ashley larkinhurst recliner

Ashley larkinhurst recliner

With the sultry Southwestern sunset, Ashley Larkinhurst recliners seem to be the most inviting recliners around. This is because they come in true native Southwestern designs. They are made with genuine leather in California and presented in beautiful southwestern styles. Western styled furniture has grown in popularity over the last several years, and Ashley Larkspur recliners have been a big part of that growth. Western styled furniture is generally associated with cowboys, ranch workers, and other Wild West types of people.

ashley larkinhurst recliner

Dramatically transform your interior living space by adding the rugged western look of weathered hard leather you love in a fraction of the original cost. This is the beauty of this brand new Ashley recliner. Washed in rich earthy Southwestern tones, this recliner is enveloped in fine weathered leather. Perfect for adding a touch of southern grace to your home, or even as part of your southwestern decor, this recliner has all the features of a true western recliner right at home. Western styled furniture is generally associated with cowboy furniture, but Ashley Larkspur offers a great alternative.

This is the ultimate in modern comfort. The Ashley recliner utilizes the best of today’s design technology and combines it with an authentically hardwood frame. The legs of this recliner are hand tufted for added support and natural body warmth. The chair also features deep, rounded seat bottoms for added comfort under any circumstances.

This recliner is an expression of class and luxury. The chair is crafted from true western hardwoods, including medium density fiberboard for strength and stability. It also features genuine leather upholstery and authentic tooled wood paneling for that authentic look and feel of a true ranch chair. This recliner truly brings the southwest out of you.

The Ashley recliner also has an incredibly comfortable chair. This recliner has been designed with your comfort in mind. Each recliner is also accompanied by a footstool so you can use the chair when you aren’t lounging in it. When you want to stretch out your legs or just relax, you simply put the footstool to one side and pull the cushion out to the point where you are comfortable. You then simply angle the back of your seat forward and your legs will be able to stretch out. There is even a footrest attached to the chair, which makes it much more comfortable.

The Ashley recliner is also very easy to clean. Each piece of this recliner is machine washable in cold water, using a gentle cycle on the washer. There is also a removable upholstery pad which allows you to easily remove the clean up if it gets too dirty. There is also a warranty on this recliner that comes with a limited warranty for five years. The limited warranty does not cover any defects in the product.

The frame of this recliner is constructed from high quality metal, which makes this chair extremely sturdy. This metal frame also adds to the durability of this recliner because metal doesn’t flex or break under stress. You can also purchase this recliner at a lower price than other brands of recliners because it is cheaper to make. It is also a lighter weight so you can move the chair around more easily and store it in your closet or under your bed when not in use.

The leather on this recliner is top of the line, which is why this chair is sold by Ashley. It is also very soft and comfortable, making it perfect for lounging around on the couch with family and friends. The leather on this recliner has some natural oils that provide a soft feel on your skin, but this does not leave an oily residue on your furniture. This also means that the leather will not crack easily and is a much more durable option for outdoor use than most of your other options.

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