how to make bunk bed curtains

how to make bunk bed curtains

How to make bunk bed curtains can be a fun project. In addition to being a unique bedroom accessory, your child’s first bedroom will most likely be their guest room so it is important to make it look cozy and special. Here are some easy to follow instructions on how to make your own curtains for your child’s room.

how to make bunk bed curtains

Measure the bottom edge of the bed and the width of the window at the top of the bed. Cut the material to the proper length for two matching curtains, one for the side of the bed, and one for the full length of the bed. Line up the two curtains according to their right and left sides. Sew a straight line down the bottom edge of one curtain, using medium to high tension. Make a second tube about two inches wide along the outside edge of one curtain.

The top piece of the curtain you just sewn should hang on the frame next. Slide the left side of the fabric behind the curtain and across the frame, then the right side. Fold the bottom edge of the bottom piece of fabric over the frame and hold it in place, making sure it is balanced. Now it is time to hang the frame curtain from the hooks on both sides of the door. Position them so that they cover the entire door and give you plenty of wiggle room when you open the door.

The next step on how to make bunk bed curtains is to measure your child’s bed. Get a tape measure to help you get the exact size. Mark the frame and sides of your bed where the curtains will go. Your measurements for this part are going to come in handy later when you’re stitching the curtain together. Sew the frame and the edges according to your measurements.

You can use two different kinds of hooks on your curtains. One kind that goes through the center of your curtain rod and a different set that go out at each corner of your bed. Once the curtain is completely assembled, take your needle and thread and poke four small holes in the corners of both curtain rods. These holes will allow you to hang the rest of the rod inside the bedding. Stitch these holes along the sides of the curtain and then attach the ends with a few stitches.

Finally, you will need to assemble the valances. The easiest way to do this is to use double-sided tape. Simply follow the directions that come with your curtains. Assemble the valances, then put the valance on top of the opening that you first attached the curtain to. Your how to make bunk bed curtains is finally complete!

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