how to fold tommy bahama beach chair

how to fold tommy bahama beach chair

How to fold tommy bahama beach chair

When you decide that having a garden lawn chair is important, the next step is learning how to fold Tommy Bahama beach chair. This is a step that is quite easy especially if you have good skills in handling this type of chairs. It needs skill to fold a chair especially one that is made of light materials such as plastic and light aluminum. Tommy Bahama beach chair is popular because it is strong and it is also easy to carry. This type of foldable chairs are perfect to be placed at the beach or at any other place in your yard.

Folding it into a backpack. When you’ve successfully folded your chair into a backpack, you can just carry it like a bag with its strap or carry it with its rubber handle. This feature makes it safe and convenient to transport the lightweight chairs with its light weight. Learning the proper steps on how to fold your Tommy Bahama beach chair will greatly help in your next job to transport it.

Securing the seat with a metal bar. The best way to secure your chair to your bag or to your back is by securing the seat with a metal bar or by using ties or Velcro. The best method of securing a chair with a metal bar is by using a long strap around the backrest, attaching the long strap to a long piece of wood or a garden hose, and then placing the chair in your bag or on your back.

Folding the seat cushion. After putting your Bahama beach chair inside your backpack, the next thing that you need to do is to fold the seat cushion in half right over the frame. It will be easier for you if you are going to keep the chair away from your body. The advantage of keeping the chair away from your body is that you will be able to access and remove the back cushion easily. Then, place the seat cushion on the frame with the strap right underneath the seat cushion.

Folding beach chairs should not be exposed to rain or moisture. You have to take extra care when carrying your Tommy Bahama folding beach chair. In addition, folding chairs are specifically designed to withstand strong winds. You can also leave them in open places like under your car port or on the roof of your truck. Just make sure that they are well-insulated.

Putting your Bahama beach chair inside a bag. It is easier for you to fold and store your folding chair inside a bag if the backrest and the seat cushion are well-insulated. When you are going to store your chair, fold the seat cushion and the backrest and place the bag inside the bag. Secure the straps and the seat with the attached buckles.

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