirty is toilet water?

Toilet water is generally the regular water that goes to other water lines like kitchen sinks and a shower tub. However, the water gets dirty from the growth of microorganisms and more so when it gets to the bowl.

This said, the toilet water can be marked clean before use but not safe for drinking. Bowl water is filthy, as research shows that the bacteria and other microorganisms do not get cleared even after several flushes.

How to tighten the toilet seat with no access underside?

It is frustrating to use a toilet with a flimsy seat and, even worse, not seeing the tightening bolts.

Not all toilets are designed in the same manner. If you can’t locate or access the underside, chances are you have a uniquely engineered toilet. Before making any repair attempt, review the warrant terms and conditions to avoid being closed out on it.

All set, follow these easy steps, and your toilet will be as good as new.

ü  Closely reexamine the toilet. Most of these designs have concealed nuts and screws. Use your hands to detect any unusual dent. It could be the screws are there.

ü  A special case is possible where you have to detach the toilet from its base. Often, it’s with wall-mounted toilets instead of ground fitted ones.

ü  Align the seat. After locating the screws or bolts, you need to re-align the seat to avoid further frustrations. You don’t want to tighten it when skewed to either side.

ü  Fasten the bolts. Use the required tools to softly but tightly fasten the bolts. Do it till you can’t tighten any further.

ü  Re-check the tension of the lid. Confirm the workability of lid hinges.

Your toilet is now back to normal re-use. Enjoy!


The ultimate point of purchasing the correct toilet is to avoid usual frustrations in the bathroom. You have to check the keep points in a toilet before investing in it.

First, it should have an excellent floating toilet weight to avoid breakages. It should then be tall enough for you; else you’ll always curse it after every use.

The other great checkpoint is how easy it cleans and flushes. You don’t want a smelly bathroom. Check your laziness level before purchasing an unconcealed trap way toilet.

All the above-reviewed toilets will serve you greatly, plus their durable nature. You won’t regret any of them.

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