swivel beach chair

Swivel beach chair

Find the ultimate comfort with a swivel beach chair. Swivels allow you to change position mid-air and adjust to whatever situation you find yourself in, instantly. They also allow one person to be able to sit while another is on the floor or working at their computer. While most swivel chairs come standard in a black color, you can also purchase them in other colors and finishes to customize your space.

swivel beach chair

A Swivel Beach Chair With Sun Protection The majority of these chairs have a built in shade that protects the user from the sun, but it doesn’t cover the whole body. To stay comfortable in a swivel beach chair with sun protection, purchase a sun shade that goes all the way across the back of the chair. The sun will still glare off of the back and onto the person in the chair, but it won’t hit them in the face. When you’re sitting in one of these chairs, you want to be as relaxed as possible. You don’t want to feel any pressure sagging on your back or arms from the sun hitting you in the eyes. If your aim is to increase your core strength, then invest in a swivel beach chair with a sun shade that goes all the way across the back.

Easy Cleaning One of the biggest complaints about swivel beach chairs is the ease of cleaning them. Most of these chairs are made out of vinyl, so cleaning them is fairly easy. Simply get the chair out of the sun, and lay it on a grass or beach lawn. Vacuum all of the dirt and sand off of it, and you are set to go.

Sturdiness One of the best selling points of the swivel beach chair is how sturdy it is. Manufacturers typically target their products towards people who like to take their furniture around on the beach. Because of this, they try their hardest to make these chairs as durable as possible. These chairs generally have steel frame and rubber armrests with a steel shaper.

Easy Set Up Even though most of these swivel beach chairs have plastic frames and non-rusting metal armrests, the frame itself can sometimes be a bit of a problem. To solve this, manufacturers will add fiberglass balls bearings in between the frame rails. The balls bearings will keep the frame from rotating when it is in motion, and it will also give you more stability as you move the chair around with the wind.

Maintenance Since you will obviously be taking your beach swivel beach chair with you on several occasions, you will need to regularly maintain it. Most of the parts of these chairs can be easily cleaned with soap and water. You can also use mild detergents to wash the surfaces that come into contact with your body as you relax on the beach. If it is time for a paint job or repainting, you can use specially treated acrylic paints for this purpose. These paints will resist chemicals that are part of regular paint jobs, and they are available at most hardware stores.

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