Heavy Duty Bunk Beds for Adults Buying Guide

Heavy Duty Bunk Beds for Adults Review 

Are you searching for a quality bunk bed that saves you room and nightmares? Finding heavy duty bunk beds for adults is quite a daunting task that ends up in frustration to many.

We’ve spent days of research and verifications just for you! The guide below outlines the bunk beds that hold 400 pounds and above; without having to apply for bankruptcy.

According to research, bunk beds have been associated with a higher risk of a fall injury, however proper modification like the use of guardrails on the upper bed ensures safety. We have keenly researched for the best bunk beds that hold 400 pounds plus, and have strong guardrails just for you.

1.      Dorel Twin-Over-Full Metal Bunk Bed


Product Information

Sleeping has never been this comfy. This expertly constructed bunk bed from Dorel is made from heavy-duty metal to accommodate up to 650 pounds. It is very spacious between the bunks, with ultra-modern style.


Dorel Twin-Over-Full bunk bed has rails on the top bunk for guaranteed safety. It is fitted with stable easy up-climb twin ladders. The lower bunk is wider for more stability.

Features at glance

  • Twin over full bunk bed
  • Built with steel metal frames.
  • Creative stable style
  • Over 600 lbs weight limit. The lower bunk can accommodate 450 lbs while the upper one has a limit of up to 200 lbs.
  • Easy to assemble. The installation procedures are quite straight-forward.
  • Fitted with metallic safety rails on the top bunk.
  • Has ladders on both sides
  • Strong, intact, and closely fitted piping mattress holders.
  • Ample head resting space

What we liked

  • High weight capacity. Dorel Twin over full bunk bed has a weight distribution that enhances its stability under capacity load. The lower bunk is strong enough for two adults while the upper bunk holds one.
  • Strong frames. You won’t spend any sleepless nights on this bed. Get the fears of the top bunk collapsing on you out of mind! The frames are made of quality strong steel.
  • Space-saving design. Dorel Twin over full bed has a wider base and a slimmer top leaving a workable space in the room. The design is attractive, with curved corners to avoid injuries.
  • Well marked. Installation for this bunk bed will save you time as the manual is clear, plus marked drawings to indicate all holes. There are extra screws in case you break or misplace some. Be sure to tighten for a calm squawk-free sleep.
  • As long as you won’t move it up and down all the time, or mishandle it, this bed is crafted to serve you for as long as you’d wish.
  • Double-sided ladders. The front and back sides are both fixed with round pipe ladders that are easy on your feet. If exhausted or want to exercise your knees a bit, you can always use the ladder.

What we didn’t like

This bed is a bit short beneath and may not accommodate a trundle.  That’s, however, a non-issue as it can accommodate at least three adults.

What’s the bottom line?

Dorel Twin-Over-Full bunk bed is an awesome bunk design that makes sleeping comfortable. It saves you space as it accommodates three adults at ago.  The built-in ladders not only make the upper bunk more accessible but also add to its stability. It’s designed to save you space as well. The guardrails on the upper bunk ensure you don’t roll over as you turn during sleep.

You will in no way doubt its great quality as it’s made of steel. The proper weight distribution should guarantee you that it will serve you for a longer period. The overall appearance is appealing with a great finishing that renders this bunk a great choice for adults.

2.      Acme Allentown Twin/Twin Bunk Bed with Storage Drawers and Trundle


Product Information

In case you’re searching for a safe triple bunk bed for adults, this could be a good choice.  It’s a sturdy wooden bed engineered to hold big weights. Acme Allentown twin over twin bunk bed is well designed to save your room and accommodate more people. It’s a convertible bed, with bottom drawers fit for storing items on a regular day but acting as a trundle on the guest night.


It also has side drawers appropriated for keeping self items. The bed has an alternative stairway instead of a tedious ladder, which goes up to the upper bunk. To ensure stability, it’s assembled using strong metal threaded bolts.

Features at glance

  • Multi-featured bed. Twin over twin bunk bed with storage drawers and trundle area.
  • Easy and safe access. It has a stable and enclosed stairway to the upper bunk.
  • All-round guardrails on the upper bunk.
  • Quite sturdy. Built of solid wood and held together with Allen-head metal bolts for stability.
  • More storage space. The side drawers on the stairway as well as the trundle area.
  • Medium-weight limit. Holds up to 200 lbs per bed plus the trundle area.
  • Wide wooden slats. Hence enough mattresses support.

What we liked

  • Acme Allentown twin/twin bunk bed has a great dimension in both bunks that perfectly fits twin mattresses. The excess of length accommodates great designs of a built-in stairway, plus storage drawers. A guests’ trundle is accommodated on the lower bunk.
  • The bed is built in a creative room-saving design that makes it a perfect purchase for people with limited space. The trundle can be used as a normal drawer.
  • The wooden bunk is finely crafted from quality wood that makes it last long as would wish.
  • Secure stairs. This bunk has a very solid and also enclosed stairway that ensures safety on your way up and down the upper bunk. The stairs are easier and secure way than the common ladders.
  • Additional storage space. The bunk consists of side drawers used for storage as wells as the trundle area where you can keep some items.

What we didn’t like

Acme Allentown twin over twin bunk is made of solid wood and thus comparatively heavier.  This should not put you off anyway. You’ll only need some assistance to put it in its place and you’re good to go.

What’s the bottom line?

Acme Allentown twin over twin bunk bed is a sturdy construction with an amazing triple bunk bed for adults design. This beautifully made solid wood bunk comes with mini-sized side drawers for storage. The trundle area is normally additional storage and a sleeping area during a guest night.

The bunk has an elegant espresso finishing that makes it fit for complementing almost any home decor. The stairs are a plus to this design as they relieve you of the hassle of the ordinary ladders. They also ensure safety up and down the upper bunk.

Generally, this twin over twin bunk provides you with a space-saving design with a homely and awesome look besides its safety.

3.      Walker Edison Modern Metal Pipe Twin Bunk Bed


Product Information

This modern metal pipe twin bunk bed is high-quality furniture that can be used as a bunk bed for adults. It is very attractive to the eyes, and also pretty good for adults since it holds over 250 lbs per bunk.The design allows for space-saving while not compromising your sleep quality. It consists of a ladder that can be placed on either side of the bunk allowing you to have a choice in the location of the bed.


It is amazingly one of the strong bunk beds under $300 available for adults. You get multiple features for this bed; from the work station, loft, futon, and twin over full, and much more. Only choose what favors you the most!

Features at glance

  • Twin over twin bunk bed.
  • Fairly strong. Built of stainless steel.
  • Medium weight capacity. 500+ lbs weight limit with 250 lbs on each bunk.
  • Convertible into two beds.
  • Ample headroom inside the bottom bunk. Nearly 45 inches space between the bottom and upper bunk.
  • Guardrails on the upper bunk. A 15-inch high guardrail that ensures your safety on the bunk.
  • Flexible ladder. A ladder that can be fixed on either side.
  • A cool and attractive finish. A black powder-coating.
  • Support slats. Eliminates the need for box springs.

What we liked

  • Customized ladder. The ladder can be placed on either side of the bed thus allows for flexibility in the position of the bunk.
  • Sufficient clearance between the bottom and upper bunk. The bunk has a big space that allows even taller people to comfortably sit upright on the lower bunk without hurting their head.
  • Storage space or trundle underneath. The bottom bunk is high enough to provide room for accommodating an extra person on a trundle. Otherwise, you’ll have under-the-bed-storage space.
  • High-quality bed-frame. The Walker Edison twin over twin bunk bed is built with strong and durable stainless steel. This makes it serve you longer.
  • Easily modified into separate beds. In case you’re bored with bunk bed style, just easily convert it into two single beds for your convenience.
  • A sleek and modern style. It is a simple attractive design that will compliment your home decor.

What we didn’t like

The ladder rails may be uncomfortable at first use. Simply use a soft cushioning to avoid hurting your feet.

What’s the bottom line?

This is one of the space-saving bunk bed designs suitable for medium-sized adults on both bunks. It is relatively cheap as only a few bunk beds under 300.00 would be fit for adults.

Walker Edison twin over twin bunk is an attractive design that comes in multiple colors; a good fit for most house finishing. It is fairly light in weight than other bunk beds. The ability to convert into two also makes it more appealing.

This design also provides enough space for placing a trundle and even storage bins under the bottom bunk.

4.     Powell Heavy Metal Bunk Bed, Full-Over-Full.


Product Information

Powell provides you with a nice looking and stable bunk bed for adults. This full over full bed is strongly fixed with a metallic frame to offer you a quality and comfortable resting place. It’s a multi-purpose structure that can hold up to 3 adults without squeaking.

The rounded-metal rails around the top bunk ensure you are safe from rolling over. Excitingly this brand has also taken care of your falling off pillows by adding the metal bars at both ends of the lower bunk. The slightly inclined ladder helps in easier movements up and down the beds. Furthermore, the bunk can easily be converted into 2 full-size beds.

Features at glance

  • An attractive full over full bunk bed.
  • Very sturdy. Made of strong and heavy crafted metal.
  • A stable step ladder.
  • The bunk bed can be used as two separate single beds.
  • Fully slatted. Have 22+22 slats hence no need for box springs to make it stable.
  • Heavy duty. Can hold up to 300 lbs on top and 400 lbs on the bottom bunk.
  • Multi-sided safe rails. Fitted with safety rails on the top bunk, and head-end and foot-end bars on both bunks.

What we liked

  • Easy assembly. Putting the bunks together is quite easy as the instructions are simple and clear.
  • Solidly-built. This heavy-duty bunk is made of strong metal frames that firmly hold up to 700 lbs comfortably.
  • Great appearance. It comes in a good-looking and cool color that best fits all of your room decors.
  • High stability. The bed is anchored on four solid metal posts that ensure you use the bed without quaking.
  • Can accommodate a trundle underneath.
  • Easily converts into two full beds. You can easily separate the bunk into two full single beds where need be.
  • Convenient for small spaces. This is a great choice for managing small spaces to accommodate more people without compromising the elegant look.

What we didn’t like

The rounded-step ladder is a bit tough on the feet. It should, however, not be a problem as it can easily be cushioned.

What’s the bottom line?

If you are in search of bunk beds that hold 400 pounds or even more, then this is an awesome choice as it can hold over 650 lbs cumulatively.  Powel heavy metal bunk bed is one of the sturdy high-quality metal bunk designs guaranteeing you a long-service.

This full over full bed is worth every penny as it helps save your space while adding to your room design. It consists of all round-rails that ensure safety on the top bunk. The ability to be split into two beds is a plus in case you move to a more spacious home. You won’t need a box spring for mattress holder reinforcement thanks to carefully crafted firm slats.

5.     Stephan Full over Full Bunk Bed Gunmetal


Product Information

A stylish and modern design is what Stephan full over full bunk bed provides. If you need a good looking sturdy bunk for adults, then this is a great choice for you.  Stephan Full over Full is a very spacious bunk bed with ample space at the bottom. It has ample room beneath the upper bunk to hold up your head without hurting as well.

The bunk bed consists of very distinct and safely secured double-sided ladders that are fearless to use. It is also fitted with all-round side rails on the upper bunk to ensure your safety up there.  Moreover, you need no Bunkie boards as the beds are well slatted to securely hold your mattresses.

Features at glance

  • A full over full metal bunk bed with an ultra-modern design.
  • Well-built. Made of a strong two-inch tubular metal.
  • Over 750 lbs weight limit. Can comfortably hold up to 800 lbs at ago, 400 lbs on each bunk.
  • Bilateral stylish ladders. Unlike most bunk beds that have ladders at the ends, the ladders are curved and on both sides of the bunk.
  • Perfectly slatted. Have 20 slats on each bunk thus no need of a Bunkie board.
  • All-rounded side rails. The upper bunk is fully secured with metallic bars.

What we liked

  • Fancy design. This bunk bed comes in an elegant design that is very attractive and modernized.
  • Easy of access. Stephan Full over Full Bunk Bed consists of double-sided ladders which make the upper bunk accessible from both sides.

·         Sufficient headroom. The lower bunk provides enough space for your head. One can comfortably sit upright and even stretch.

·         Can accommodate more people. These bunks can carry 2 adults each hence a great choice for a big family and also for guests’ rooms.

  • Stable and very comfortable. The bed is sturdy and can hold huge weights without squeaking; offering a calm peaceful sleep.
  • Its outstanding design with frames curved inwards gives Stephan an idiosyncratic look.
  • Well-built ladders. The ladders are wide enough hence soft on your feet as you move up and down.

What we didn’t like

Assembling this bed is an issue if you’re doing it alone. Make sure to loosely tighten all screws before fastening them.

What’s the bottom line?

If you are looking for an ultra-modern design for your room then Stephan full over full bunk bed is the best choice. This will provide all the modern style you would ever want in your home. It is not only attractive but also pretty sturdy for adults.

This bunk bed is one of the sturdiest heavy-duty bunks that can hold over 750 lbs weight without getting damaged.

6.     Acme Caius Gunmetal Twin XL Over Queen Bunk Bed


Product Information

Acme furniture provides you with an amazing choice of queen bunk beds for adults. The Twin XL over Queen bunk bed is an excellent space-saving designed to suit your small bedroom. It is a stable bunk bed with a fixed ladder on one end.


The upper bunk is fitted with guard rails that give way to the entry point. The slat system is an amazing feature that allows for a good and comfortable rest.

Features at glance

  • Twin XL over Queen bunk bed
  • Made of strong metal.
  • A support bar at the center of the bottom bunk.
  • Over 500 lbs weight limit. Can hold 200 lbs on top and 350 lbs on the bottom bunk.
  • A built-in ladder. Have an RF type of ladder fixed on one end of the bunk.
  • Easy access guard rail. The guard rail on the upper bunk opens at the ladder position.
  • Secure slating system. Consists of 22 slats on each level.

What we liked

  • Easy assembly. The Instructions are easy to understand and follow making it simpler for one to put the bunk together.
  • Storage space. The bunk leaves enough room at the bottom that could be easily transformed into underneath storage.
  • Well-built. The bunk is very sturdy since it is made from quality metal.
  • Easily accessible top bunk. The top bunk is easily accessed as the guard rail leaves a space at the ladder position to allow you to get on top without having to jump over the rails.
  • Head-end and foot-end bars. The rails allow you to use your pillows without rolling over.
  • Space-saving design. The bunk is a good choice for small bedrooms as it helps accommodate more people in less or equal space with a single bed.
  • A comfortable mattress holder. The bunk is well slatted with 22 slats on each bunk, thus ensure the mattress is securely held.
  • A fixed ladder. The ladder is fitted at one end and makes it a nice looking structure as the ladder is safer, unlike a hanging one.

What we didn’t like

The bunk bed is a little squeaky over time. This should however be a non-issue as it can be easily fixed by putting padding between the upper bed and the wall.

What’s the bottom line?

In need of a good looking bunk that will save you on space? Acme Caius Gunmetal Twin XL over Queen Bunk Bed is a great choice for you. This bunk bed finely crafted using strong metal for stability and durability. The built-in ladder adds to the stability of the bunk as well as easy access to the upper bunk.

If you love enjoying a much wider sleeping space then this fits in well. The bunk is best suited for two people with one on each level. However, it can also accommodate one more person on the bottom bunk on a tight budget.

Q and A

1) How tall are bunk beds?

The heights of bunk beds vary depending on the manufacturer since there are no set regulations on standard bunk bed height. However, the average bunk bed height ranges between 50 and 65 inches as assembled but taller triple beds could exceed 77 inches tall.

Generally, the most common bunk beds stand at 65 inches tall. You should therefore consider your room space before purchasing any bunk bed to ensure you get what perfectly fits in.

2) What kind of mattress is suitable for bunk beds?

There are vast mattress options to choose from for bunk beds depending on everyone’s preferences. A dedicated search should help you find the best bunk bed mattress of choice.

You’ll however need to put several factors into place to arrive at the best fit for your bunk bed. The factors include the primary user size and weight, as well as the thickness requirements for the bed.

There are also other factors that you might consider such as the price, firmness, durability, and the user’s age, body type, and sleep position.

As a general recommendation, Low-profile mattresses of 6 to 7 inches thick are considered best for bunk beds. This is to ensure the mattress is thick enough to support the user but not too high for the bunk and its guardrails. A mattress thickness of at least 5 inches has been recommended by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

3) How to assemble bunk beds?

Putting together bunk beds is quite an easy process but for your first time, you may need some guidance. It takes time and requires patience as well as a helping hand for it to be easy and quick.

You should also be sure to assemble the bunk in the room it’s intended because it might not fit the bedroom door without disassembly.

Below are some basic steps to guide you during assembly;

Step 1- Get prepared

Clear up some workspace, unpack the bunk bed boxes and locate the instruction manual. Separate the parts of the bunk bed and place them in an accessible place.

Step 2- Familiarize yourself with the process

Read the instructions paying attention to the different parts used and the order in which you’ll assemble them. You can as well arrange the parts in the order you’ll use them.

Step 3- Assemble the lower bunk

First, attach the side rails to the foot and headboards using nuts and bolts provided. Fasten the bolts and place the bunk where it will be located.

Insert the slats into the side rails through the predrilled holes.

Step 4- Assemble the upper bunk

Put the top bunk together on the floor. Still start by attaching the side rails on the foot and headboards and screw the slats in place. Besides, you will need to attach the guardrails on the top bunk.

Step 5- Put the upper bunk in position

With help, lift the top bunk to place in the right position onto the bottom bunk.

Step 6- Attach the ladder

You should be able to securely hook the ladder into predrilled holes on the upper bunk.

Step 7- Finishing

Attach any additional parts as directed by the manufacturer such as safety plugs.

Where to buy cheap bunk beds?

Cheap bunk beds are readily available online from different manufacturers and suppliers. You should not only pay attention to the price and forget about the quality. On Amazon.com you are guaranteed high-quality bunk beds that are pocket friendly.

How to take apart bunk beds with stairs?

The most important thing you need to know before you decide to split a bunk bed is to consult the manufacturer’s manual to check whether they can be separated. Then confirm by checking for seams on the posts. Once you’re sure they can be converted into two then proceed by removing the things inside storage as well as all the beddings to make it easier for you.

The task can be tough on you hence make sure to ask for help.  Start by separating the bunk from the stairs. The stairs are usually attached using bolts and extra fasteners. Be sure to remove all attachments before trying to separate them.

Loosen the top bunk from the bottom bunk by removing any attachments. With help lift the upper bunk off the lower bunk and place it on the floor. While doing all these places your bolts and nuts in a bowl or plastic bags so you don’t lose any of them.

How safe are bunk beds?

Bunk beds are certainly safe for kids as well as adults as long as safety checks are put in place. The use of guardrails on the top bunk is one of the most important factors to consider in any bunk bed as many incidents occur on the upper bunk as opposed to standard beds.

The safety of a bunk bed may vary depending on the material used, stability as well as general design. To ensure you are safe, consider a little bit of dedicated research before purchasing any bunk bed. Also, learn from other people’s experiences by checking on verified customer reviews.

Carefully put into consideration the weight limit indicated for the particular bunk as well as a good choice of the mattress size. Proper use of the bunk beds also ensures safety. Avoid playing on the bunk and unnecessary movements up and down the bunk.

Appropriate location of the bunk bed will also maximize safety.

Who makes the best bunk beds?

There are very many manufactures of bunk beds thus very stiff competition in the market. However, the Coaster home furnishing store offers the best bunk beds with an ultra-modern style featuring the Stephan full over full bunk bed Gunmetal.

Heavy Duty Bunk Beds for Adults Buying Guide

 Bunk beds are beds whereby one bed is stacked over another one.  Bunk beds are mainly used in the children’s room or military garrisons and dorms. These beds can be used when one is out of space. They are found in a variety of designs, sizes, shapes, colors and styles. You should not be confused when choosing your bed among varieties. In this article, we shall go through some guidelines to help you make one of your best choices. First, we shall go through the types of bunk beds.

Types of bunk beds

We have different types of bunk beds. These types include:

1 Standard bunk bed

The standard bunk bed has two twin beds that are stacked over each other. This type of bed can still be separated if any need arises.

2 Twin over Full bunk bed

It’s similar to a standard bunk bed except that its bottom is larger than the top bed.  They are the best choice to be used by guests. They can still be used by children or adults.

3 Loft Bunk Bed

Loft bunk beds are found in several combinations. There is a space left beneath the top bunk that is used for storage. They are also more versatile.

4. T-shaped bunk bed

It features a loft bed although its lower bunk is perpendicular. It’s also used in a room with a low ceiling. It can also be used as a study area whereby you will have to only bring along your study desk.

5 L-Shaped Bunk Bed

It contains two bunks that are configured together giving out the shape of the letter L. This gives an extra room beneath the top bunk that you can use as a study area, computer desk, storage space or a dresser. It’s also a good choice for kids who like playing games in their room.

6 Futon Bunk Bed

They are mainly used by children who have sleepovers. Futon bunk beds contain a futon sofa placed at the top and bottom of the bunk bed.

Features of the best bunk bed

A bunk bed comes with some features that make your life easier. Below are some features of the best bunk bed:

  • The best bunk bed should have storage drawers. You will put your things inside these drawers making your room look neat.
  • A good bunk bed should have a ladder or stairs. These stairs should be properly fixed in your bed to avoid any hazard problem when using your bed.
  • It should also be made of a material that is of high quality. This material should also last for a long time.
  • A good bunk bed should have a side rail for support and be made from a durable material.


Factors to consider when selecting the best bunk bed

When buying a bunk bed, there some factors you should keep in mind. These factors include:


Bunk beds are of different prices. It’s always advisable to plan on the amount you want to spend on your bank bed. This will help you to spend what your pocket can manage without strain.


When you have planned the area where you will keep your bed, it’s good to measure the room’s dimensions.  Measure the width, length and height of your ceiling. This will help you choose the bed whose length, height and width can fit properly into your room.

    Weight capacity

The weight capacity that you have to consider is that of the sleeper and of the mattress. The weight of the top bunk should be lower than that of the bottom bunk. Ensure that you know the user’s weight before buying your bed and this will help you choose the correct weight capacity.


Different bunk beds have different storage capacities. Some have a large storage e.g. loft and bunk beds have large storages. Other beds have small storage. Ensure you check the storage of the bed when buying it.

  Return policy

When buying a bunk bed, an asleep trial may be included. It should last for at least thirty nights. If it’s not fit you can return the bed to the manufacturer.


Warranty is also another factor that you should keep into consideration. Some manufacturers give a warranty of 1 year up to 5 years.  Ensure that you choose a bed whose warranty is longer.

Final thought

Bunk beds have many advantages as we have already seen. It would be best if you were not left out anymore. Hurry up and acquire one of your choices. When buying one ensure that you follow these considerations. When you follow them be assured that you won’t regret it at all. Ensure your decision is well informed.





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