The Best Plus Size Beach Chairs Review In 2021

Best Plus Size Beach Chairs Review In 2021

As a plus-size guy, you may realize that it’s hard to shop for your personal items. It feels as though society has sidelined the big man, especially with outdoor adventures.

Finding plus-size beach chairs can be a hassle. The chances are that you’ll try to puzzle out how you can balance on pieces of tiny rods and a layer of thin fabric. Well, even if you weigh past 500lbs, there’s always something for you. Here’s our top list of the best big and tall beach chairs;

1.    ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

ALPS King Kong chair has been designed to favor big guys as it can hold up to 800 pounds. The seat is roomy, with a width of 24.5”. Therefore, any heavy person can confidently sit on it or even share the seating with a toddler.

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ALPS plus-size beach chair has been constructed from 600D polyester and alloy steel. According to a study available on the International Scholarly Research Notices, powder-coated steel is resistant to corrosion. For this reason, the material guarantees stability, sturdiness, and durability.

Despite the heavy-duty construction, the seat is only 13 pounds. It includes a shoulder carry bag, which allows you to transport or store the seat with ease.

For convenience, the ALPS King Kong Chair has two side pockets and dual cup holders. Besides, the back has an extra mesh storage space for holding your carry bag and other necessities.

Features at Glance

  • Crafted from polyester fabric and powder-coated steel
  • Carry bag
  • High and adjustable armrests
  • Dual cup holders
  • Weighs at 13 pounds
  • Accommodates a maximum stationary weight of up to 800 pounds
  • Large side pouches
  • 24.5 inches wide
  • A foldable design
  • 38-inch back height

What We Liked

  • Heavy-duty with alloy steel and polyester for guaranteeing steadiness and longevity
  • An incredible weight-bearing capacity that goes up to 800 pounds
  • Wide seat for accommodating big buys
  • Maximum storage at both sides of the armrests and the backrest
  • Ease of transportation, thanks to the included carry bag
  • A mesh-covered backrest to minimize sweating in warm weather
  • It is foldable with instant set-up and uncomplicated assembly
  • Lightly padded seat and backrest assures you of comfort even with extended sitting

What We Didn’t Like

ALPS King Kong Chair is bulky. However, it is worth the heaviness when you consider the stability and maximum supported weight.

What’s the Bottom Line?

ALPS is a rugged beach chair for heavy guys who weigh as much as 800lbs. If you want a budget-friendly camping seat that combines sturdiness, stability, durability, and weight capacity, this product is the in thing.

You can take it with you during the campouts, while at the beach, or around bonfires. The wide beach chair is relatively portable, and you get a free carry bag for it. Besides, it can fit in any typical duffle bag.

2.    Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair with 4-Can Cooler

What makes Coleman plus size beach chair to stand out is the inbuilt cooler. This insulated pouch preserves your cold beverages, and it can hold a maximum of four cans. So, you can blissfully chill out on the hot summer, knowing that you have a cold drink in proximity.

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Besides the cooler pouch, there’s an additional cup holder at the right armrest. Coleman Camping chair also includes a side media pocket. Here, you can store your snack, keys, books, phone, among other personal items.

About the design, Coleman’s seat includes a steel frame, which bears a maximum of 325 pounds. The rest of the chair is made of polyester fabric with slight cushioning for enhanced comfort.

Features at Glance

  • A built-in cooling pouch
  • Heavy-duty steel frame and high-quality polyester fabric
  • Sitting height of 18.1 inches
  • Foldable design
  • A mesh bottle holder
  • Side pocket
  • Available in four assorted colors, including red, blue, black, and gray/black.
  • 24 inches wide
  • A carry bag
  • Carrying capacity of about 325 pounds
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Weighs at 7.75 pounds

What We Liked

  • A 4-can insulated pouch that chills your drink
  • Lightly cushioned seat and backrest for maximum support and comfort
  • The foldable design with an inclusion of a carry bag allows for effortless hauling
  • A roomy chair with a width of 24 inches to accommodate big folks
  • It is crafted from high-quality polyester and heavy-duty steel for warranting longevity
  • Compact and relatively light at just 7.75 pounds
  • It is accommodating to individuals as heavy as 325 pounds
  • Accessible storage space for your necessities

What We Didn’t Like

The carry bag is not up to standard. However, the beach chair is worth it if you factor in its sturdiness and long-lasting design.

 What’s the Bottom Line?

If you are rummaging for an ideal beach chair for over 300lbs, Coleman will quench your hassle. This seat is excellent in hot climes as it comes with an inbuilt cooler for keeping your drinks cold. It can store up to five bottles; four in the cooling pouch and an extra one at the cupholder.

For heavy people, one has to consider the beach chair’s weight-bearing capacity, stability, and resilience. Well, Coleman’s product meets all these requirements.

3.    Timber Ridge Camping Rocking Chair

Timber Bridge extra-large beach chairs are not limited to campouts. Since they double as rockers, you can use them on your balcony, patio, or lawn.A glance at the chair will make you notice the prominent height. The backrest is about 29 inches. This feature makes Timber Ridge the best option for big and tall guys. The seat can withstand a maximum load of 300 pounds.

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At the underside of this extra-wide beach chair, there is a locking system for achieving stability. What’s more, the sturdy steel construction assures you of steadiness and excellent grip on all surfaces.

Although it is slightly pricy, Timber Bridge comes with high-end features that are uncommon in typical beach chairs. Aside from the rocking capability, it comes with a padded headrest and some decent cushioning on the seat and backrest.

Features at Glance

  • An ergonomic rocking design
  • Polyester chair with a sturdy steel frame
  • A locking system
  • Loading capacity of about 300 pounds
  • 29-inch sitting height
  • A cup holder
  • Highly foldable
  • A storage bag
  • A headrest
  • Ergonomic armrests
  • 19.5” wide

What We Liked

  • A high backrest favors both big and tall guys
  • Long-lasting design with steel frames and durable 600D polyester
  • Foldability for ease of transportation
  • Both seat and backrest have some cushioning
  • An onboard side bag for stuffing your outdoor necessities
  • Excellent head support minimizes aches when sitting for long
  • An integrated shoulder strap for transport and storage efficiency

What We Didn’t Like

It is quite heavy at 16.5 pounds. Therefore, it is favorable for car camping or when in use as a rocking chair in the backyard or balcony.

What’s the Bottom Line?

If you fancy elegance and you wouldn’t mind splashing some extra dollars on a rocking beach chair 300lb capacity, Timber Ridge has got your back. Not only does the seat have a retro appearance for an outdoor experience, but it has some appealing sophistication for your balcony.

The plus of Timber Ridge is its excellent seat height. According to a journal published in SAGE Open Medicine, it is easier to transition between sitting and standing positions when on a high armchair.

In case you want to enjoy the rocking advantage of this XL beach chair, ensure to use it on a hard but even ground.

4.    Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler

With over a century worth of experience in manufacturing outdoor equipment, The Coleman Company has undoubtedly made a name for itself.Coleman’s Oversized beach chair includes an inbuilt cooler, holding up to four cans. Even in warm weather, you can still grab some cold beverage within arm’s reach. Additionally, there is a fifth cup holder at the armrest.

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This extra wide beach chair has no set-up procedure as it opens up with a snap. It is collapsible and highly foldable to fit into the included carrying case. At barely 8lbs, the seat is effortless to move around.

Features at Glance

  • Inbuilt cooler
  • Side pockets
  • Cushioned seat and back
  • A water bottle holder
  • Foldable design
  • A carrying case
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Weighs 7.75 pounds
  • A weight limit of 300 pounds
  • 18.1-inch seat height

What We Liked

  • A cooling pouch that can hold up to five cans
  • Side pockets for holding your small camping accessories
  • It is collapsible for ease of storage
  • The seat is 24 inches wide, hence, accommodating to big guys
  • A carrying case with a strap for portability
  • It is comfy, thanks to the fully-padded seat and back
  • The high seat offers maximum support to the back, especially for tall people
  • It is crafted from long-lasting steel and quality polyester fabric

What We Didn’t Like

A substandard carrying case, which is slightly fragile for a 7.75-pound beach chair. However, this con may be less of an issue if you consider the chair’s high-end features.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Coleman’s big and tall folding chair befits picnics, campouts, games, concerts, fishing, among other outdoor activities.

Although it can hold as much as 300 pounds, the seat is compact and relatively lightweight. Therefore, Coleman stands to be suitable for backpacking adventures and long hikes.

5.    Rio Hi-Boy Beach Chair

Unlike most beach chairs whose frames are made of powder-coated steel, Rio Hi-Boy is crafted from high-quality aluminum. This material is resistant to rust and metal corrosion. Besides, the lightweight nature of this metal makes the seat weightless enough for convenient hauling.

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Featuring up to seven reclining positions, Rio Hi-Boy deserves the credit of being the best Beach Chair for big and tall guys. In line with a study published in the Biomed Research International, a seat with several reclining options positively impacts spinal health.

To adjust the recline, you’ll need to raise the armrests and slide them forward or backward, depending on the position you are after. The self-adjusting technology of these wooden arms ensures that you do not pinch your fingers.

Features at Glance

  • Aluminum frame with polyester fabric
  • Seven reclining positions
  • The load capacity is 250 pounds
  • Wooden armrests
  • A zippered pouch
  • 17.5-inch seat height
  • Foldable
  • A carrying case
  • Available in blue, turquoise, neon, lime green, and multicolored stripes
  • A cup holder
  • Weighs at 11 pounds

What We Liked

  • Up to seven reclining positions for maximum relaxation and support to the lower back
  • The high seat height makes it easier to get off the chair
  • A zippered pocket and an additional cellphone pouch for hands-free lounging
  • Non-corrosive and rust-free aluminum frame
  • The compact design occupies negligible space
  • It is inclusive of a carrying case, whose straps are well-cushioned and adjustable.
  • The self-adjusting wooden armrests prevent pinching of your fingers while reclining.

What We Didn’t Like

The cup holder is quite flimsy. However, you can overlook this negativity and focus on the multiple reclining positions.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Rio Hi-Boy is a take-and-go beach chair. Its compact design reduces the effort you’ll need to move or store it away. If you are planning for long hiking, you won’t regret tagging the seat along. Its carrying case has adjustable shoulder rests with some extra padding on them.

Rio Gear big and tall outdoor chairs are suitable for old campers having long legs, mobility issues, or back problems. They are relatively high to allow a smooth transition between sitting down and standing up.

6.    STRONGBACK Low Gravity Beach Chair

Just as its name suggests, Strongback Beach Chair has an ergonomic design, which perfectly aligns with your natural posture. It is supportive of your spinal cord as it prevents slouching and unhealthy pressure on the lower back.

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Strongback heavy-duty beach chairs have extra-large feet caps, which prevent them from sinking in soft sand. They have a low profile with a ground clearance of about 4 inches. This feature helps to relieve stress from your spine and the joints.

This chair comes in three different styles. For instance, if you want to recline, you can opt for the recliner seat. There’s also a redesigned low gravity 2.0 option. However, you can still settle on the standard model, especially when you’re on a tight budget.

Features at Glance

  • Powder-coated steel frame and wear-resistant 600D polyester
  • Lumbar-supportive ergonomic design
  • Weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • A shoulder bag with dual straps
  • Foldable design
  • Extra-large feet caps
  • Cupholder
  • Padded armrests
  • Weighs at 8.5 pounds
  • Available in black, lime green, navy, camo, and blue

What We Liked

  • The ergonomic lumbar support cares for your hips, spine, and the lower back muscles
  • The low gravity with 4” ground clearance helps minimize stress on the joints, spine, and the muscles
  • A backpack carry bag with adjustable straps
  • A cushy lumbar pad for added comfort and back support
  • The two-year warrant is relatively longer than what most beach chair manufacturers offer
  • Huge feet caps prevent sinking in mud or the beach sand
  • Highly foldable with dimensions of 8” x 8” x 30”. Most beach chairs will not fold to this extent.

What We Didn’t Like

The chair is too low for some individuals. However, low gravity design has the advantage of minimizing pressure on specific points of the body

What’s the Bottom Line?

Strongback beach chairs 300lb capacity are suitable for picnics, sports, campouts, beach trips, bonfire adventures, and other outdoor expeditions.

The seat aligns your natural posture by effectively supporting your spine. If you want additional features like a recliner and a low gravity 2.0 chair, you can cough up some more dollars for a similar model but different style.

Beach chair buying guide

A beach chair is very comfortable. It’s highly used at the beach. It can also work well in outdoor outings. Its frames are mainly made of aluminum, steel, or wood. Today, Beach chairs are found in diverse styles that suit and fit different needs. They make you spend most of your time smiling and very comfortable as you enjoy your scenery in favorable weather.

7.    Types of beach chairs

1.   Folding Beach Chair

A Folding beach chair is a very comfortable beach chair. It’s folded up very easily. In case you want to transport it, you only have to fold it, toss the chair of your car and then you store it. Still, you can pack it in a suitcase or in an airplane.

2.   Canopy Beach Chair

It closely resembles an ordinary beach chair. It contains a canopy that is added to its back. This canopy provides a shade that protects you from being exposed to direct sunlight and harmful UV rays. They have several adjustment positions. These canopy beach chairs have aluminum flames, which last for long.

3.   Beach Chairs with Umbrella

 They contain an umbrella which can be attached in one move or can be removed. This umbrella provides a shade that protects you from direct sunlight. Although these beach chairs with an umbrella have an added advantage over the canopy, their shade is removable. You can bask when you wish and have the shade still when you wish.

4.   Backpack Beach Chairs

This backpack beach chair can be carried as a carrier bag. This is the most portable chair you can get. They are found in various styles, constructions, and colors.

5.   Beach Lounge Chairs

They are intended mainly for extraordinary relaxation and comfort. They are made such that they create big legroom. They sometimes have footrests and headrests that make you have a perfect body rest. If you have back issues, a beach lounge chair is fit for you.

6.   Beach Chairs for Kids

These are designed to fit kids with smaller bodies. It makes your kids enjoy the best which the beach offers. They are constructed with durable materials like aluminum, which is easy to wash.

7.   Beach Sand Chairs

They are stylish. Their design is super and simple. It’s also suited at low grounds. They allow various folding positions. They take a horizontal position. They Work well with adults and kids. However, they are not fit for use by persons with leg problems.

8.   Wooden Beach Chairs

 Normally, these chairs are made from wood. They have a hardwood frame. They are mostly known for their elegance and comfort.

9.   Beach Chairs for the Elderly

They suit the seniors by offering back support especially those with back issues. They enables them adjust the sitting position from time to time.

8.    Features of the best beach chair

Best beach chairs have certain features which includes;

  • they should be easily portable
  • Have a towel along
  • Able to recline
  • Have a side pocket
  • Should have a large zippered pocket

9.    Factors to Consider when buying the best beach chair

A beach chair is essential equipment needed when relaxing during the day. Its necessity has raised its demand at a very high rate. Features available for this chair are very numerous. It can be confusing and doubtful when it comes to choosing among several options. As a buyer, the question going around your mind is, how can you buy a breeze beach chair?

 Today, there is an answer to this question. We will share a few parameters with you, which you are supposed to compare on the beach chairs. Once you have compared them with these few parameters, it’s easier to choose the best option than ever.

 Below are some factors to consider so that you can have the best chair that suits your lifestyle.

1. Portability:

Of course, a beach chair is not only used at home. Sometimes you have to go with it to the beach for leisure. You have to consider portability while choosing your chair. Make sure it’s foldable i.e. It can be easily folded and carried at any time and place of your wish. If you’d like to carry your beach chair to the beach easily, consider buying a Bike Beach Chair Carrier

2. Construction quality:

Here we talk about two factors that you should have in mind when you think of what quality your beach chair should be constructed.

First is the frame material. The most preferred make is aluminum. This is because it handles moisture and it’s also lightweight.

Steel is also a good make. It’s excellent and durable.  Furthermore, comparing the durability of steel chairs and those of aluminum, steel is more durable. Therefore, in case your choice is determined by the frame, steel or aluminum frames are the best choices. 

Secondly, you must look at the fabric used. Nylon, canvas, and polyester are the best fabrics. This is because these materials are highly durable. So you must consider the materials which are used then you can choose the best beach chair.

3. Adjustability:

Not everyone would prefer a single positioned chair. Some may prefer an upright position, while others prefer a reclined position. This brings us to the point that comparing different features will help you to get the best chair that will be able to adjust to different positions. Such a beach chair is versatile and suits everyone.

4. Storage space:

Storage space is a parameter that we should consider when buying beach chairs. However, this will not necessarily have to be huge storage. Some types of chairs contain several storage options like a Storage pouch and a drink holder.

However, storage is very important at the beach. This will enable you to keep your drinks sideway or even place your reading materials beneath the chair on top of the pouch. So acquiring a beach chair with storage space is very convenient.

5. Weight carrying capacity:

 Before buying a beach chair, you have to ask yourself whether the beach chair is for use by adults or children.

The weight carrying capacity for kids is around 100 lbs.  For adults, this weight carrying capacity should be around 200 lbs. or higher. The chair you will have to choose should depend on the person you are buying for. To acquire a perfect beach chair for use, ensure that you consider the beach chair’s weight carrying capacity.

10.Final thoughts

Are you are still on the fence about deciding to buy a beach chair? You have to consider this buying guide so that you can pick out the right and the one that suits you best. In doing so, you will have chosen the most durable and most reliable beach chair.


Where to buy beach chairs

Amazon is a suitable online store for purchasing beach chairs. You have an open window to explore and compare similar products from different vendors. What’s more, you’re likely to fall for discounts and free shipping to your doorstep.

The customer reviews and product ratings will help you make the final decision before placing your order.

Who makes the best beach chairs?

The best manufacturers always consider the durability and bonus features of a beach chair without sacrificing the costs. Our top brands include;

  • Coleman – They are one of the oldest outdoor gear designers with a success story dating back to the 1920s.
  • Strongback – This company was born out of the need to have back support on camping seats. This idea sprang up when the founder realized he suffered a sore back with the typical beach chairs.
  • Rio Gear – Since the late 40s, Rio Brands have made a name for themselves, and it continues to be a trusted company for quality outdoor furniture.
  • Timber Ridge –  This brand is a decade old, but their camping equipment favors both novice and seasoned vacationers
  • ALPS Mountaineering – They have almost three decades in designing outdoor gears.

How to clean mold off beach chairs?

  • Spray the affected area with undiluted white vinegar
  • Use a sponge to wipe down the mold.
  • Rinse the chair with some mild soap. You can add lemon juice and a tablespoon of bicarbonate soda to the soapy solution.
  • Air-dry the seat

Note that you should not use bleach as it contributes to wears and tears of fabrics.

How can you safely pack beach chairs for air flight?

Most beach chairs are collapsible for convenient storage and hauling. Since they rarely go beyond 43” long when packed, you won’t incur an oversize charge.

Many airlines will not allow you to take the seat with you as a carry-on item. The reason is that it exceeds the limit of 22″. Therefore, it will be checked luggage fit for the cargo hold.

Final Verdict

When shopping for a big man beach chair, one thing to consider is its maximum load limit, seat height, and durability. You don’t want something that will collapse the instant you take the weight off your feet. Well, the seat may accommodate your big size only for you to end up nursing a sore back and joint pains. For this reason, try not to find the middle ground between the price and fundamental features like back support, cushiness, and reclining options.

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