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Power Classes

(24 People per Class)

Power Classes are comprised of high intensity, all-out total body workout designed to completely incinerate calories. Training is designed with total body movements, Functional Strengthening, and period of High Intensity Interval Training.

Private Group Training

(Up to 6 People per Session)

Perfect your technique through specialized supervision by our instructors. Your instructor will focus on your individual needs to keep you motivated and while reaching your goals in a safe and effective manner.


Personal Training

(1 Person per Session)

Experience a training program customized to the exact dimensions of your physical needs. Experience meticulously designed workouts focusing on not only correcting form but educating you on why the selected movements are necessary.



The Power Center is a holistic fitness center that specializes in rigorous classes which incorporates structured movements, resistance training, and interval cardio while safely protecting the ligaments and joints of the body. All of our fitness routines can be progressed or regressed in order to help facilitate our client's personal growth according to their starting level. We offer: Personal Training, Group Fitness Classes, Senior Fitness, Athlete Strength & Conditioning, and Nutrition Coaching

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At the Power Center, we prioritize nutrition first. We don't believe in fake food. That’s why we built our Power Nutrition Management right into the core philosophy of the Power Center. Accuracy, accountability and efficiency are at the core of our Power Nutrition Management system. By having a simple yet intuitive nutrition system, our Power Professionals can help you push past your limitations and towards your goals! 

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Allow our professionals to tailor your Fitness and Nutrition experience to your current needs and goals.


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