Big and Tall Camping Chair Buying Guide

Big and Tall Camping Chair Reviews In 2021

Camping and other outdoor activities leave you with happy, lifelong memories, especially with some good seating. Imagine the feeling when you kick back in a comfortable chair while playing games, roasting weenies, or just chilling. Every outdoor enthusiast should own a cozy thrown.

We did in-depth research on big and tall camping chairs. Our top choices include chairs with quality features that will match your tastes and offer maximum comfort. Read along.


Kijaro XXL dual lock portable camping and sports chair give you an unforgettable seating experience. Tag it along when camping, watching your best game, or tailgating; you won’t regret it.

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These big man camping chairs are one inch taller and two inches wider. If you weigh 400 pounds or less, get yourself one of these durable seat. Luckily, the XXL is available in an array of colors to choose from.

Kijaro brand offers top-notch products with unique features that can easily match your personality. You can move around with your folded chair thanks to the carry strap fixed on the chair frame and its carrier bag.

Features at a glance

  • Portable dual lock with optimal seating experience
  • Can support up to 400 pounds
  • Classy design with different colors
  • Has a strap and carrying bag
  • Comes with an organizer with zipping, a mesh pocket, and two cupholders
  • Locks open for stability and shut for easy transport
  • Perfect for all outdoor activities
  • The chair frame is made of steel, thus durable

What we liked

  • Its 400-pound weight capacity indicates that the Kijaro XXL chair is perfect for heavy people. It’s quite comfy and sturdy.
  • This chair is manufactured using durable ripstop polyester, available in different colors.
  • Kijaro XXL giants camping chair features a cell phone holder, organizer, and mesh pocket that you can use to store your extra stuff. It also has two cup holders. One can hold a 32-ounce bottle while the other supports a standard cup size.
  • Its locks can be closed for portability and unlocked using the push button to open for comfort. When done seating, fold, pack in its carrying bag, and use the straps to support it on your back.

What we didn’t like

  • Doesn’t have a footrest but still offers maximum comfort

What’s the bottom line?

This XXL dual lock 20-inch seat height chair features innovative technology. The modern accessories and superior designs are on another level. Whether you are camping or cheering your favorite soccer team, this sturdy seat will offer excellent service.

Overall, the Kijaro brand is known to manufacture quality products that offer value for every coin spent. Purchase this XXL dual lock chair and enjoy the experience.


Everyone wants to sit and relax, especially after intense running, hiking, biking, or any other form of outdoor activity. GCI outdoor freestyle rocker chair comes in handy at this point. This stylish chair comes with padded armrests that instantly give you that comfort feeling.


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Like traditional camp chairs, GCI outdoor freestyle rocker allows you to rock back and forth while seated. Chances are, you won’t want to get up. The feeling is fantastic.

The armrest and seat height, seat depth, and sitting space are enough to make you ultra-comfortable. Getting in and out of this incredible chair is super easy.

Features at a glance

  • Folds flat for easy storage and transportation
  • Strong powder-coated steel frame
  • Can carry up to 250 pounds
  • Comes with padded armrests
  • Features spring-action rocking technology
  • Closes and opens easily; eazy-fold technology
  • The seat height of 19.7 inches
  • The long-lasting nylon mesh backrest
  • Has a drink holder

What we liked

  • It’s one of the most comfortable big and tall outdoor chairs. The rocking motion is perfect, with no leg or seat shifting. Considering that it can support anyone weighing 250 pounds, it’s evident that its design gives maximum sitting space and comfort.
  • This freestyle rocker is made of strong and lightweight powder-coated steel. The stitching is of a high standard and doesn’t show any signs of immature wear and tear. In other words, the entire package will serve you for an extended period.
  • We loved the rock back-and-forth feature. GCI blends comfort sitting and rocking aspect to create a premium experience. You can fold and unfold it with minimal effort.

What we didn’t like

  • Not ideal for individuals that weigh more than 250 pounds

What’s the bottom line?

GCI outdoor freestyle rocking chair offers complete comfort at an affordable price. Whether you are spending your private time outside, sitting around a bonfire, or watching your kids play football, you need this chair.

With so many chairs in the market, this one stands out. How about you purchase one and drop a review later.


Looking for a chair that will keep your shoulders, neck, and back in place while you relax outdoors. Well, if you love reading books, watching soccer, or enjoying the breeze at the beach, then it’s time you gift yourself an AmazonBasics Outdoor chair. It is an absolute dream.


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This extra wide patio chair is exceptionally sturdy and can hold a reasonable amount of weight. It’s made of durable steel plus Oxford cotton fabric that can last for decades. No assembly is required apart from the removable headrest pillow.

Cleaning is easy; you only need a dump cloth to wipe the dirt, and you are good to go. Its design allows you to recline for added comfort.

Features at glance

  • Sturdy construction; strong steel and cotton fabric
  • Comes with a removable headrest pillow
  • It’s a zero-gravity patio chair
  • Measure 65 by 29.5 by 44.1 inches
  • Foldable for easy storage and transport
  • Has a cup holder
  • Reclines
  • Available in an array of colors

What we liked

  • AmazonBasics chair is padded to offer maximum comfort when relaxing outdoors. It is specially designed for the campsite, beach, or other places you feel are worth the premium comfort.
  • Thanks to the zero-gravity feature, you can recline the chair and raise your legs. You will love the soothing floating sensation.
  • This chair is firm enough to support a massive weight individual. It’s Oxford cotton material, and the padding gives reinforced cushioning and strength. After use, you can fold the chair for storage or convenient transport.
  • You can place your water bottle or coffee mug within reach in the chair’s cup holder.
  • AmazonBasics reclining chair has a headrest pillow that you can use to support your head or lumber.

What’s the bottom line?

We do not doubt that AmazonBasics plus size folding chair will offer an exceptional experience for ages. Its unique features will definitely match your tastes and preferences. The color choices range from blue, red, black, tan, and more.

Get one for yourself and a second one as a gift for your loved ones. Its price matches the quality features.


Ever Advanced oversize lawn chair is one of the best options for individuals seeking extraordinary experience and total comfort. It features a polyester seat and steel frame that can support an oversized camper.


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This fully padded chair provides enough lumbar support while the oversized frame and high back seat design ensure maximum comfort. Additionally, you can adjust the armrest as per your arm height.

Besides being extra sturdy, this unique chair weighs only 8.5LBS. It’s perfect for carrying it around for outdoor concerts, camping, and hiking. The easy fold design makes storage and transportation less complicated.  Luckily, it requires no assembly.

Features at a glance

  • Fully padded camping chair
  • Back height 26.5 inches, and its seat width is 24.5 inches
  • Comes with an adjustable cup holder
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Full lumber support
  • Has storage pockets
  • Easy folding design
  • Supports up to 300lbs

What we liked

  • Ever advanced camping chair is lightweight, thus comfortable to tag along when going for outdoor activities. It comes with a carry bag that has a sturdy drawstring for stowing or carrying.
  • The cup holder works wonders. You can use it to store water or beverages bottles. The holder features a unique leaking design that you can take advantage of to keep it clean.
  • Isn’t it amazing to own a camping chair that has adequate storage space? The side pockets are ideal for storing your phone, magazines, maps, or other accessories.
  • We loved that the entire package is made using quality material. The fabric and steel frame won’t disappoint.

What we didn’t like

  • Doesn’t recline

What’s the bottom line?

If you are looking for an unreasonably comfortable outdoor chair, ever advanced oversized camping chair is an excellent option. Whether you are heavy or light, you will enjoy the great features this seat has to offer.

Unlike other big and tall lawn chairs, this brand folds automatically without a clasp or button. Order one today for a personal experience!


The first thing you notice when you come across this best camping chair for big person is that it’s roomy, classy, and big. It’s available in three different colors; black, blue, and charcoal. While the color options are not as much, we believe you will love the perfect color combination.


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LivingXL outdoor chair depth and width offer enough room for heavyweight campers. It can support users who weigh as much as 500lbs, literally more than what you can get with other camping chairs. The seatback provides proper support, and the seat height is good enough.

This heavy-duty chair has nothing adjustable; everything is placed in a perfect position. If you wish, you can always purchase a canopy to add some shade when it’s sunny.

Features at a glance

  • Heavy-duty oversized outdoor chair
  • Supports up to 500lbs
  • Padded armchair
  • Comes with cup holders and storage space
  • 22mm tubed frame
  • Has a storage bag with shoulder sling

What we liked

  • LivingXL oversized lawn chair comes with a side pocket with enough space to hold some train snacks, favorite beverages, or other stuff. It also features two cup holders that you can use to support your water bottle or can.
  • When you think of comfort, think of the LivingXL chair. The seat is sturdy enough, and the polyester material is breathable. You won’t feel like the chair wants to collapse when you adjust your seating position.
  • No assembly is required. The chair comes intact in the box; you only need to take it out and unfold. Folding and unfolding this seat is a straightforward task.
  • This chair is made to last. It’s one of the few camping chairs that can support heavy weight individuals.

What we didn’t like

  • Doesn’t come with a footrest, but it’s still unreasonably comfortable

What’s the bottom line?

LivingXL 500lbs chair is a perfect pick for users looking for a durable product that can support a reasonable weight capacity. Whether you intend to use the chair often or once in a while, wear and tear is something you shouldn’t worry about.

Its sturdy construction and the full padding makes even weight distribution possible. We are sure that you will relax and enjoy your outdoor moments.


How to fix a broken camping chair

  • Get a sturdy fabric, thread, strong needle, scissors, and a thimble
  • Use a rotary cutter or scissors to cut out the patch
  • Assemble the patch by hand or machine
  • Finally, your chair is up and running normally

What is the best folding camping chair?

  • Kijaro XXL big and tall camping chairs
  • LivingXL 500lb big and tall camping chairs
  • Ever advanced big and tall camping chairs
  • GCI outdoor freestyle rocker big and tall camping chairs
  • Amazonbasics outdoor padded zero gravity lounge beach chair

How to keep armrests on camping chair from sliding down

You can tie a rubber band on the metal frame to hold the armrest in place.

How to remove mildew from camping chair

Spray ethanol or alcohol on the fabric where there is mildew and let it dry under the sun. Repeat the procedure two to three times, depending on the results you get.

You can test on a small area before cleaning the entire seat to be sure that there will be no color change.

How does a camping chair work?

A camping chair has a support frame that features back support and two side supports. The supports then extend to form the front legs. It’s designed to unfold when in use and fold for easy storage and transportation.

Who makes a folding rocking camping chair for big people over 300lbs?

  • DXL
  • Ever Advanced
  • AmazonBasics
  • GCI Outdoor
  • Kijaro

How to pack a folding camping chair

Some chairs fold when you press a button while others fold automatically. After folding, place it inside the carry bag. Want to know how to store camping chairs? If yes, please check out our post on the same here. 

Where can I buy a nice camping chair?

Order on Amazon at affordable prices and prompt delivery


Unlike many other big and tall camping chairs in the market, we believe that the products discussed above are the best in comfort, durability, and portability. We have considered the quality of the frame and fabric used.

Generally, either of these camping chairs will do a recommendable job for most users. Use the links below the products to make a purchase. Happy shopping!

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