wenzel sleeping bag

Wenzel sleeping bag

When you are looking for a new camping accessory, consider investing in a Wenzel sleeping bag. If you haven’t heard of it before, it is a bag that is very warm, extremely lightweight, yet very durable and functional. It is made with polyester and is known for being an extremely high quality sleeping bag that will keep you warm throughout your trip. In fact, many people that use this type of bag while camping say that they simply can’t get enough of it! Here’s more information on the Wenzel, as well as some additional tips and info on making the right choices.

The name of the company by which wenzel sleeping bags are manufactured, Wenzel, actually was taken from a city in Germany called Wunsch (which means warm). German people were famous for having a tradition of using the coat of one color for everything. This includes their furniture, clothes, and even their camping gear! Therefore, a person who wanted to create a bag just for camping, took the design of a German bag and used it to create a product that anyone could call their own. The name of the product was changed to ‘wenzel’ in order to honor this dedication to the German people.

The wenzel sleeping bag has a drawstring at the top that allows you to tighten up the neck for extra warmth. It also has an insulated cell-fold to keep the inside air nice and fresh and the outside warm. This is accomplished through the use of a special low fill pillow. The cell-fold also helps because it keeps the cold air out of the inside where your baby is likely to be sleeping. On the other hand, if you want to keep the heat in, all you do is undo the drawstring and pack away the included blanket. The wenzel sleeping bag also has two removable insulated bottle pockets that allow you to keep extra bottles within arm’s reach.

What makes the Wenzel such a wonderful item is that it comes in several different sizes as well as color choices. You are even able to buy them online and pick them up at your local department store. The larger sizes come with superior warmth allowing you to maintain a comfortable temperature for the longest period of time. Most sleeping bags don’t allow for you to keep the temperature constant around your sleeping area. There is always some sort of fluctuation because a person’s body temperature varies during the night.

However, with the Wenzel you can maintain a consistent warmth that means you will sleep more soundly than before. Another great thing about these sleeping bags is that they feature a great combination of insulation technology that ensures you get the greatest comfort and warmth possible. The down filling is comprised of loft fill and polyester. Loft fill is great because it provides additional warmth because it creates a closed cell structure that provides insulating power for your stuff sack.

Polyester fill is also incredibly useful when it comes to getting the most out of your sleeping bag. It is made with a laminate of polyester that provides superior insulating power. The high density polyester also means it won’t compress or wear out as easily over time. This means that you have a bag that you can count on to last through many camping trips to come. Some people choose to use synthetic fill which is more expensive but also offers exceptional warmth.

The Wenzel also includes a great feature that allows it to be zipped together in a way that makes it easy to transport. The zipper is constructed like a traditional zipper and is composed of two separate panels. One panel is attached to the top of the bag and has Velcro on it. The other panel attaches to the underside of the bag and is made like a zipper. When you close the zipper you simply zip it shut.

Another great thing about the Wenzel is how easy it is to clean. A stuff sack comes along with the bag for easy and mess-free transportation. The stuff sack is even available with a carry handle making it even easier to take the Wenzel bag on camping trips.

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