I Am The I Am Man


Isn’t it awesome when the Universe sends us a sign that confirms that what we’re thinking/considering doing is a good idea? I recently started to write a blog again after a two year hiatus. I had a few reasons for doing so but one was to help build a platform; a must for aspiring authors that are trying to get published. Supposedly, the bigger your audience, the more likely you are to get a book deal, as long as the book is well-written and worthy of publication. A few days ago, I was brain storming in search of different ways to utilize social media to expand my reach I knew I had to do something with video.

I thought it would be cool to put out a series of short videos where I shared an ‘I AM’ mantra, suggesting that the viewer repeat whatever it was I came up with in hopes to offer a little inspiration. Short sayings like; I AM powerful beyond measure!! I AM fearless and full of courage. I AM unique, creative, kind and compassionate; a wide variety of quick little reminders of who we are and what we’re comprised of and the boundless potential we possess. As I contemplated whether or not I should do it a little self-doubt and criticism crept into the equation so I started to lean towards coming up with something else and that’s when the Universe spoke up.

Sign #1: Several weeks ago my wife felt the urge to clean out my office by getting rid of a bunch of old books that were up on a shelf collecting dust. Before they got sent off to Goodwill I felt the urge to rummage through the stacks that she piled into boxes. I was glad I did when I came across the book entitled; “I Am the Word.’ Not only did finding the book confirm that my idea was a good one but unbeknownst to my wife it had sentimental value.  The book belonged to a dear friend of mine that had passed away a few years back and it was one of only three items that I had as keepsakes.

Sign #2: And here’s where the story gets even better.  Last week I ran into a former client of mine that I hadn’t seen in years. She and a friend designed a line of jewelry that she thought I might be interested in selling at my studio. When we met they started with an explanation describing the meaning behind their ‘I Create Everything ^8’ line. They said the jewelry was all about empowering ideas and personal feelings. That each piece is infused with love-energy that acts as a magnet intended to attract positive life experiences. Immediately, I realized that the very passionate duo was speaking my language.

As she pulled out some of the pieces and handed me a necklace while saying “this is yours, our gift to you, my eyes nearly popped out of my head, the hair on the back of my neck stood up, goose bumps emerged, and the biggest of smiles lit up on my face.  The piece she handed me is part of the ‘Rapture Tablet Collection’ which are leather strapped necklaces with either silver or gold tablets that are engraved with different words like; BE, LOVE, and YES. Although I was not surprised I was definitely blown away when I saw the words I AM on my silver tablet! I put on the necklace; I silently thanked the Universe and started to think of the different I AM mantras that I plan on sharing. The I AM videos will be distributed throughout all of my social media outlets so be sure to come and get your dose of positive reinforcement from yours truly, The I AM Man.