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The Power Center is a holistic fitness center that specializes in rigorous classes which incorporates structured movements, resistance training, and interval cardio while safely protecting the ligaments and joints of the body. All of our fitness routines can be progressed or regressed in order to help facilitate our client's personal growth according to their starting level. We offer: Power Class Training, Personal Training, Private Group Training, Ultimate Athlete Strength & Conditioning, Life Coaching & Motivational Speaking.

Since 2000, The Power Center has provided Health and Wellness to the communities it serves by the way of Class , Personal, & Private Training , as well Strength and Conditioning. Our Philosophy is rooted from lessons taught by the GRAND MASTER as well as EXERCISE SCIENCE EDUCATION. We Believe in a MIND over MATTER attitude and it is our mindset that we are capable of doing much more than we are willing to admit.

At the Power Center, we believe in living through Seven Disciplines. These Disciplines promote balance and harmony in our lives. These disciplines are Nourish your body, Elevate your Chi, Breathe with intent, Pray for others, Know Thyself, Connect with Nature and Serve your world. Through Dedication and commitment to yourself, you can break through your own personal barriers and surpass your own limits. Allow our staff to Train your mind to go far beyond your perceived physical limitations while elevating your energy levels to unimaginable heights.

Live with Purpose, Move With Intent